Monday Matters and race day nerves.

-It sure is nice to have my partner in crime back from California.  My heart has returned to normal again.  

IMG 9231

-7 out of 38 miles for this week completed on the treadmill this morning.  This is what the workout was and I ended up with 7 miles total at a 7:20 average pace.  

 Screen Shot 2015 09 21 at 2 12 03 PM

-This is from one of my favorite articles about the marathon taper.  I usually do 50 miles a week so 38 miles this week is right where I should be two weeks out from the race.  

“The marathon taper is a delicate balance of maintaining fitness while promoting recovery.”

Screen Shot 2015 09 21 at 2 21 09 PM

-We made waffles for breakfast, I ran at 11 a.m. (we got back really late last night from the airport and we were in slow motion this morning) and 

IMG 4152

then had a turkey burger salad for lunch right after I ran.  Costco turkey burgers cooked on the stove top = excellence (along with 35 grams of protein in each one!)

IMG 9234

-Join me and all of the Brooks blog ambassadors as we talk all about running on 9/30! Just go HERE on the date/time and join in!!

15 52 0817 theRun Invite2 Twit

 -A donut collage with three important matters.  

1.  Megan sent me the link to this hat and don’t be surprised if you see it on my head shortly.  

2.  People tagged me on instagram in this world’s largest apple fritter picture and I think we need to make the drive to the OC to get it.

3.  Megan D sent me the link to this Apple Fritter recipe.  I think you know what I will be doing tonight….  

PicMonkey Collage

-Speaking of sugar…. me, my sister and her family went to Sodalicious the other day to hold a study and determine the best treat there.  I voted for their sugar cookie (not pictured) but the chocolate cookie on the bottom came in a very close second.  And then the scotcharoo. 

IMG 9198

-See the below salad dressing?  Somehow it ended up all over my linen shirt because I have no idea how to eat a meal without making a mess. 

IMG 9187

-My sister saved the day and rubbed Palmolive all over the different spots and it came out without even having to wash it?  I don’t know how she does it but somehow she has the answer to any of the problems I have ever had.  

IMG 9188

-We are really getting into this gymnastics thing.  Remember the good ol’ years of Dominique Moceanu, Dominique Dawes and Shannon Miller… I used to pretend I was them all of the time as a little girl.  

IMG 4154

-A friend sent this to me a few weeks ago and yeah… 

IMG 8673

-The race day nerves have already entered my entire body… to calm them I keep thinking about the fast finish long runs that I have done this training cycle and that makes me feel a little more confident again.  We just gotta trust in our training, remember the reasons that we run and keep our brainwaves positive going into races.

IMG 3043


The taper—>  Do you love it, hate it or are you somewhere in the middle?

-Sometimes it drives me crazy but to be honest this time around I am too tired to even want to run my normal mileage/intensity.

What are some of your Monday Matters?

All-time favorite type of cookie?

Anyone else run on the treadmill today? At the gym or at home?

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Why do I always crave sweets after reading your blog??? Iced oatmeal cookies are my current favorite, but it changes weekly! That apple fritter the size of a pizza looks pretty amazing..


I’ll have to try the Palmolive trick since I’m always spilling and splattering when I cook!


Ohhh my goodness, I was ALL about the Magnificent 7! We’re talking books, article cut-outs, and I even taped via VHS all the gymnastics during the ’96 Olympics! Obsessed. It is still my favorite sport to watch every 4 years :)


I used to hate the taper but now I love it. I can appreciate the extra time and extra sleep! Sometimes I go crazy but when that happens I go for a walk or do something non-strenuous that will take my mind off of it!

I’m running on the treadmill tonight. Speed work on the treadmill in about 35 minutes!

Favorite cookie…sugar cookie. Or a snickerdoodle. It probably depends on when I’m asked. I don’t discriminate against any cookies! :)


I like my taper until race week. The miles are so low that I don’t know what to do with myself!
Monday matters: I submitted my Boston application and I’m nervous. I’m such a squeaker!
Fave cookie: white chocolate macadamia nut
I ran outside!


I loved those gymnasts! I remember watching the Magnificent Seven in the ’96 Olympics!! :)

Hands down, sugar cookies are my all-time fave.

Monday matter: I really relate to the graphic about guys I like vs. those who like me. I’m content with being single forever, but I wish I would stop falling for guys when no feelings are returned!!


Looks like you have a great week ahead of you! Eat the right stuff (okay a little of the wrong stuff)! I really like taper weeks, but they do get me anxious…


I’m doing a gradual taper with hansons (85-87% of peak mileage two weeks out) and so far I’ve welcomed the break, but the race week taper always leaves me antsy.
I ran on the treadmill this morning! I was exhausted from working late and wanted the option to quit it I needed to, but I still managed to do my entire 6 x 1 mile workout.
Chocolate chip cookies and a good German style gingerbread tie as my favorites, although I want to make pumpkin cookies soon!


well done on finishing this training cycle. Embrace the taper xx


I don’t mind tapering, sometimes i worry that my last long run wasn’t long enough, but i follow training plans other people have written, so I just go along with whats written!

I am currently working on drinking ALL OF THE WATER. I haven’t been staying hydrated as well as I should (like, one normal size water bottle a day. no bueno!)

Um, all cookies are favorite? Snickerdoodles are a standby. M&M…. white chocolate…. chocolate chip cookies have to be super thin and crispy for me. I don’t like just regular chocolate chip cookies haha.

I wish I had a treadmill! Not for the cold, but for heat!! Some of this heat lately has been killin me, I am over it. Cmon SoCal, bring me fall!


I am not gymnastically inclined in any way, but I believe that during the summer of ’96 I broke some furniture in my living room pretending to be those girls. Some stuff I did hopping on one leg to be like Kerri Strug. Hopefully Brooke does better than I did ;)


brooke’s little sleepy eyes are super cute in the waffle photo! glad you are reunited :)

glad you are taking care of yourself with tapering your run! i’m also so impressed with the calculation that has to go into this…i dont plan on ever running a marathon (but never say never riiiiiight) so i’m always so impressed!


The supermarket near my apartment sells a chocolate s’mores cookie – so a chocolate chunk cookie with marshmallows and pieces of graham cracker. It’s pretty amazing.


The week leading up to my marathon PR last Sunday (3:06) felt like a complete mind-mess. All of these phantom injuries crept up, and I was SO GROUCHY. I hate tapering so much that I almost don’t race just to avoid it!


first of all, seeing that article on tapering and seeing how many miles you run a week shows me that I definitely pushed myself too hard in high school (running almost 100 miles a week for only 5k races). No wonder I was injured ALL OF THE TIME!

second, that salad looks amazing

Also, I wanted to be gymnast really bad when I was little and go to the olympics.


Kiss your sister for me, I need that Palmolive tip.

I get antsy at some point during the taper but I do like the shorter long runs. It feels almost naughty, even though it’s what we’re supposed to do.

Chocolate Chip cookies with bittersweet chips is my all time fave. Brownie Mounds and a Chocolate Cinnamon Coffee cookie follow closely.


Oh my gosh…that is totally the group of gymnastic girls I remember watching! Cant wait for my 2 year old to start gymnastics next month :D


Real quick on the donut: The Donut Bar isn’t tall that great. Different, yes…but not amazing! When you come back to the OC, visit Sidecar Donuts. About 2 miles from Newport Beach in Costa Mesa. :)


Dish soap does wonders for stain removal. I never buy any of those pot removal products.


I can no longer eat oily dressings at work because I wear scrubs and splatter dressing all over myself. It’s a problem. In terms of cookies, oatmeal raisin is my absolute favorite. I actually can’t even make them because I would eat the entire batch. Glad B is back with you!


Favorite cookie: probably a soft-yet-chewy gingersnap.
Dishsoap! Genius…and I need it badly.
I don’t have treadmill access so my run was outside today and cut short due to heat. Heat plus stroller plus an ankle that was whiny last week means short is okay, right? ;)
Taper week for me means sleeping in – yay! – and lots of weird, phantom pains – boo!


I make the best peanut butter cookies!!!! I ran outside today, I am enjoying running outside early in the mornings lately. The treadmill gets so boring to me. Monday I had to cancel mommy monday because he has an ingrown toenail, he is only 12. So we are redoing it tomorrow. So glad you have your mini me back.


My all time favorite cookie is definitely chocolate chip. Last week I was craving them for 3 days straight and finally went in search of a delicious one near me. Note: Neiman Marcus actually has really good ones!


Okay, so I know this might sound a little weird coming from someone you don’t know at all…but you are such a catch! I know your picture on boys you like vs. boys who like you was probably a joke…but hang in there! There’s someone great out there for you (and Brooke!)


Oh, the taper. I used to dread the taper, but after learning more about what it does for recovery and race prep, I have a whole new appreciation for it. Enjoy these next few weeks – race day will be here before you know it!

Favorite cookie? I’m a big fan of Monster Cookies!


I have two more weeks until my next race. I really didn’t get as much miles as I wanted to but my knee was acting weird. As for cookie, I’ve been more into cupcakes lately! :)


I think my favorite cookie is oatmeal chocolate chip…so good! I kind of love the taper. It gets me really excited for race day plus I love cutting back the miles :)


I could eat a whole pan of scotcheroos. True story. I think oatmeal chocolate chip might be my favorite cookie though. Classic.

I am just imagining Brooke in that leotard (that sounds super creepy) but I think the cuteness might be too much.

The taper plays with my head mentally, for sure. You will own St George. I cant believe it is so close. Like seriously, that went by fast. Maybe it is one of those things though that goes by faster when you are just the onlooker…like pregnancy.


Wow I feel really old now if you were just a little girl during those gymnasts times!! ;-)

Hard to pick one cookie….but I’d have to go with peanut butter. Throw in some chocolate chips and I’m in heaven.


Haaaaaaate the taper! Hate hate hate. Seriously hate it. Did I make myself clear? :)

Your paragraph about race day nerves and trusting your training is spot on! I have to constantly remind myself during the taper of all the miles I have put in, all the long runs, repeats, speed drills, hills….

You’ve had an INCREDIBLE, AWESOME, AMAZING training cycle, Janae and you are going to rock this marathon!



I love love love that donut hat!


My favorite cookie is a slightly under baked sugar cookie that melts in my mouth.
Full marathon #9 is Twin Cities Medtronic. (The day after yours) I am ready to taper this time around too. I have a 10 mile broken up tempo run and then it’s really taper time.
I had an easy 6 miler today which was just what I needed. I ran a half yesterday which was a good dress rehearsal for two weeks.


I hate the taper because in my mind i feel like I’m ruining my hard work even though i know I’m not! It’s mentally tough!


Oh girl, I get the taper tantrums like you wouldn’t believe. Also I always ALWAYS…really, ALWAYS get sick during taper. Does this happen to anyone else? It’s like my body finally slows down and then it’s like “oh cool, so we have time to deal with this head cold now, perfect!” Gives me a panic attack every time. Luckily, I’m generally cured by race day (knock on wood).

I have to admit, my Monday Matters is all about another very important Monday. I submitted my application for the Boston Marathon today, along with all the other squeakers out there and I’m in a full out panic after this article was published

Anyone else freaking out?!?


Chocolate chips cookies. Always.
Brooke is so adorable!!!!!!


I would be enjoying my taper right now way more if it weren’t a forced taper due to injury!! Making the pre-marathon stress/doubting yourself way worse :( :(


I’m always ready for the taper by the time it rolls around! My legs are usually ready for some lower miles.

Currently I’m loving a good snickerdoodle!


I’m on day 1 of my taper, so right now I’m a big fan! :)

I was SO productive today – dishes, laundry, you name it, I did it.

Favorite kind of cookie…all of them! Classic chocolate chip is never a bad idea.


Monday matters? I’m going to be working full time with a 2 hour commute each way starting the day after the NYC Marathon and I’m freaking out because I also do freelance work and i’m never going to have free time. But I’ll be able to pay my bills. Running is going to have to a major back seat and that makes me sad. Sigh

Toffee nut cookie from Panera!


I love that Brooke eats with her stuffed animals! Too cute!


that diagram about the boys i like/like me…story of my life. made me laugh :)

any cookie WITHOUT raisins.

spinning tonight. sweaty goodness.


I always struggle with tapering. I want to keep running as much as possible up until the last possible second, but after this last marathon, I realized that having fresh legs for race day feels much better!

I have and always will love chocolate chip cookies best! I made my friend go on a cookie run with me on Saturday to satisfy my craving for one.


I don’t enjoy tapering. It makes me crazy.

My favorite cookies are the white chocolate macadamia nut at Subway.

Today was cross training day so I went to the gym. But I did run 2 miles on the treadmill because my gym got new machines with video routes. I had to try it out!


I have a love/hate relationship with tapering. The mental part of it that your brain makes you believe you have injuries everywhere and you’ll never make it to the starting line is bad. But I love the resting part, and also the carb loading…mmm bring on the carbs :)


“Dominique Moceanu, Dominique Dawes and Shannon Miller” HAHA! I love that you’re my age. That takes me waaay back!


Taper makes me a little nervous but I know it’s necessary. I agree in the motto “trust your training” b/c it is true that that’s where a lot of the hard work is done. You make sacrifices and on race day they pay off.

Wishing you so much good luck on race day!

I ran on the treadmill last night…off day today then 18 miles tomorrow *ahh* (longest run to date!)


Good luck on your long run! It was scary for me to run my first 18 miles, but I said a little prayer and it turned out better than I thought – plus I went super slow and had a good audiobook or podcast to help. :)


I hope all is well!


I have actually been loving the taper (1st one! woo woo!). I got to a point where I honestly felt exhausted, so being able to take more time to rest and get ready for that hard run, has helped a ton. We’ll see how Saturday goes! :S But I am definitely nervous.


Hope things are ok. Take care.


I will have to try the Palmolive trick next time I eat pasta!

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