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Just a Few Monday Matters!

-Brooke is feeling a little bit better today but still not fabulous and so we hit up the indoor running option—>  we can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together while I get in some miles and she relaxes. 15 minute w/u @ 7:41 pace 1 mile @ 6:48, 1 mile @ 6:39, 1 mile @ 6:27 … Continue Reading

All of the Sunday happenings, my top FAVORITE recipes all in one place and marathon training last week!

It is the holiday season so that means a lot of us are cooking and baking up a storm.  I don’t have a ton of recipes that I make (pretty sure I eat my sweet potato/chicken/avocado combination every day of my life) but I do have a few things that my family/friends request for me … Continue Reading