You can do it NOW and 10 sights I am loving to see.

6.5 miles this morning on my favorite running trail.  7:43 average pace and lots of trying to run in any and all of the shade that I could find.  

IMG 5518

Tomorrow’s workout.  I haven’t done Yassos in FOREVER but I do remember them hurting and being really tough.  

I can be pretty talented at doubting myself in my running (umm… the whole sub 3 things scares me at times)/life/everything possible and when workouts like this one pop up I start to doubt that I will be able to do it.  This is probably a pretty common problem for a lot of us.  It is hard to control these thoughts popping into our brains in the first place but we CAN control what we think about once these thoughts come in.  We can keep dwelling on them or switch them around.  

IMG 5496

Something that I have been thinking about lately when I start doubting myself is:

‘I can do it now’

I am ready now, I don’t need any more training or time… I’m ready to go now.  

It is crazy how much of a difference it makes in our running when we simply change the I can’t to the I can.  That’s it.  Just take out the ’t and you will notice a huge difference in your speed and endurance.  Changing your thoughts to ‘I can’ keeps you from holding your own self back.  So… YOU CAN DO IT NOW.   Those simple words can bring you a lot of confidence, enthusiasm and strength.

And if your workout or run doesn’t go as planned that is a-okay too but at least you gave it your best shot…. 

“Our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble but by the number of times we stand up, dust ourselves off and stride forward. -Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf


Sights that I have been loving:

1. Sprinklers.  When I came upon this sight this morning I almost cried happy tears.  It was right at the end of my run and these sprinklers cooled me down approximately 20 degrees.  

IMG 5521

2.  My cousin (the one that is on the blog often) just got this puppy.  I die.  I could stare at him all day long.

IMG 5451

3.  Brooke snoozing after a fun-filled day up in Park City.  

IMG 5380

4.  Seeing this song pop up on my playlist always makes me happy.  I have a deep love for Florence.

IMG 5522

5.  My little nephew’s knees and thighs.  

IMG 5466

6.  I got this tank at the Nike Outlet up in Park City and fell in love with it on my 16 miler.  So light, soft and I love the purple.  You can find it HERE but it was 40% off at the outlet so if you have one close by check it out!

IMG 5436

7.  I love seeing Brooke copy random things that I do—>  putting her sunglasses on the top of her head as soon as we get into the shade.  

IMG 5446

8.  Seeing her contemplate life. 

IMG 5342

9.  I love the sight of your comments…. Molly, we will be making your popsicles.  I LOVE TJ’s pink lemonade.

Screen Shot 2015 07 27 at 10 34 29 AM

10.  When she leaves the room for 2 seconds and then comes back wearing all of her cousin’s jewelry.

IMG 5487


What are some of the sights that you have been loving lately?

What breed of dogs do you think are the absolute cutest?

People living in humid areas—>  does your body adjust to it pretty well or is it killing you off this summer?  

On a scale of 1-10 how has your Monday been so far?

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Yasso’s kick my butt in the best way!
I’m biased because I have two, but I love King Charles spaniels. :)
I get used to the humidity, but it never gets easier.
My Monday gets a solid 8!


My favorite sights have been the blue, cloudless skies we’ve been lucky to have lately.

That puppy is ADORABLE!

I can’t agree more on the power of positive thinking. I find that if I tell myself I’m going to have a good run before I start, I’m more likely to enjoy my run.


That puppy is just too cute! He’s so adorable. And I love seeing Brooke grow and learn. It’s so precious!


I have a King Charles spaniel, they’re cute and sweet. Not super smart though.

I have been having lots of adventures! Camping, climbing, canoeing, zip lining, and Thursday I get to speak at a fireside at girls camp. (I should probably go work on that.). It’s been a super deluxe summer!


I love labs. We have one and he’s pretty adorable. But really, what puppy isn’t cute?!

Heat kills me. I count down the days until the end of summer every year. Bring on fall and winter! (I know, I’m weird). But I do love unexpectedly cool mornings, cloudy days, sprinklers when its hot and summer rain.

Your nephew is the cutest! Omg…I can’t get enough!


You guys are my favorite, and last night was the BEST. xoxoxo


Sprinklers are my favorite thing to see on a run, and sunsets.

I had a wiener dog growing up and I love them. But I think when we get our kids a dog it will be a German short hair.


That puppy is too cute! I love goldens so much. Goldens, labs, and puggles are my favorite dog breeds.
Sights I have been loving lately are the clouds in Seattle! Finally it’s the weather I moved here for.
Good luck on your Yasso tomorrow – you are going to conquer them!


I was loving the sight of my 10k finish line on Saturday, and right now I’m loving the sight of my suitcase out and ready to be packed for a week long vaycay. Also yesterday I took numerous photos of my pup and my husband curled up together for a nap on the couch. I could look at that all day.

I think mutts are the cutest, just because we have no idea what my fur baby is. But lab puppies are a close second to me. Actually, I love ALL THE PUPPIES.

Monday is a solid 5. Work isn’t sucking, but my coworker put in her notice so that’s kind of a downer.


Lately I have been loving seeing my daughter walking! She is still super wobbly and it is the cutest! I think all puppies are so cute, but golden retrievers might be my favorite :) My Monday has been excellent so far! I don’t know how you can’t be happy with a little one around! Good luck tomorrow!!


I think longhaired Dachshunds are the cutest!

The humidity only bothers me when it’s in the upper 90 percent…at this point, humidity in the lower 90s doesn’t feel too bad to me. Ha.


OK, I love that there is a rainbow at the top of the sprinkler water!! :)

The humidity has been AWFUL in Texas, but I have just come to expect it on every summer run ever.

My Monday has been about a 4. It just hasn’t been the best day. :/


I LOVE goldendoodles. I think they are the most beautiful dogs! Also, husky dogs for their eyes! Brooke is such a cutie. It’s good she has a cousin to look up to who is close by!


That puppy is so cute!! But the rug! I love the rug! :)


Gah, that puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Monday is about a 5. Had to miss my run to take my daughter to the Dr for pinkeye. I’ve spent all day washing all her bedding, towels, stuffed animals, pillows, etc. But yesterday was a fast and hard run, so maybe I needed a rest day and can add more miles tomorrow?

I love Goldendoodles, but I’m biased, since mine is 10 months old! I also think labs and golden retrievers are adorable.

The humidity here is killing me. My runs have moved inside, because I overheat really easily. I know that in a month when we are at the beach, running will be just as hot and humid, but I am looking forward to it!


Love Yassos! Good for you for tackling that hard work out. I struggled with self-doubt when trying to BQ last year and completing the Yasso 800 series over the course of my training cycle really gave me the confidence I needed at the start line. If Yasso says you can do it, then you can! Ha! Good luck!


Pugs are my ultimate favorite dog but chocolate labs are a close second. The humidity is killing. I wish I could say that I am adjusting but that would be 0% true. My Monday has been about a 6/7…my boyfriend’s weekend visit ended but we got a lovely lunch before he left so my workday felt shorter than normal!


I love all dogs but my favorites are goldens, french bulldogs, and Bernese mountain dogs. They make me SO HAPPY. Your cousins puppy is amazingly adorable like tears came to my eyes when I looked at that picture I was so excited.

I love your new running mantra. I am a school psychologist and a HUGE proponent of positive psychology, or looking at our strengths and things we can do versus focusing on disorders/disabilities or weaknesses (i.e. our “cants” or “not good enoughs”. Since I have started to implement tenets of this principle in my personal life (gratitude, mindfulness, etc) I have noticed tremendous changes (for the better) in my relationships, training (powerlifting), and mindset. Your running mantra reminded me of this. You’re an inspiration to many :) You’re doing an amazing job, Janae!


I love golden retrievers! Ours was the cutest puppy, very similar to your cousin’s. It is oh so humid where I live (think sea level on the Gulf of Mexico). I think that we get somewhat acclimated to it, but running in it is definitely tough. My coach calls humidity poor mans altitude training, which I think is so funny. My Monday is going well so far! Have a good week!


I just did a Yasso last Sunday and I love them, but they are killer! So far my Monday has been a 10! Rest day because yesterday I ran 12, lunch with my mom and grandma, and enjoyed being outside! It is extremely humid where I live, and I’m trying to get used to it the best way that I can! My favorite breed of dog is a chocolate lab – the puppies are so cute. I wish mine was still that small!


awww, the puppy is absolutely adorable!

I have the cutest Shih Tzu EVER, so I have to go with Shih Tzus for favorite breed. :-)


I am convinced the summer of 2015 is going to be the death of me! Dear Tampa, why you be so sticky hot?!

And…ohmigosh!!! look at that puppy! Eeeeeh! I think I love him! <3


The humidity kills me every summer and I don’t totally feel like I ever adjust. This is a hot summer for us with lots of days in the 90s! Love the purple tank, that’s one color I don’t have I just realized. Good luck with the yassos!


I’ll be thinking of you as you go through this testing practice tomorrow! You can do it! I know you can! What’s the puppy’s name? He is pretty darn adorable!


-I love the sunrise. Every morning just a little different but always beautiful!
-All puppies are adorable for sure, but basset hounds..those ears!
-The humidity is hard to adjust to. I’m taking water on runs as short as 3 miles.
-I’d say a 9! Morning run, lots of house chores done, pool time with baby girl, lunch with my 2 favorite people (hubs and daughter), and my first comment on my blog! :)


We are kind of partial to the Vizsla over here :)


I love Huskies and German Shepherds, but ever since I got a Black Lab I’m pretty partial to them. :) The humidity has been killing me all summer…I try really hard not to wish away time, but I will definitely be happy when the temps drop a little bit. Monday was pretty good; I’d give it at 7.5. :)


I’m a sucker for any and all puppies – SO cute!

The humidity sucks! Once I accept the horrible feeling and the fact that I just can’t run fast, I’ve had some good runs this summer.

My Monday has been about a 7, which is pretty good for a Monday!


Nope. Never adjust to humidity. Ever!
My dog is a labradoodle and I have to say he is pretty adorable and was even cuter as a puppy.
My Monday hasn’t been too bad but tomorrow I get to see my boyfriends face and I can’t wait. I miss him. It’s been 6 days but who is counting. Lol.

Brooke is so ridiculously cute in those striped overall shorts with baseball tee.


Brooke is so adorable!

I agree seeing sprinklers are amazing except by sprinklers I mean fire hydrants that are spraying water because I live in NYC. The run I did Saturday for NYRR had misting stations which were amazing to run through. Also my other favorite sight is the ocean. I’ve gone these past few weekends after my long runs and that cold salty water is just what my legs need.

This is my first summer really running in humid weather and surprisingly I have adjusted pretty well. My pace is definitely a bit slower but c’est la vie.

As for rating of my Monday, I’m going to say a solid 7. 10 if I’m not lazing and get some miles in tonight.


Not sure if this is the same shirt, at least it is a bit cheaper and there is a violet one:


I totally relate to positive reinforcement. I really want to try to BQ in my next few marathon attempts but lately I’ve been going through a slump and not believing that I’m fit enough to do it this Fall or next Spring. Yesterday, I was running with some friends – all of whom have BQ’d this year with time to spare. We started off our long run really conservatively, but near the end, they started to pick it up and I felt like I was almost racing to keep up! In reality, it’s still slower than the pace I ran my marathon at earlier this year, so once I realized it was mostly in my head, I just kept repeating “I can keep up. I can keep up for the rest of this run!” and although I trailed a little behind, for the most part I did. :)

ps. That puppy is SO CUTE! I have major puppy lust and pictures like those aren’t helping ;)


well i am in love with that puppy


That puppy! Omg the cuteness!


We just got a Pekingese puppy a few weeks ago and she is beyond adorable. :)
My Monday is probably about an 8. My daughter left this morning to compete at the USATF Junior Olympic Nationals in Florida with her team. We live in Oregon and I’ve never been so far from her before. I’m super excited for this opportunity for her, but I’m missing her terribly already. Just 7 more days til I get her back!


Yellowstone! And the Badlands! Making my way to Seattle with my dad :)


Love your blog but all the ads freeze my computer everytime I load your page :(


Puppies are the best! So cute! I have a concert with my bestie in Nashville this weekend and I’m already so excited for it!


I have Yasso 800s on the cards today, (although a good deal slower than you!) at 3.30-3.35! Good luck! My Monday was a slid 6.5- nothing great, outdoor yoga class cancelled due to bad weather!


I wanted to reach in my computer screen and pick that puppy up! Too Cute!


Love me some Goldens, German Shepherds, and Basset Hound pups :)

The humidity has been awful these last few weeks. I can’t believe I’m saying this but … I’m so ready for summer to be over ! Bring on the fall weather !


I really love the sites around my neighborhood and downtown Orlando :) I have a chihuahua so I am biased – my Paco is the cutest dog.

I don’t think your body (mine at least) adjusts to the humidity – I have been feeling a lot more sluggish lately (except today I felt A LOT better) and I think it is because the humidity really drains you – definitely makes you work harder. However, I think training in the humidity makes you a stronger runner and helps your speed when you run without it because it feels SO MUCH better!


That puppy is too cute!


My Monday was a 7………..ok but busy!

I love wiener dogs! So cute at any age, but especially puppies!

And the humidity in Tennessee is psycho………….I think you can adjust to the heat within a couple of weeks, but I don’t know if you ever really adjust to humidity, you just learn to complain less!


OMG look at how much Brooke’s hair has lightened up!! Seriously, she is starting to look so much like curly!


I have a giant long-haired wiener dog…I might be biased, but she is ridiculously cute…and sometimes I think my blog is more about her and her antics than about running!! lol!

I live in Canada…and it’s supposed to be 104F with the humidity today…but I’m not complaining…5 months ago I was moaning about the -40F weather!! lol


I don’t think my body ever adjusts to the humidity! I’ve lived in the south my entire life and currently live in Jackson, MS, and it continues to kill me every year. Even when I’m running at 5 am every morning… there’s not relief.. at least for me!


I used the “I can do it now” mantra during my run this morming and it helped alot. Also I wanted to say you inspire me to run faster! Keep up the good work. I am cheering you on for you to reach your marathon goal!


Kind of random, but something I love seeing is my dog’s toys randomly strewn all over the house. I just imagine him thoughtfully picking the spot that he will play with each one and then when he is satisfied, moving on to the next toy/spot. He’s precious and the apple of my eye.

I think anything mixed with a poodle is adorable. They all end up with muppet like heads. Too cute! I also cannot resist an English Bulldog, a Beagle face or Basset Hound ears! (I just love all dogs!)

The humidity is killing me, but I keep fighting through it. I’m currently more bummed by ABSOLUTELY needing new shoes.


Ok, long back story here. I’ve been trying to save money because I was going to buy a house. Fast forward a few months, and I’m not buying because an installation guy put the dishwasher in wrong and flooded the whole house. I feel like I’m going through a breakup! I have been eyeing those two tanks you have and have linked to a few times. They’re orange and teal with like a starburst design. Can you link those again, or tell me the brand so I can find them? I’m going to buy them to get over my lost house. :) Thanks!


Hi Janae! I don’t comment much but I get on your blog daily. You have wonderful ideas about running, fitness, and just life!! This post is one that I’m thinking about days later…just wanted to share that with you… I have taken the words I can’t out of my thinking and vocabulary and say and think I CAN about many things but your comments and putting NOW at the end totally changes this in a great way. Yes, I can do it NOW, no more waiting…


I have that tank in a couple of colors! Nike has some t-shirts on clearance right now in the same material!

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