Somewhat Silent Saturday–> Time to run a 1/2 marathon!

Said goodbye to the Brookers…  

IMG 0843

Already looking forward to seeing her on Sunday night!

IMG 0842 2

Went to get a breakfast sandwich but decided a turkey and provolone sandwich at 7 something in the morning sounded better. 

IMG 0844

Did the usual ‘buy something fun to give Brooke when she gets back’ thing.  

IMG 0852 2

Drove the 1.5 hours up North to hit up the expo.  LOVE that they had a bunch of stuff for the kiddos to do.

IMG 0856

I get to try out being a VIP Runner… I’ll give you all the details in the recap.  

IMG 0860 2

IMG 0861 2

And just like that… the expo made me even more excited to run.

IMG 0865 2

Turns out I was just really in need of sandwiches yesterday.  Had a bunch of chicken afterwards and some gas station froyo to finish up the fueling for the night.

IMG 0867 2

Because I am OCD about setting everything out hours before I go to bed the night before a race.  

**I might switch outfits in the morning depending on the weather.  

I’m ready for another soggy race:)

IMG 0869 2

PS GREAT NEWS FOR MINDY PROJECT FANS…. Mindy is moving over to Hulu (instead of being canceled like I thought)!

IMG 0845

My alarm clock is set for 4 a.m. so that’s fun.



Running in the rain—>  what are your feelings about that situation?

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