A slice of humble pie and how the heck do you deal with stress?

3 miles on the treadmill….

IMG 0014

They felt a little like the below picture though:)  The nausea stuff is still happening throughout the day but that wasn’t the problem on the treadmill… I just realized it might be a longer road back to building back up my strength/endurance again.  But that is okay.  I’m ready for a challenge (while at the same time putting my health first and following what my doctor/coach tells me to do).  

I felt like I was served up a big ol’ slice of humble pie during those three miles.  Just a few weeks ago I was POSITIVE I was going to bust out a sub 3 marathon and then yesterday I was D.O.N.E at three miles.  But through everything I really do feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself the last few weeks and the struggles make us who we want to be… when things are easy I get too lazy about progressing in life so I need some hills to climb periodically.    

IMG 0023

Brooke snuggled with her pink blanket that my mom gave to her when she was a baby while I ran.  It is by far her favorite possession on the planet.  

IMG 0010

PS Brooke has started running with her sippy cup to make sure she stays adequately hydrated.   Maybe she’ll also start running with some swedish fish to chomp on for energy just like I used to do a few years ago:)

IMG 0028

Wednesday = Brooke’s favorite day of the week.

IMG 0034  1

My beautiful mama and I ate Kneaders while watching her twirl/hop/skip/front roll/trampolinify/dance.   I just love her.  

IMG 0036

Afterwards Brooke and I both washed our hair… it’s a miracle.  LINDSEY ORTON took our family photos and MEGAN came too for the afternoon in the mountains!

IMG 0084

She took us up to Tibble Fork Reservoir.  I don’t know how in the world I have never been here before but we will be back often.  

IMG 0088

Lindsey sent over two pictures already and they made me cry happy tears.  I’ll be posting the other one on my instagram today.. it might be my favorite picture ever!


Gymnastics day means that Brooke wants to go to bed for the night by 6 pm.  The extra cuddling is good for my stomach.  

IMG 0094

Here’s my question.  I think that stress really has most definitely played a part with what is going on with my body these days.  Like it all finally caught up with me—> the mind and body are so connected.  I’ve had some stressful situations over the years (this last month being one of them) but I really don’t think it is the amount of stress (because everyone has a ton of stress going on at all times and their bodies don’t explode like mine did) but maybe my perception of different stressors is where the problem is at.  I think I worry myself too much at night when I should be asleep (I may have learned that from my mom;) over certain things and I am trying to figure out how to handle stress better now.  Running most definitely helps me to destress/see things from a better perspective but I think I need to add in some other things too and would love to hear what you do:) I need to remember that worrying about things (the weekends when Brooke is gone are the worst with this…) aren’t going to help the situation and I just need to take a step back and realize it is all going to be okay. 

I may have shared this quote before but it is currently my computer wallpaper because I need it:

Screen Shot 2015 10 07 at 10 40 01 PM


How do you shut your brain off and destress (besides running:) a bit each day?  Is this an easy or hard thing for you to do?  

Do you run with water or do you rely on drinking fountains or do you wait till you get home to grab a drink?

Parents reading—>  do your kiddos have a blanket/stuffed animal that they are obsessed with?  How long have they had it?

How did your last run go?  

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This will sound crazy but the way I get my mind to stop, I imagine all of the thoughts escaping through the top of my head and then I visualize laying on a grassy hill looking at the clouds


I usually do 1 of 2 things whenever I notice that I’m stressing over something more than usual (which is noticeable by changes in my breathing, eating, sleeping, etc.): I either think of the worst case scenario (the REAL ones, not just “the Gremlins” as Brene Brown calls them!) and remind myself that even if that happens, I’m still safe and so are my loved ones. When that doesn’t work, I acknowledge that some things are beyond my control, take a deep breath and let them go… and then focus on what parts of the scenario I actually can control. One of those normally does the trick (along with exercise, friends and family) but when it doesnt, I think about a bumper sticker I walk by every morning on my walk to the train. It says “Don’t Panic, Pray!” and it’s so true. When all else fails just remember: You can do hard things!


Hi! I just started reading your blog and amI love it. I am a runner too and had a somewhat similar situation last year when running CIM trying to qualify for Boston again. I was killing it for about 18-20 miles and then it went downhill. Started throwing up blood and continued for the last 6 miles. I somehow mustered through it and finished, but not with the time I wanted.

Any who, I was SO disappointed. I replaying everything in my mind, thinking about all the training, did I eat something weird, etc. I do agree that I think a big part of it was stress–I am a worrier too. I really want to take up yoga more consistently to help with this. Running helps a ton with my stress, but running is also a stress on our bodies. Yoga could help balance it out. Anyway, just a thought! :)


Hi Janae,

I also had stress issues a couple years ago, also resulting in GI problems.
Sometimes I still do…like 3 a.m. and the “thought carrousel” is not stopping… or running around with the feeling “I won’t make it”.

I completely changed my diet, reduced my running and took up yoga. It’s been such a difference!
Diet can be a huge stress factor for your body, especially the typical “runner diet” full of sports-drinks, sweet stuff, processed foods and the like.
Too much training can trigger inflammation and stress. Yoga counteracts this, plus you can learn some good breathing technics and asanas to specifically target different kinds of stress.

And not every run will be nice and fast and fun. Sometimes is your body yelling at you “I need a change!” Every runner has bad days.

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