An update on my sister and Monday matters!!

I sent my sister my dentist/laughing gas selfie on Thursday and then she sent me her post-surgery selfie.  

She found a new doctor that fit her right in for surgery and took care of the problem.  She had a huge bulge in one of her discs that was causing a lot of nerve pain.    She could barely walk and was in bed most of the day.  He was able to remove it and she is already doing so much better.  She has pain from the actual surgery and the swelling but all of the nerve pain is gone.  

Such a huge blessing. 


She even gets to go on little walks each day and so we went on one last night.  She won’t be able to lift anything or get in a car for a while but the fact she is walking normally (just very slowly) is huge.  I just want to give her doctor the biggest hug ever.  

FullSizeRender 2

We also got to go on one today… I’m going to keep track of her progress:)

IMG 0981

Time for some Monday Matters!

-Not sure how long this little man is going to be able to fit inside his dad’s t-shirts!

IMG 0951  1

-Last night we also had a killer round of Monopoly and I lost miserably.  

 IMG 0941  1

-Why is bread and butter the most delicious thing even though it is so simple?  The race had these waiting for us within a few feet of the finish line.  Such a good idea.  

IMG 0897

-Probably not the best ‘night before a race’ fuel but it sure tasted delicious. 

 IMG 0871

-I stayed at Megan D’s parents’ house the night before the race and was pretty stoked when I found an Easter egg with money AND candy in it:)

IMG 0874

-Nailed it.  

Screen Shot 2015 05 17 at 3 40 26 PM

-We made a ridiculous amount of salsa today.  

IMG 0983

Lots of tomatoes, white onions, green onions and cilantro topped with the below seasonings to taste.  So fresh.  So heavenly.  

IMG 0984

-Best eaten when put on a sweet potato with chicken and avocado.  

IMG 0985

-Life feels back to normal again and normal is my favorite.  

IMG 0970

-No run today.  Just some time on the trampoline and I’ll hit up bootcamp tonight!

IMG 0974


What are some of your Monday Matters?

Ever had surgery?  When?

What are your favorite finish line foods?  

If you ran today… how many miles?

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I’m glad your sister is feeling better! I’m hoping for a smooth recovery for her.

That salsa looks amazing. My mouth is watering.

I raced yesterday, so no running for me today. I’m happy to be relaxing on the couch watching junk tv.


I had my femur pinned 15 years ago after I broke it from having a stress fracture. I was on crutches 3 months and had to learn all over again how to walk. It was the worst. Your sister is lucky that she is already up and walking. Wishing her a speedy recovery!


Sending prayers for a full and speedy recovery for your sister!!
Knock on wood, I’ve never had a surgery.
Finish line food: chocolate protein drink and something salty like pretzels.
6 miles with friends this morning followed by a few more solo after. :)


I’ve had surgery on my septum, which was easily the least fun surgery ever. I also had surgery to recreate a valve between my esophagus and stomach (I had heartburn 100% of the time, I used to keep pepto in my purse and went through a bottle a day, in addition to tums and prilosec). Fun fact – one of the side effects is that it is physically impossible for me to throw up. Not sure if that’s good or bad…?

I’ve got a 6 mile run on tap after work!

Best thing I had at the end of a race was a fresh oatmeal bar with fresh toppings. It was amazing! Glad your sister is doing so much better!!


So glad your sister is on the road to recovery!
I also ate fro-yo the night before my race this weekend. It was perfect fuel!


One of my seminary kids posted a laughing gas video of his post wisdom tooth removal. I’ve watched it so many times because it absolutely cracks me up. So funny.

I’m glad your sister is beginning to recover! I’m sure she has a long way to go, but what a comfort to be hurting for productive reasons!


Never had surgery other than wisdom teeth (which was brutal enough in itself because I’m a HUGE baby!)

I always always crave chocolate milk and french fries after a race. Whether it’s a 5k or a marathon :)


I had emergency surgery once – super fun, especially when you were at a camp in a rural area.

Burgers are my favorite after race food


Yay for a successful surgery! That is awesome & I bet she is so relieved.
I ran 4.1 miles today–just my normal run but it was kind of raining so that was cool.
I haven’t run a race but feel like I would really enjoy a Coke Zero and carbs in the form of some type of bread product!!


I had icecream the night before my race also. lol and I didn’t run today either. Wanted to take a rest day after my race on Sunday. SO many people raced this weekend, I love it.!!
favorite finish line food is coffee. or oranges. Just feels so refreshing.
Your sister looks beautiful in that first pic.!!


Continued prayers of recovery and comfort to you Sis!

Eight easy miles this morning — though that “easy” pace means nothing when it’s 20 degrees warmer than you’re used to.:P


cutest pics evah! so glad to hear your sister is recovering well, too! i like muffins at the end of a race (warm, carby goodness).

i’m going to run an easy peasy 3 miles today. mostly because I won’t have time to run more, but at least I get to run. thankful


You’re poor Sis. Her pic made me feel sad for her. Having your back discs act up after having a baby. That’s a nightmare.


I’m glad your sister is feeling better! Praying for her as she continues to heal!
Bread with butter sounds like the best finish line food. I haven’t found my favorite finish line food at races I’ve done – everything has been to sweet or heavy.
5 easy miles on a new-to-me trail!


I didn’t realize how horrible of a situation she was in. God is so good and definitely brought that doctor into y’alls life just in time! So glad to hear she is doing better, such a good reminder to be thankful for our health!

8 mile train run this morning and it was huuuu-miiiiid. Holy sweat. Basically flies were just sticking to my body. Ran past a super cute guy and I think he was really digging it???

Have an awesome night, girlfriend!


I had eye surgery (PRK, which is like LASIK) a few years ago and it was amazing. A few days of discomfort and a lot of sleeping to recover and now I don’t need glasses/contacts anymore.

I’m a fan of when there are cookies or popsicles at the finish. I guess bagels are good too :)

I ran a little over 4.5 miles today, some easy neighborhood running a few days post-race.


I had ACL surgery on my right knee March 2005 (how was that 10 years ago?!)

Favorite finish line food: strawberry banana smoothie from Starbucks!

So I haven’t run in 2 weeks since my 10 mile race and I have a half marathon in 2 weeks… #dilemma


Your nephew looks like Brookie in photo #4

The bread & butter idea is genius. I wish my races had that.

You forgot the heat in the salsa ;)


So glad your sister is out of surgery and doing well! I ran 5 miles this morning although it’s been such a long day I had to think about it for a minute to remember lol


So happy for your sister! Hope the progress is steady. I had a minor surgical procedure in the fall to remove tissue that was blocking part of my pancreas, and that was enough for me!

I LOVE when they have popsicles of the Flav-o-Ice things at the finish line after summer races. And if there are cookies, even better. :)

Mondays are my days off, so I didn’t run today. That sweet potato looks so delish!


Oh, I’ve had a lot of surgeries. Wisdom teeth, front tooth stuff (chipped it in half, needed a fake thing put in), MRSA/Staph infections (3x in the ER, once on the Critical Care Ward for a week), two back surgeries, tonsillectomy, rib removal surgery….

I like breakfast foods at the end. Basically, I just want to go get brunch after. Waffles, pancakes, omelettes….

no run yet today! at work still… 730-5. hard to fit in a run beforehand, and to have the energy after :/


Aw…yay! I’m glad your sister was able to get her in quickly with the new doctor, and I’m happy to see she is feeling a bit better.

No run here today. Worked all day, I have a meeting tonight, and I’m still not a morning person. ;)

Favorite finish line food? Anything and everything!

I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out a few years ago. They were huge, so I had to be put under. I’m a huge sissy, so I count that as surgery and wear it like a badge of honor.

Monday matters? Hmm…trying to figure out if the GIANT bruise on my leg is from foam rolling or me unknowingly walking into a wall. Grr!


My only real surgery was a tubal. The hardest part about recovery was not being able to pick up my daughter (then 2 1/2) for a few days. That and I fell asleep outside for a while and got a sunburn. (Don’t take painkillers and lay down outside without setting an alarm!) My coworkers were all “sure you were out for surgery”.


I did not run today bc I ran a half yesterday and am still recovering. That’s what not training will do to you!

Glad your sister is feeling better! That’s so great :)


Glad to hear your sister is doing well! I had hip surgery in 2010. I was very surprised that my doctor wanted me moving around right away..the day after surgery I was starting my rehab exercises and riding an indoor bike!
This morning I ran 5 miles…my first set of 400 repeats in close to a year!


So glad the surgery went well for your sister and I’ll be praying for a speedy recovery!
I had surgery on my knee 4 weeks ago.
Oranges and some sort of yummy bar at the finish line!!
Your nephew is so adorable!!


I had laproscopic surgery last year so my doctor could poke around and look for signs of endometriosis. Now I have kind of a frankenbellybutton from the scar. The worst part was that you get SUPER bloated from the surgery so I lived in yoga pants on the couch for like 5 days. But now I have a cool 8×10 glossy of my uterus to show for it.

I love bread products at the finish line but sometimes they make me hiccup if I’m dealing with an especially dry mouth. Jamba Juice was giving away mini-smoothies at a 15k I did a few months ago and that was AWESOME.

No run for me today, but hopefully a treadmill interval sesh in the morning!


I had the same procedure too. The gas was the worst & the pain in my chest and shoulders from it sucked!


So happy to hear your sister’s progress!!

That salsa looks to die for. I am a huge advocate for salsa, any kind, on any food.

Love your hat in the last pic! Where from??

No run for me today… it’s been bothering my hip lately, which is weird, so I’m staying away from running for a week and then I’ll reassess :) Weight lifting and yoga in the meantime!


Packing and hauling boxes is my workout for today.
Cute hat! Where’d you get it?!


Eight knee surgeries. Woof. I always wake up right away after I’m on anesthesia! It freaks the nurses out because I’m wide awake and ready to go the minute my eyes open. Haha! The worst was the spinal headache/nausea. So much throw up. Such a waste of grapes.


I have been craving pico and bought all the stuff to make some, but if your sister is looking to unload any of that, you just let me know. Seriously. That picture if basically food porn to me. I can’t wait until my garden is going and I can just go out and get the stuff to make it errrday.

Speaking of your sister, I am so glad that her surgery and now her recovery is going well. I just can’t even imagine all the pain she was in.

Favorite finish line food – grapes and creamies.

I had surgery on my leg when I was 7. I compound fractured my tibia. Being 7 and seeing your bone come out of your leg is crazy.


The Easter egg thing still makes me laugh. I need to be spending more time making sure all of them are found next year!


I ran 6 miles in Nashville today! We are on vacation visiting family and I love running in the neighborhoods here…………the hills are great training!

Favorite post race treats are chocolate milk, snickers, and peaches…………my race next month has fresh peaches at the finish line!!

I have had a few surgeries…………eye surgery, dental surgery, plus a few others, and every time I feel like the anesthesia wears off and makes me an angry person! The nurse came in my room one time and asked if I needed help getting dressed in my own clothes to leave………….I said no, but in my head I was thinking “I know how to get dressed, I am 20 years old, what do you think I am, an idiot??!” And once after dental surgery (I hate dentists.) the dentist said something he thought was funny and in my head I was thinking how he would never make it in stand up comedy. I am mean on drugs, evidently!


I’m so glad about your sister! I’ve been praying for her nearly every night.

Sometimes I forget just how good bread and butter is :) Now I might have it for a snack tonight!

Around 5.5 miles today of running with some walking in between.


So glad your sister is feeling better!

All my Monday Matters involve unpacking our apartment. Things are moving slowly but surely in that department!

No surgery ever (thank goodness), and hopefully I’ll never have to.

Favorite finish line foods: fresh fruit! My stomach always feels weird after I finish so I wait a few hours for a big meal. Fresh fruit always sounds good though.

I did 6 miles today with my son in the BOB in our new-to-us neighborhood! Loved it!


You have the most precious, beautiful family! Glad your sis is doing better.

I had two major surgeries…on Christmas Eve 2009…broke my shoulder and have a plate and screws in place.
On thanksgiving 2001, I broke my femur in a biking accident and have a rod in place!
Yeah…my friends don’t let em go out on holidays anymore.

I need time after a marathon before the hunger kicks back in…but after a piping hot shower (I know, I know, it’s the opposite of what you are supposed to do but it just feels so good) I crave coffee like an addict and protein. I’m vegan, so I usually go for a huge plate of hummus and veggies on top of greens.

I ran 8 soggy humid miles this morning. Then finished up this afternoon with an indoor run on the track for another 12 miles.


Love all that salsa, yum! So glad your sister is doing better and the surgery went well. I had a c section and my daughter had spinal surgery for scoliosis at the age of 5. 2 years later she’s doing so well but it was extremely tough.


I go straight for any carb available at the finish line – bagel, chips, paper bag (jk…but maybe if it was the only option :)). Races that have chocolate milk at the finish line hold a special place in my heart.

No running today, but I hit up the gym for some strength training and my legs are going to be super sore tomorrow!


So glad to hear your sis is feeling better. Here’s to a speedy recovery. I had half of my girl plumbing removed in 2012. There was a mass on my ovary that was borderline so doc felt removing the whole tube etc was best. It took about 2 weeks to feel like I could walk at normal pace and a month before I could run.

Happy Monday.


so glad your sister is doing so well!!!

Never underestimate how delicious regular bread and butter is :) I can’t eat right when I get finished with a race but about an hour later I like to binge on anything that is extremely unhealthy.


Yay for your sister! I cannot imagine how incredibly hard it would be to live through so much pain while dealing with a baby AND three other kids–yikes! And I do think you and your sis should win the Most Beautiful Sisters Award. You two are so pretty!


that sweet potato looks incredible!


Holy Moly, I am so so happy for your family that your sister’s pain is lessened! It never ceases to amaze me the difference the right doctor can make!

I have run one race with bread at the end, and I 110% agree that it is pretty much the best post-race fuel ever!


surgery? YES! At age 39, I had a large bulging disc in my neck pressing on my spinal cord! Worse pain ever! Weakness in my right arm! So scary! Had surgery and instant relief and strength back in my arm! Makes you appreciate your nervous system so much more!!!

Glad to hear you sister’s surgery went well!!!

Now, I am dealing with a random foot pain that limits me from running! Super bummed out right now!!!!


I only have had surgery to get all 4 wisdom teeth out at once, bit I really hated the feeling if waking up after going under.. ugh. I hope your sister feels vetter, prayers for a super quick recovery!


How does your sister look so gorgeous after surgery??? Tell me her secrets. I’m glad she got relief from the surgery.


I am so glad that your sister is doing so well after surgery! What great news!

My only surgery was having my wisdom teeth removed when I was 12. I came thisclose to a c-section with my daughter, but we got her out in time!

I ran 7 miles on my treadmill, because I was pressed for time. It was so hot and humid in my basement (air conditioning stopped working on Friday and we are waiting for a part) that I would’ve been better off outside! Slower, but maybe there would have been a breeze.

I have a hard time eating after (and before) a race. I usually drink a ton of water and eat an apple. For dinner I always want a burger!


Your sister looks SO much more beautiful without makeup especially without the eyeliner. Or maybe I just prefer the more natural look ;)
Hoping for a speedy recovery for her!


I have a 6 month old and I can’t imagine how challenging it has been for your sis dealing with all that with such a little one. Best wishes to her.


First of all, wishing your sis a speedy recovery & cheering her on to walk! I’ve had wisdom teeth, an ovarian cyst and endometriosis & appendix removed, and a LEEP a couple of months ago. The LEEP was a few weeks before a race so I took a week off from running to recover. Today, I worked from home & over snacked;( So tonight it’s a 2 mile tempo run, weights, and core.


Jamba juice smoothies at the finish line where awesome, especially after a hot race.


I’m glad your sister is doing better and able to walk!


Glad your sister is feeling better!

Best post-race food … Chocolate milk! Even though it’s not technically a food, I get so excited when I see it at the finishline :)


that’s great about your sister! Please tell her that my friend from the gym had similar surgery – and she ran a 4 mile race about 8 weeks after. Running is definitely in her future – and that’s all we runners care about ! She’s lucky to have you to help out.


I thought the picture of your sister was you at first. Crazy how much you look alike there! I’m so glad the surgery helped her and super glad you & Brook are back together again. I love how much fun you have together!


So happy to hear that your sister had good results so far! Such a bummer to have back pain, especially as bad as her’s was!
No running for me today, but hopefully I will tomorrow!


What is your nephews name, if you don’t mind me asking? :) Trying to find some boy names…!


Hey Katie! My sis has asked me not to share her family’s names on the blog:) BUT YAY for finding boy names!!!


I’m SO glad your sister is feeling better! What a blessing!


This is a fantastic update about your sister! I have been keeping your entire family in my prayers, and I am thrilled to hear she is doing better! Hopefully her recovery is speedy and everything turns out as well as they can! :) On a related note: it amazes me how much you two look alike! The resemblance is incredible. I don’t have a sister myself, so I think that is why it fascinates me.


I had a massage today and it was glorious. How can one obtain unlimited massages for life??

I like smoothies at the end of a race. The Calgary Marathon was sponsored by Jugo Juice so it had strawberry smoothies at the finish and on a hot day it was heaven!

No run today, just a 50km bike ride with my daddy :)


I am so glad that your sister is doing better! What a wonderful blessing!


Glad your sister is doing better! No run for me either, but I am going to really try to run 8 tomorrow. Fingers crossed I can manage!


-Glad to hear that your sister is doing/getting better! :)
-I’ve never had surgery.
-I do like fruit when I’m done. A banana or apple.
-Today I ran an easy 3 miles. Never thought I describe my running as easy, but it’s definitely getting there :)


Oh man, bread and butter takes me back to elementary school. I remember they served us bread and butter as a side with lunch and I would always trade my milk/juice for it. I have always loved carbs.


Hope your sister feels better! She looks so pretty even during back surgery! My brother had back surgery at age 27 and it helped him so much but it was a lot of recovery.
I had hip surgery last July and just ran my first 5k post hip surgery on Mother’s Day!


Brooke looks so old lately, and as beautiful as ever! Glad to see your sister is doing better-what a relief! my mouth is watering for some of that pico <3


I used to work on a post-operative Spine floor and it was the best thing to see people come in with so much pain and leave being able to walk with no nerve pain. It was like they were reborn, it was my favorite. Prayers for a quick recovery so she can keep up with all the kiddos!


Your sisters surgery selfie looks better than every selfie I’ve ever taken, ever.

Now I want salsa.
and sweet potato
and chicken
and avocado
and that is all. sigh.


It’s great that your sister is doing so well after her surgery. Nerve pain from a bulging disc is miserable!


favorite finish line foods: nachos, pulled pork sandwiches, fresh made kettle corn, ice cream, chocolate milk, bananas and beer. Lucky for me this is all of the free food at the end of my favorite race, Dam to Dam in Des Moines.


I’d love to know where to get the “Choose Honor” shirt. With a name like mine, I’m sure you understand! Any clue please?

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