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One of those ‘lie down on the sidewalk because you are so tired workouts.’ I can. I will. I am.

It’s been a long time since I hung out on the sidewalk for a bit because I was beat after finishing my workout.   This week has been a tough week of workouts because we are doing a cycle of 3 weeks of buildup followed by 1 week of recovering (next week—>  mileage/intensity cut down). … Continue Reading

It is amazing how LONG a minute can feel when you are sprinting up a hill.

But first, 9 things we’ve been up to lately: -Sushi last night because we are hooked.   -Thai Lettuce Wraps to start.   -Did I ever tell you my wasabi story?  When I worked at this restaurant as a waitress (I told you, I worked at a lot of restaurants) I was dared to eat … Continue Reading