Gift Ideas for RUNNERS, some things from our day and training last week.

Just the normal Sunday stuff for us yesterday.  Brooke now packs her own bag of toys and snacks for church and it is quite comical what I find in that donut backpack of hers.  PS I haven’t colored my hair in more than a year… either my ends are way lighter because of the sun this summer or because they are super damaged… you choose.  

IMG 2009

By the way… my trick to having a happy ‘style Brooke’s hair’ experience—> she gets to play with my phone while I do her hair.  She used to play with a coloring app and now she just sends texts to my mom and sister the whole time.  They love it.

IMG 4948

Meg and I both got the memo to wear all black to mourn winter.  

IMG 2014

After church Brooke and I went through this cookbook to pick out everything that we want to make this month.  Anyone else love flipping through cookbooks (I do even though I don’t cook that much)?

IMG 2017

I didn’t have the ingredients for the above recipes so instead I stuck with the good ol’ hot chocolate cookies.

IMG 4951

Brooke took breaks from baking to show me her latest tricks.  

IMG 4953

And then we were off to Sunday dinner at my parents’ house.   

 IMG 2056

My sister is helping me with carb loading this week for my race this weekend and I am very appreciative.  

IMG 2062


Have any runners in your life (or do you need a wish list to give to your loved ones with some awesome running gear that you may want for Christmas)?  Well, here is my gift guide for runners!  

$50 and below:

Yurbuds headphones.  I’ve tried out A LOT of different headphones over the years and these one are by far the best I have ever tried.  The price is awesome too… $21.99

Running books!  There are a ton out there and you might have to do some research on what they have already read but my personal favorites are——>  Mile Markers, Kara Goucher’s Running for Women, Hansons Marathon Method and How Bad Do you Want It.  I have also heard that What I Talk About When I talk About Running is pretty awesome too!

Lauren Fleshman’s BELIEVE training journal!!!

Their favorite fuel while on the run!  Find out what they prefer and get them a box of their favorite stuff and they will love you forever.  I’m a sucker for the Salted Caramel Gu box of 24

An adorable ear warmer headband to keep them warm while running—>  HERE, HERE or HERE!  A NECK WARMER will keep them happy during the winter running months.

A foam roller if they don’t already have one… something that all runners need!

I’m a huge fan of these running hats ($32)

Socks… we can never have enough running socks to keep our feet happy and blister free!  Some of my favorites are here, here and here!

An ITUNES gift card.  We love music and a music shopping spree sounds mighty nice!

An Active Mantra Bracelet from Thought Blossoms.  She also has the coolest necklaces too!

My favorite base layer RUN HAPPY top!  Keeps me crazy warm and it is adorable.  

I just bought this GapFit Breathe Heathered Hoodie for myself and I’m in love.

$50 to $100

Women’s Drift 1/2 Zip ($95):  I cannot say enough good things about this top.  I have it in the yellow and black and they are my goto this season.  Ridiculously warm, comfortable and classy looking (I always get a compliment on the black one whenever I wear it).  

Know of any races that they love to do each year?  Or one that they have talked about wanting to do for awhile?  Register them for the race, print off the race confirmation and give them that for Christmas!

A gift card for them to get a sports massage!  Help them to help their body to recover and run smoothly! 


Sneak into their closet, find their running shoes and write down their shoe of choice and size and order a pair for them.  Nothing comes close to the love a runner has for their running shoes.  

My favorite gym bag! If they are a fan of the treadmill, cross-training or strength training and they hit up the gym frequently a super nice gym bag would be awesome.

If the runner is a huge sunglass person then maybe THESE OAKLEY RUNNING SUNGLASSES will be the perfect fit for them (they are all I wear).

Wanna crazy spoil the runner in your life?  A new garmin if they need one might help!  My three favorites are the Forerunner 10 ($75), Forerunner 305 ($279 with heart rate monitor) and the Forerunner 225 ($249 my favorite because of the build in wrist heart rate monitor)!

A spin bike so that they can get some awesome cross-training in at home!  I got THIS ONE for Christmas a few years ago and I still adore it!


Here is how training went last week!! Less than a week to go ahhhhhhhh!!!!

Monday:  6.83 miles with 3 tempo miles @ 6:50, 6:40 and 6:30.  Average pace—> 7:19

Tuesday:  4.25 miles @ 8:15 pace.

Wednesday:  7.5 miles.  7:30 pace with 10 x 45 second strides (around 6:15 average for those).  

Thursday:  5 miles @ 8:04 pace.

Friday: 3 miles @ 8:29 pace.

Saturday: 10 miles.  4 miles @ 7:30 and 6 miles @ 6:18.

Sunday:  OFF!

36.58 miles total!  Sticking to every pace/distance/sleep order that my coach gives me for this taper! 


Anything to add to my gift ideas for runners list?  What’s on your wish list?

Do you have a favorite cookbook or do you get most of your recipes online?

What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

What was the best part about your weekend?

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Can’t believe you have less than a week! I think you covered everything with those gift ideas – a fun neckwarmer and ear warmer in a bright color would be on my list :)


I flip thru alot of cookbooks but don’t end up using alot of recipes from them. I have a huge cookbook collection though. It’s crazy.

I am in love with my foam roller. We have one upstairs and one downstairs so we don’t have to drag it around the house with us. That’s probably lazy of us, but it works.

Most of my runs last week were good, so no complaints. I have a race on Saturday so it was my last double digit run yesterday!

Best part of the weekend – spending time with my whole family! Nice to have everyone in one place!


I recently saw lights that clip onto the back of running shoes and that’s what I’m
Hoping comes in my stocking! I’m always so cautious to run when it’s not light out, so this might help for the runs that end in the dark- darn daylight savings!


If someone bought me a race entry I would die!! That’s such a good idea! I’d say Fleet Feet gift cards are always a great bet, too AKA what I always ask for. I’m so happy to see you and Brooke back in action together!

I have one cookbook, but I kind of like it that way because it challenges me to try as much as possible in that before moving on. I think I’ve read it cover to cover like aa novel 5 times. But I get a ton online, too or just make them up myself!

I had a long run Saturday in Nashville and it felt so good to be back in the rolling hills!


I have to second the Yurbuds recommendation. They are by far the best earbuds I have ever used!

Seeing Brooke use all of those emojis almost gave me a panic attack. I am anal about my most used emojis screen because I am too lazy to swipe through all of the screens to find the ones I want every time. This is just another why you’re a great mom and I would be a terrible mom! :D


I own a lot of cookbooks and have a few good recipes in them that I use, but usually I get my recipes from online or develop my own.
A new foam roller is on my Christmas list. Mine is pretty beat after four years of use. I also really want to read How Bad Do You Want It.


This list is so perfect for runners! I’m definitely going to be using some of these ideas! You and your sister both are just gorgeous and I love your black dress! I’m the same way with cookbooks and I never cook anything out of them but just love to imagine that I will one day! LOL!


I am checking out some of those items for myself……..hee hee!
Best run was the 8.5 on Thanksgiving morning…………I had the roads to myself! And none were too hard, but it’s raining for the next 3 days here, so those won’t be as fun if everthing is soggy.


I definitely need to share this gift list with my family! :)

I had a challenging long run Saturday–30-something degrees and pouring rain. I was so thankful when it was over!

The best part of my weekend was hanging with my parents yesterday, followed by my favorite froyo ever!!


I still have all of my baking cookbooks in my kitchen, I used to love the Hershey’s cookbook and the Got Milk Cookie book! I have the Yurbuds and have had 2 pairs recently break on me! I do like them though when they work.


Order your runner a replacement pair of rubber enhancers for the Yurbuds. They can fall off and get lost (my current situation ). :)
Best part of my weekend was finally getting alone time with my guy last night. We say each other a few times over the holiday weekend but he had his girls and parents with him and I needed to refrain from all the hugs and kisses and that meant I had plenty to plant on him last night. I had a great run Saturday. My dog even ran with me. We were raising money for Girls on the Run.


Yessss to the cookbook flipping. Even if I know I’ll probably never make any, I still love it too. You and Megan look so gorgeous and trendy!! Hope you have an amazing week and that it isn’t too filled with doubt or stress. I know you’re gonna ROCK that race and I’m so excited for you :)


Love all of your gift ideas. Can’t live without many of the items you’ve listed, especially yurbuds, foam roller, and garmin! Good luck in your upcoming week of running and bundle up!


I have a Garmin on my Christmas list! My GPS watch is on it’s final legs, so I’m in desperate need of a new one! Best part of the weekend = spending time with family and EATING! :)


Added those cookies to my Pinterest TO BAKE board!! They look amazing!

I’m so excited for you and your up coming marathon. You’re going to crush it!! I just know it!



This is a great list of ideas! I’ve been seeing that Believe journal on so many blogs over the past year, and as a notebook person, I have to say it looks so motivational! The best part of my weekend was decompressing after the holiday and catching up on some relaxation.


A gift that would be fun for a runner would be a race entry fee and maybe a scheduled running date? I love running with friends but it doesn’t always work out timing wise so you could offer to drive and meet them at a great local ‘destination’ run, bring all the fuel and conversation, and then get something to eat after. After writing this I think I’m going to do this…


That is awesome that your marathon is coming up! I’m confident that all your training will pay off! You are going to rock it!! I can’t wait to be at marathon status. I’m hoping to run my first half in March and my first 10 miler in January (if I remain injury free of course).
All those items are literally in my Amazon wish list!
I would add the polar ice shin wraps. That way you can ice your shins/calves without having to stay seated.
I actually get a lot of my recipes from the Six Sisters as well. They have some awesome stuff on that site as well as in the cookbooks. I have a tab on my computer of all my favorite blogs/recipes that I can look at when I am cooking which helps a lot.
I’m still not able to run just yet (looking to start slow again by the end of this week) but I did have a super awesome spin session that kicked my butt on Saturday.
The best part of the weekend was relaxing and hanging out with the family. The food was great too!


Love the ice shine wraps… brilliant! Don’t they have the best recipes!?! You are going to rock your 10 miler and 1/2 marathon… I’m stoked for you! Glad you had such a good weekend!


Yes to the cookbook flipping – I have way too many cookbooks. All of your ideas sound great. I would add the “Stick” in the travel size or therapy balls, both of which are great if you happen to be a runner who travels frequently and can’t fit a foam roller in your suitcase! Best part of my weekend was that I was actually able to drive to see my family for Thanksgiving!- I’ve had a nasty pinched nerve and driving (and sitting) was not possible for about 5 days. Looking forward to recovery so I can start running again soon.
So happy to readabout your upcoming marathon!


I do that with cookbooks all the time and instead of cooking the food I wish I could eat it off of the page.
Wish list for me this year is a good support belly band for this pregnant runner!


This is the one that I used and loved during my pregnancy! CONGRATS!


Love the idea of being sneaky and looking at someone’s running shoes in their closets. I would love that if someone did that for me :)


I need those Oakley running sunglasses mine are shot. Socks! Socks are always a great gift for runners. Mine always end up with holes in the toes.


I’m excited to see how the marathon goes. I always include headphones or socks on runners gift lists. You can seriously never have enough nice socks!


I would add reflective/night gear since it is dark more often then not in the winter months for outdoor runs. I don’t leave without my Nathan vest, strobe light, slap bracelets and Princeton Tec headlamp!

My hardest runs have been that I am still recovering from my marathon so the hard is that I want to run but have to hold back. I did go out for a 2.5 mile shakeout run yesterday afternoon and it felt great to be out for a little.

I’m with you on the I love cookbooks but rarely cook thing! It’s hard to cook for one and eating out is just so convenient =)


LOVE your reflective gear idea. Brilliant!!! Huge congrats on your marathon and girl you are being so smart about holding back to let your body recover! G


I have a bunch of cook books but never really make anything from them; I follow recipes closely for baking but for main meals/sides I usually just throw things together and hope for the best!


The best part of my weekend was the Broncos beating the Patriots last night. :P

Maybe kind of goofy, but true. Also, eating all the leftover pie was fun.


I get most of my recipes online, but have been trying to use my cookbooks more lately. I have so many! Magnolia’s Bakery cookbook is pretty awesome, especially if you’re carb-loading!


Love the gift ideas!!

I am so bummed that I haven’t been able to run. My stupid sprained/jammed pinky toe won’t heal!! I ran the Turkey Trot on Thursday which was probably a mistake and set my healing time back. Hopefully I’ll be back on the roads by the weekend!

Best part about this weekend: Friday night family dinner at a hibachi restaurant!! SO much fun and the only place where we can all be loud and crazy and out of control and not be judged :)


Great gift ideas, Janae! I have added some of these to my list :-). I also have a RoadID on my list this year.
I had a great weekend with family and we decorated for Christmas so the house looks great. I needed the month with a 5 mile run in the rain this morning. It was supposed to be snow but it warmed up to 36 degrees. I must say, running in the rain is far more enjoyable in the summer ;-)


Awesome gift list! Do you think it’s okay if I just send my mom a link to this list? ;)


I just wanted to let you know that I made those Hot Chocolate cookies this weekend for the first time – thank you for the recipe!! One thing I did differently was use mint chocolate chip cookies…TO DIE FOR!!!!! :)))


Baking is always fun to do.

The highlight of my weekend was getting together with some Twitter friends for brunch. My French toast was delicious!


I am looking for new headphones this year, that is my big wish!

Those cookies look soooo good.


Those cookies and YOUR HAIR. Both look amazing ;)


You’ve got a number of safety conscious posters here. But I’ll add:

RoadID (on sale today and an awesome military/first responders discount). I bought a Shoe ID for all three pairs of shoes I have in rotation. And a reflective visor.

Some sort of headlamp. I like the Black Diamond Sprinter. So light you barely know it’s there and no bounce.


Maybe you could add a really big fuzzy blanket to the list…I know when I get back from my winter runs I am freeeeeezing and it takes forever to get warm! Haha it’s just one of my essentials!
Also I started a blog all about health, fitness, and nutrition so if anybody could please check it out that would be amazing!


I love these gift ideas and just treated myself to those ear buds! Thanks for the great suggestions. Happy running!


You look beautiful! I got the Lauren Fleshman journal last year and love it. Type A personalities unite!!!!!

I have hill repeats on the schedule for tonight…gonna hurt so good.


That hoodie is the best! I bought one at a GAP in Atlanta and the first day I wore it I knew I needed another. I went to my own store in TN and got the gray. (first one was indigo) They didn’t have the other colors in store and my size is out of stock online or I would so get some bright colors. This thing is so comfy!


Oh I am so happy to hear that you love it too Amber! Best hoodie ever! Hope your Monday is a great one!


Hardest run last week was my Marquis De Sade run with a Toronto Run Club. 18 huge hills in 13 miles. It was ALL THE PAIN.

I get most of my recipes online. There are just so many awesome food bloggers out there.


Janae, how do you have perfect, blow-out hair EVERY day?!


You are really nice… my key is to never wash it ha:) I hope you are having a fabulous day Julia!


The best part about my weekend was having a 4 day weekend! It was so nice to be able to spend much needed time with the hubs!

Hardest run was my 12 miles on Saturday after it had snowed. :( I’m still sore from it and doing strength training afterwards. ?


Where is your dress from? Looks gorgeous on you!


Thank you Katie!! I got it at Banana Republic a few years ago! If I can find a similar one I will send it to you!


I need to try those hot chocolate cookies asap!

I’d add to the list a class pass to their favorite cross training class, massage certificate, or gift card for their favorite post run smoothie place. I picked these because I know these are the things I struggle splurging on. I’m definitely putting a watch on my list, but which one. Which one!

The best part of my weekend was I finally made time to see the Picasso Sculpture exhibit at MoMA. If anyone is in the NYC area between now and when it closes in February, I HIGHLY recommend it.


I love the six sisters stuff. I have only gotten their stuff of the internet, I had no idea they had a cookbook! I will be looking into that! Great job on your training! I need to get my butt in gear and get out there and run. Keep up the good work!


Best part of the weekend was definitely spending Thursday with my cousins and then hitting up the stores on Friday morning. I didn’t buy much but it’s fun seeing what’s going on in the stores. It’s part of our tradition.
I love a great cookbook. Check out this one I just got a couple weeks ago called Kitchen Matrix.


Hardest run- just now, when I proceeded to do 8 miles 15 minutes after eating diner pancakes. Just kept repeating to myself- “tomorrow is going to feel so good when you DONT feel like this”.
Sometimes the bad runs put the good runs in perspective :)
Best recipes= Nigella Lawson cookbook, Rachel Ray, and
Good luck in your marathon- you are beyond ready to rock and roll it :)


Girl, I’m super impressed you could run so soon after eating diner pancakes…. your mental game is amazing! Thanks so much Kaytlin for the good luck! I really appreciate it!


I’ve had my eye on the Brooks Drift 1/2 Zip for awhile now….what temperatures do you wear it in? It gets very cold where I live!


I’ve heard a lot of good reports on Yurbuds earphones. I’ve tried a few different brands, and a lot of them have their problems. I might add them to my Christmas list :)


I love all of your gift ideas!! I may have had to get that gym bag for myself ;) with a little one you could use it for so many things right?? :)


Thank you for posting this! It gave me some great ideas :)


I have a training package for those interested in running a fast 5k. The whole bundle is a great gift : )


Love your site! Have a fantastic race tomorrow!

Have you tried to freeze those hot chocolate cookies?

Looking forward to following your marathon!



Mmm, those cookies are so good! I’ve made them a few times since I saw them on your blog!

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