NatureBox keeps me happy during marathon training!

The latest batch of our favorite snacks arrived at our doorstep and that makes both of us pretty happy.  

NatureBox has been especially perfect for us during my marathon training these last 15 weeks.  Marathon training leaves me hungry at all times (which means I need easy/delicious snacks many times throughout the day) and tired (which means I love the convenience of choosing my snacks online and having them delivered right to me).   These snacks are so easy for us to grab on the go or for me to snack on while watching Netflix after Brooke goes down to bed as I ‘recover’ from that morning’s workout.  Along with all of the running miles—> lots of couch time and refueling is necessary for my marathon time too:)

All of their snacks are made from high quality ingredients with no artificial nonsense like high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors etc so I feel really good about Brooke and me snacking on them during these important weeks of marathon training.  

IMG 4067

With NatureBox you choose what snacks are included, every time, so you can discover and try new better for you snacks in each box.  You pick the box size and delivery frequency that is right for you and your family too—>  you can also change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.  

In this box we went with blueberry almond bites, whole wheat strawberry figgy bars (OBSESSED with these), salted caramel pretzel pops, dried mango (one ingredient in these—> mango) and french toast granola.   

IMG 4074

Each month they add new snacks to their selection so there is always something new to try and discover.  They give you 100+ snacks to choose from! It is always a super exciting decision for me to pick what snacks we want for each box because there are so many amazing ones to select from.  

IMG 4099

These salted caramel pretzel pops are addicting.  I always get to Brooke’s school early to pick her up and I’ve loved snacking on these while I wait in the parking lot for her.  

IMG 4115

Gotta love grabbing your favorite snacks and hitting up the park for these last few weeks before winter hits.

IMG 4117

Even Brooke’s stuffed animals get to enjoy NatureBox… she wants to share their deliciousness with all of her pals too and tries to feed them whatever she is eating;)

IMG 4135

This combination was ridiculously good.  Yogurt, blueberries and this french toast granola.   I will probably have to include this granola in each and every future NatureBox that I get.  Brooke and I both can’t get enough.  

IMG 4151  1

To get your first box started—>  head on over to NatureBox, pick your box size, pick your delivery frequency and choose your snacks today!

**Sponsored by NatureBox! Thank you for sporting me, the Brookers and our amazing sponsors!


It gets real exciting now because you have a chance to win this goodness for yourself and your family:

2 readers will each win a free 6-month subscription to NatureBox!!!!!  Open to US and Canada readers only—>  Giveaway ends on 9/27/15


-Go HERE and browse the snacks that NatureBox has to offer!

-Leave a comment on this post with what snack you would like to try!

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All the gluten free options! Everything looks amazing :)




salted caramel pretzel pops ftw!


I want to try apple cinnamon crunch!


I would LOVE to try the french toast granola!! I eat yogurt and granola almost every morning, my family always calls it “mush” because I mush up granola, yogurt, fruits, and sometimes almond butter together for the best tasting (debatably worst looking) breakfast ever <3 <3 Awesome fuel for my runs too!


The caramel pretzel pops!


Strawberry lemonade fruit stars mmmmmmmm


Would love to try any of the dried fruit! Or the fruit stars! Thanks :)


Salted caramel pretzel pops for sure!


Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops = YUM!
I’d also like to try the Pumpkin Spice Nom Noms :)


Salted caramel pretzel pops!!


I must try those salted caramel pretzel pops!


Sriracha cashews…yes, please!!!


Pumpkin Spice Nom Noms (can’t help myself with fall & pumpkin!), chocolate chia granola, sweet kettle crunch, salted caramel pretzel pops…and I’ll just cut myself off there.


I would definitely want to try the salted caramel pretzel pops. It made me happy to see that they are vegan, I love everything caramel and it is so hard to find vegan caramel!


oh my! Those figgy bars sound delish!


Salted caramel pretzel pops!


mini cocoa belgian walffles!


salted caramel pretzel pops please.


Garlic Plantains! Why didn’t I think of that?


I’d like to try the Sweet Kettle Crunch!


Pumpkin spice nom noms definitely plus everything else listed on the website. Every single item looks sooooo good

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