Donut to running ratio, dynamic stretching & my 1/2 marathon playlist!

Do you ever do dynamic stretches before your runs?  I never did until my coach told me to and ever since then I have been doing them before any hard workouts (i.e. track workouts, tempo runs etc).  PS dynamic stretching means to stretch in motion.  Static stretching = holding a position/stretch.  

So why do them?  Dynamic stretching can really help you with your range of motion.  They can help to strengthen your core, mobility and stability muscles too!  They help to prepare your joints and muscles for movement (which is especially beneficial before a fast run I think).  They also loosen up your muscles which I especially love.  Dynamic stretches wake me up if I am doing an early morning run and help me to go into my run more alert:)

Runner’s Connect said about dynamic stretching—> ‘It’s just five minutes people!  Believe me, it will create focus, readiness, and mark the beginning of fewer injuries and improved running performance.”  (Dynamic Stretching:  A Warm-up Routine to Reduce Injury and Improve Performance)

Here are the ones that I have been doing lately but there are a million more that you could do also like—>  walking lunges, leg swings, side lunges, inchworms, leg lifts, 1/2 squats etc.

I do these for about 50 meters (for the high knees, butt kickers and skips I do 100 meters)

1.  Figure 4.  

2.  High Knees.

3.  Butt kickers.

PicMonkey Collage

4.  Skips.  Brooke loves watching me do these.  

5.  Arm circle swings.  Just trying to look like a windmill.  I do these for about 15 seconds and then switch directions.

6.  Walking straight line kicks.  This really helps to wake up my hamstrings and I attempt to reach the opposite hand to the toe as I go.

7.   Side shuffle.  I stay in a half-squat while shuffling to the right for 50 meters and then to the left for 50 meters.

PicMonkey Collage2

Just some salmon, roasted broccoli and bread with almond butter on my lunch plate today.  

IMG 1434

We’ve been working hard with some markers over here.  

IMG 1437

Here’s the playlist that I used for my 1/2 Marathon last Saturday!  I try to not listen to music for the whole race but here are the songs I did jam out to:) 

Immortals by Fall Out Boy

Jigga What/ Faint (clean) JAY Z & Linkin Park

Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Not Afraid by Eminem

Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor

I’m So Sorry Imagine Dragons

Stronger by Kanye West

I Lived by One Republic

Us by Regina Spektor  (this is me and Brooke’s song so I love to run to it too:)   

Friction by Imagine Dragons

Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon

Misery Business by Paramore

300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero

Du hast by Rammstein

See You Again by Wiz Khalifa

And now time for your daily dose of randomness.  

1.  Some peeps have asked about the tank that I wore for my 1/2 marathon.  HERE IT IS.  I love the high neckline and low back.  Crazy soft material.  Lulu tanks last for YEARSSSSSS…. that is why I think they are worth the investment.  

IMG 1037

2.  Looks like I need another 6.5 donuts because of Saturday’s race.  

IMG 1034

3.  Speaking of donuts…  If you are going for the ‘favorite aunt title’ I highly suggest using donuts to help you to get there.  

IMG 0716

4.  My parents went on a little getaway to the beach.  I’m so glad they got to have a mini vacation… they are the two hardest working people I know.  

IMG 0938

5.  This sign was at the race on Saturday.  Somebody’s already a little bit excited….

IMG 0888

6.  Eating dried fruit right now as I am talking to you.  The 3 pm slump is real and this stuff seems to help.

IMG 0939


Got any randomness to share with me today?

What time in the afternoon do you (if you do) feel the slump?

What was your lunch?

What type of stretching do you do?

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I do static stretching after my runs. When I coached lacrosse, part of the warm-up were dynamic stretches and it was required of the coaches to lead them before every game.

Looks like I earned quite a few donuts on Sunday! They are obviously the best post race fuel.

My lunch today was salad (as it is everyday). I also had a coconut granola bar and watermelon. I start to feel the slump between 2-3. Luckily that’s around the time I get to leave to go home. I always exercise as soon as I’m home to help keep me awake!


WATERMELON…. now you have me craving that big time! Good call on exercising to get you out of the slump! Now go enjoy some post race donuts:)


A coworker told me about a similar charity race only you could take a minute off your time by eating donuts as you go. The winner actually had a negative time because he ate so many! I suppose that’s one way to get a PR! ;)


HAHAHAH that is awesome!!!


The local running store that I train with for my half marathons and 10K’s is actually have a donut run this coming Saturday to raise money for charity. Basically every mile the participant has to eat a donut. You can buy your way out of one donut but you have to eat the rest. It is a 4 mile run so everyone has to eat at least 3 donuts. I definitely am looking forward to that! :/


Ummm can I have the address for this race. Brooke and I are going to start driving now.


Woops I put Saturday when it’s Sunday, gives you another day! We’re in Normal, IL where it’s normal to eat donuts while running!!


Randomness: I’m really excited to get the apartment to myself for the week. Hubby is out of town. I’m going to party with my puppy and probs binge watch some Netflix!
I always feel the slump right at 3:30. I think it’s because I convince myself the workday is almost over, so my brain decides to turn off.
Lunch was salad: dried cranberries, spinach, feta cheese, balsamic, and chicken
I usually only do stretching after I run, but those dynamic stretches seem like they’d really help.


Yay for some alone time—> puppy/netflix/chocolate = heaven.


I’m slumping as I’m reading this. I either need a nap or all those donuts!


You probably need both. I know I do:)


Dynamic stretching really works for me! It gets me warmed up and ready to run.
I like to do a bit of static stretching during my cool down.
3 PM is the slump for me, for sure. Lately I have been making popcorn and the kiddos love it too!
Randomness – my son has been playing the trumpet all year and they have their big concert tonight. He has a solo and I am so, so excited! Plus, my entire family is coming so it’s going to be really special.
Lunch: Chicken sandwich with avocado and cheese on whole wheat + cup of raspberries.
I hope you have a great afternoon!!!


I’m a huge dynamic stretcher. We had awesome coaches in highschool, and they always encouraged us to do that before a warm up. No static stretches though.
yumm. I need 6.5 more donuts also. I had a donut yesterday!
and that top is cute, but noo way would I ever pay 52 for a top.! crazy. lol. or maybe I’m just cheap..


2pm is my usual slump time. It’s terrible. I’m not remotely productive from 2-3pm.

I do no stretching. I know, I know, its terrible. I’ve been trying to be better about it and make it part of my routine but its SO HARD to make it a habit!

I love that you have trash bags down under where Brooke is coloring. Brilliant!


That donut conversion chart is brilliant. But how many do I get for sitting on my butt all day?

Are we sure Candice didn’t drive up and put that poster up for the race?

The slump is from 2-4pm.

Lunch was left overs from last night. Albondigas, avocado and corn tortillas.


BAHAHAHA I literally snapped her a pic of the sign when I saw it because I thought it was her:)


I always get the munchies around 4pm, snack too much, and lose my dinner appetite.
Lunch: mâché rosettes and strawberries!
I am the worst about stretching. I do manage to foam roll every night before bed, though. That counts for something right?!


Can’t wait to to some dynamic stretches before the track workout you suggested this morning! I had already started pintresting “fun full body track workouts” before I saw your post! I usually do all of those dynamic stretches before a track workout or boot camp, but that was the first time I’ve seen the “Figure 4”

My slump hits around 3-4 in the afternoon. I had half of a Subway foot-long for lunch and i’m not sure if I can make it to dinner for my other half!


The 3pm slump is SO real. I feel ya. Fruit definitely seems to help, keeps me energized and engaged and full enough until dinner. That, or a walk in the sun or something.

Lunch = salad with blackberries, pecans, wild rice, and vanilla balsamic vinaigrette.



The 3pm slump is so real! That’s when I have my apple and nut butter because without a snack I’d probably (ok, totally would) nap.
My lunch today was a baked sweet potato with an egg cooked inside. So good!
I do a couple dynamic stretches before each run: side to side and front to back leg swings, arm swings, and toe touches.
I also tried an apple fritter for the first time on Friday and it was heaven in donut form.


Oh man I love donuts! Have you been to Tom + Chee? I just had their grilled cheese dessert donuts for the first time last night and they were the bomb dot com!


I had a salad with turkey and parmesan cheese with a lemon shallot dressing and some fresh pineapple and a handful of peanut m&ms for dessert.

I do stretches after running. Before running I foam roll my quads and calves though. My chiro said to foam roll before running which I never did. I used to always roll after.


I do dynamic stretching before races and sometimes before long runs (when I remember). I’m the worst about stretching after working out but when I’m on my game, I notice a huge difference in my performance.

Lunch = shredded BBQ chicken, red peppers and cheese in a whole wheat wrap and cucumbers (with ranch).

The struggle is real – 3pm is so hard. Today I treated myself to a Diet Coke to make it to 5pm!


Definitely random but I just started a blog today! I love to run and do crafts and spend time with my little family.

I feel the slump around 3-4 in the afternoon. Chocolate always seems to help that! (Or Dr. Pepper:)

I had mashed potatoes, meatloaf and broccoli for lunch. Yum!!

Random question, when you were pregnant with Brooke what bey band did you use?


Randomness- made homemade pork schnitzel for dinner. Kiddo’s restaurant fave, we’ll see how she likes the homemade stuff. Way too time intensive for regular rotation.

Lunch was random stuff ’cause I didn’t meal prep this weekend. An apple with pb and a coconut chobani. It was good but I definitely made sure to put some chicken in the slow cooker.

Dynamic stretching before my workout. Otherwise I stretch on yoga days;-)


You always have the best/most interesting and diverse playlists!


I love running to immortals! I haven’t ever done dynamic stretching, may have to try that now. My slump usually comes around 3 in the afternoon. Just in time for the baby to wake up from her nap.


Love your donut ratio! And the playlist…. if you haven’t heard “Renegades” or “Unsteady” by the X Ambassadors–they are great too!


I usually feel that slump right after I pick my girls up from school around 3:30, of course then the afternoon/evening is just getting started! I haven’t done dynamic stretching but I’m curious if I’d feel a difference. I normally don’t stretch at all before a run and then stretch/practice yoga afterwards.


ugh, having a terrible day at work with all sorts of frustrations and miscommunication. Or, no communications at all which is just as frustrating! So I’m snacking on a GIANT thin cookie. This cookie has last so long, rather than “aw man, i’m already on the last bite!” i so often get when eating treats, this one has been “WHAT there is still that much LEFT?!” Sooo good.

For lunch, i had lamb pilaf. it was delish. and I LOVE stretching. My boyfriend and I have gotten into stretching together and doing yoga, oh man he is SO inflexible hahah it is hilarious.


The 3pm slump is real!

I ate a homemade acai bowl for lunch. Mmmm!

I am so guilty of not stretching regularly. So bad…


A half hour after lunch I usually feel the slump……that’s when I usually grab lunch dessert for a pick up.


These stretches look great, thank you for sharing! And now I totally want doughnuts haha.


I never stretch properly but I’m trying to do it more often! Thanks for the ideas!

I usually never get into an afternoon slump seeing as the afternoons are my body’s peak times and when I usually run, if it were up to me I’d just laze around until one in the afternoon…my body takes so long to wake up in the mornings!


I was not one of the people to ask about the tan, but now that I am looking at it, I can see why people commented. It’s adorable!

My lunch today was spicy chicken cooked in an omelet that was fried in butter. SOO good!

As a former gymnast, I really try my best to keep up with my flexibility and stretch on a daily basis, but I have never stuck to dynamic stretches. This was really informative. Thank you Janae!


The slump tends to hit me around 2. I think we need to transition to a society that utilizes siestas. :)

Lunch today was a ham and swiss sandwich and sriracha potato chips. Not the healthiest, but I could have done worse!

I mostly do dynamic stretching, mostly because I don’t hold still well so I get bored with static stretching pretty quickly.


Have you heard “Lone Ranger” also by Rachel Platten? Love!


THANK YOU FOR SHARING… I’m now obsessed!


UM speaking of Donuts, I found donut wrapping paper at Target. Totally bought it and promptly wrapped all my husbands birthday gifts with it. Just so you know it exists.


Your donut chart reminded me – my husband used to keep a burrito versus miles running log. Some week burritos would win.


I’m depressingly trying to lose about 7lbs (that I have gradually and greedily gained over the past 6 months) so the afternoon slump sees me reaching for a black coffee. I can snack like a…..well, I really like to snack. I have to resist.

I am so bad at stretching and strength work. I don’t know why I find it so hard. I find time for a 2 hour run no problems, but 5 minutes of stretching beforehand?? Are you out of your mind?? Yah, it makes no sense.


I definitely have some randomness; always do.

I usually get in an afternoon slump by 2 p.m. and recharge with some chocolate and trail mix and coffee. Love the sweet and salty mix.


I am guilty of skipped pre-run stretches more often than not. After my stretches I really try to stretch out with hip flexors. I do a stretch that hits both the hip flexors and my quads.

My slump usually comes around 2:30.


Love the donut ratio!
Your salmon looks good… how do you cook it, oven or pan?


HEY COURTNEY!! I just do it in a pan on the stove top. I use low heat and so it takes longer to cook it but it turns out so much better that way. And butter. Butter makes it better.


I went to turn on my music halfway through my half over the weekend and all of a sudden my headphones stopped working in one ear. It sucked! I tried to listen for awhile but then it became pretty distracting so I turned it off altogether. Lame!


oh man, putting the plastic bag under brooke’s coloring area is SO SMART!


That tank is super cute! I just got two workout shirts at Target yesterday since Cartwheel had 20% off their workout gear. Love Lulu stuff just still can’t seem to buy something from them Especially now since we just bought a house. I have to be really careful with my spending…boo!


-I totally feel a slump at 2:00 pm I need a nap!
-I had a GF ham sandwich and a sweet potato
-I do the figure 4 :) love


Your nephew’s face in that pic is too funny! I am all for “live your life and have a donut”. We all work hard and it’s nice to treat yourself. For lunch I had a burrito–it was yum. I do warm up a bit before my runs but no stretching for me. It has made a huge difference in how I feel and my rate of getting injured.


I am currently slumpin’ bigtime. As soon as I can drag myself from the break room imma get a cold brew.

Rando- I taught dance to pre-schoolers all morning. One of them interrupted warmups to tell me she has other clothes at home. Another one came up, grabbed me by the face with both hands and said, “You make me so proud. Just like your brother.” (I don’t have a brother).


This quiz was made for you! I’m a chocolate frosted doughnut. What are you?


same exact stretches my son’s soccer coach has them start and end with! Love it!

I may have to confess that I immediately though of printing your donut conversion chart and placing right in front of my treadmill.


Thanks for the pre-run stretching ideas! I usually do a few of these, but I hadn’t thought about some of them–like the figure 4s and walking kicks, so it’ll be nice to have a few to try.

Also–I’m actually curious about your bra more than the tank. Where is the bra from??


I walked down the aisle to “Us” – that piano! Love her. Love the tank too, that’s on my birthday wish list. Thanks for the blog! X


I do a bit of both types of stretching. Leg swings and lunges have really helped me to keep my IT band happy. Lunch today will be Indian lentils over a salad, I’m actually super stoked about it. If it weren’t for snacks and good food my workweek would seriously be a downer. Snacks = happiness!

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