The reunion is just as sweet and Boston training week #13

I always take Sundays as my rest day but I decided last second to switch things around and I ran yesterday and I will take today off from exercises because of traveling.  I also didn’t have Brooke yesterday morning so I really didn’t have anything else to do besides run:)  Free time = run time.  

11 miles @ 8:27 average pace.  

IMG 8244

All of the bridesmaids stayed at the InterContinental Mark Hopkins this weekend and I pretty much want to move in now.  I usually stay at the cheapo hotels when I travel but after staying here it is going to be hard to go back to anything but this.  

I felt pretty cool and fancy for an entire weekend;)

IMG 8087

We went to church and then I had a few hours to spare before Brooke came back.  I ended up going to La Boulange in Palo Alto for lunch and I ate the perfect cobb salad.  It’s kind of fun to go by yourself to lunch.  

IMG 8249

Reunited again.  The weekends apart get a little bit easier as time goes by but the reunions once she gets back are just as sweet as ever.  

We went for a walk and it made me so happy when she would randomly grab my legs and hug me out of nowhere.  

IMG 8260

We also got some time with our favorite white pup.

IMG 8269

And Brooke snacked on some Cheerios while talking with my aunt and cousin.  PS fun story—>  Brooke and I stayed in the same room last night that we did for her 2nd night of her life.  After I had her in the hospital (we didn’t have an apartment at the time… it’s a long story) we came and stayed at my aunt’s house the next day.  

IMG 8251

My uncle is the grill master and made us some amazing bbq salmon and asparagus for dinner.  I also started the carb load for the marathon and grabbed another roll after I finished the first one.  2 rolls always > 1 roll.  3 weeks of carb loading > just a few days before the race of carb loading.  ***No research has gone into these findings.  

IMG 8281

It just felt right to be sharing a bowl of ice cream (well, actually we had gelato last night) together at the table before bed time.  I could get used to this tradition.  

IMG 8280

See ya later California… Utah, you better be extra warm and beautiful when I get to you.  

IMG 8088


The marathon is just three weeks away and in approximately 18 days I will be on the plane flying to Boston.   Things are getting real up in here!

Week #13 of training is done and done! 

Monday:  11 miles total.  6 x 1 mile repeats with .25 recovery jogs in between each one (took a longer break after the 2nd one).  All 6 mile repeats were—> 6:10.  

Tuesday:  10 miles @ 8:21  average pace.  

Wednesday:  8 miles @ 7:39.

Thursday:  22 miles @ 8:06 average pace.  Tried to simulate the Boston course a little bit by running the first 8 miles downhill followed by lots of rolling hills.  

Friday:  Off

Saturday:  8 miles @ 7:36 average pace.

Sunday: 11 miles @ 8:27 average pace.

Monday:  Off (switched my Sunday and Monday around because of traveling).


What is your favorite state to go visit?  

Salmon lover or salmon hater?

What was your best run from last week?

Fill in the blank:

Free time = _____________________________________

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LA is my favorite lace to visit or anywhere in SoCal for that matter. As long as there is a beach and a strand to run on, I’m on vacation heaven! I wish I could have the beach in Phoenix but then it really wouldn’t be a desert I guess and that’s one of many things I love about it here.


My favorite state of all time is Texas, but I live here. I honestly haven’t visited many others, but I would LOVE to visit Hawaii! I also think California is pretty great.

I don’t like salmon…or any type of fish, actually.

My best run was definitely the tempo I did last week. It was a confidence builder, for sure!

Free time=REST.


Fave state to visit: Florida!
I’m a vegetarian, so no salmon for me.
Best run: I had a super fun 22 miler
Free time=coffee, running, reading, or violin.


Favorite State: Colorado!

Salmon lover. Even better when it’s raw! Love a good salmon and avocado maki roll!

Best run was my long run. 15 miles! I literally thought my Garmin was broken because my time was so good. I came home, remapped it out (to make sure I actually ran 15 miles.) I calculated my time. I made my boyfriend go out with me the next day and wear his Garmin to make sure mine was functioning properly. It was :-) Everything matched up perfectly. By far my best run EVER! Broke 3 PRs… including a half marathon PR by 4 minutes! And it felt like a total breeze!

Free time = running or reading books about running.


The pictures from the wedding looked so nice! I am glad you had a great time!

Considering I haven’t been to many states, my favorite one that I’ve visited so far is CO.

Team Salmon!! I eat it 2x a week. SO good! What is your favorite way to cook it?

My best run from last week was an 18 miler on Wed night. A friend and I left work early to get the miles in before it got dark out. Fast forward to mile 14 when it started to hail & the wind was super nasty. Hard runs are the best runs (sometimes)

Free time = read my book or clean the house time!

Have a great week!


Definitely a salmon lover! I agree the nicer hotels are kind of a shock after staying in cheap ones :) For me free time = blog or yoga time nowadays! Run time is what might have been sleep time too often.


Favorite state to visit would have to be PA. I’m originally from Pittsburgh & went to college there so it’s so fun to go visit all of my cousins/aunts/uncles/college friends.

Best fun last week: 9 miles @ 8:47 pace on Saturday!

Free time = NETFLIX & HULU

I’m glad you had a great weekend! Can’t wait to see how you do at Boston!!!


fun = run, oops :)


My favorite state to visit is Washington! I love the ocean and mountains.
I’m a salmon lover, although I don’t have it often as I would like.
Best run last week was hitting some trails for a recovery run with the husband and the puggle!
Best way to fill free time: other than running, I’d say baking or going on long walks.


I’ve only been to Colorado once, but it’s already my favorite place to visit! I fell in love there and am dreaming of moving there one day. SO beautiful!

Definitely a salmon lover. In fact, I’m having it for dinner tonight!

Tempo run- all of my speed work for this training cycle has been great (so far!). I’ve been running way faster than my goal paces so I’m happy.

happy monday!!


Favorite State to visit, probably Washington or Oregon. I’m a big Pacific Northwest fan!

LOVE salmon! Actually had some of the best salmon I’ve had in my life this weekend. So good!

Free time = nap time, run time, reading time.


I love Salmon!

I have only been to NY, California and Florida to visit, and driven through NJ and Pennsylvania. I would say California is my fave!

I PB’d the 5K yesterday, so that was my best run last week!


Salmon lover, but not as much since having a baby. I think my taste buds have changed a bit?

My best run of the week was my long run yesterday. I’m just getting back into it and felt SO good. What a relief.

Free time = bake time, run time, or nap time :)


I love visiting California and the Carolinas. And definitely a salmon lover!!


Any excuse to eat more carbs is fine by me. I could be a carnivore but I love carbs waaaaaay too much. I always think one more roll, but sometimes I get full on bread and can’t eat dinner. Oops, doggie bag please!


salmon lover!


Fave state- back home to Alabama (esp the beaches)
Salmon… I’m actually scared to try it. I love fish and seafood, but salmon is not as commonplace down here in the deep South (everything fresh here comes from the Gulf) and I always hear that it has a “fishy” taste. I need to get over it and just try it one day.
Best run of the week was my 10k PR in my hometown! Felt great!!!
Free time = cooking or reading, assuming I’ve already had my run for the day. :)


Well, besides Hawaii, we love Arizona. Okay, so those 6:10 mile repeats are crazy fast. I think I could attempt to follow your training plan but I’d crash and burn on your 800s and mile repeats! How do you do it?!?!?! Amazing, you.


Favorite state to visit=Colorado. Spent some time there growing up and my heart has never left.
Salmon: I constantly try to convince myself I love it, but tbh, I only like it if it is fresh and cooked very well.
Best run: My three mile treadmill run because it was right next to my husband :)
Free time =Vegging on the couch watching stupid tv. Wow that sounds pathetic ;)


Free time = Sleep, Shopping, Fitness – whatever I want :) Haha! I love visiting California and Colorado – definitely my favorite states. And that hotel – so fancy! Glad you had a great time :)


Favorite state is probably Colorado, it’s soo pretty and I LOVE hiking.
Always yes to salmon. But it’s usually expensive so I usually buy tilapia instead.
Best run: treadmill intervals
Free time = working out! Or netflix. Or froyo. A perfect day would include all three of these things.


Favorite state: Hawaii!

Best run from last week: an 8.5 mile trail run on Saturday morning with friends!


Free time = Malia time. (My daughter)

That’s a beautiful building. And so glad you have your Brooke back :) what kind of dog is that.? Looks like mine. Lol


My favorite state to visit would be ANYWHERE with a beach, like Hawaii! I wish I could live by the water. I am 100% on board with Salmon. It’s my favorite fish. I think it’s really buttery and you can taste it’s “fishy” without wanting to gag!

Free time = Netflix. Specifically, Parenthood. (I hate you, but love you SO much for introducing it to me)


I LOVED California the one time I went to visit! Other than that, I really love going down to Florida…Warm weather, my close friends and of course, Disney World :)


I am a salmon lover but only as of the past few years! I can’t believe I missed out on it for so long!
Not sure what my favorite state is to visit; it kind of depends on the time of year. I love going to Maine in the summer, and Florida in the winter!


Favorite state to go visit right now is Florida but it always changes :) I like Texas too and am having fun exploring Georgia now since moving here last summer.

Salmon – none for me – I’m vegan (but I use to like the firecracker salmon at PF Changs)

Best run from lat week was a nice solo 5 mile run on a newish to me trail!

hmmmm……free time is currently reading and working out time (sometimes both at the same time!)


It looks so pretty there! Thankfully, Utah has been really nice lately :) My best run this week was an easy 8 miler yesterday. I was at a conference in St. Louis this week, and it was COLD. I didn’t pack well for running outside, and forgot my headphones so the treadmill wasn’t an option…all of my runs there were short because I was so cold.

Salmon is one of my favorites! What a good way to refuel.


My favorite state to go visit California! With Nevada and Arizona a close second.

Salmon lover!

Best run was the philly Love Run 13.1 yesterday. I ran with practically no knee issues. Yay.

Free time = walk with dog.


Favorite state to visit: Definitely Northern CA. Because southern CA is pretty much a different state!

LOVE salmon!

Best run last week was at the park with my boy in the stroller.

Free time = run time for sure. Or hiking. Or being outside in general! Unless it is winter. Then I will be inside with my Netflix or a book :)


Mmm, salmon! I didn’t used to like it but now I can’t get enough. Jealous of your sunshine-filled weekend!


Looks like you had a wonderful time in San Francisco! Beautiful weather too! My favorite state to visit is Hawaii… need I explain? ☺ Salmon = YUM!

Best run last week was yesterday morning. I was able to do 11 miles without any round ligament pain and still had energy the rest of the day. People weren’t kidding that my energy levels would return in the second trimester.

Free time = a fun outdoor adventure if the weather is nice or errands/cleaning/Netflix if the weather is crappy.


Honestly I get all confused when I have some random free time available! I wonder if I forgot to pick up my kids from somewhere… LOL


Favorite State to visit: Utah! They have the best places to hike & camp and the people are so nice!

Best run was a fartlek run around my neighborhood- I’d never done one not on the treadmill before.

Free time = friend time or netflix watching!


Yay for reunions!
Favorite state to visit would be Arizona during the winter when it’s warm there and cold/snowy in Colorado.
Best run = Sunday. Hit some PRs
Free time = doing art, baking, reading.


ahh you were in my ‘hood! I love that La Boulange because of that glass room/atrium thingy that’s shaped like a hexagon. :) I also attended a wedding at the Mark Hopkins a few years ago and felt like royalty! glad you had a great time in CA!


Free time = reading time

I love to visit any state that’s warm!


I love salmon. I also love gelato. I almost went out and got some yesterday but I deemed it too far (I can see the building from my condo, but would have to go down in the elevator, change my clothes, walk). I’m still on the hunt for a dense, fudgy brownie though.


I love San Francisco so much. My mom was born and raised there so this cowgirl (I’m from Montana but live in Colorado) is pretty much a city girl. I feel so at home in SF. Although I do love…random, I know…Pittsburgh. The architecture, the streets, the history. So incredible. What an amazing place.


That hotel is super nice! I used to live in Nob Hill near there up until a few weeks ago when I moved to the East Bay! I recognize your spot on the run. :)


Salmon lover!

Favorite state to visit- Colorado in the summer. So many good trails to hike and nice weather.

Best weekend race: A 5k Saturday morning. Set a PR in perfect running weather (45 degrees) and got to hang out with my super-fun running friends.


That avocado salad though…..


Ah that hotel does look fancy!! Haha I loooooove staying at hotels but I can’t even remember the last time I stayed somewhere nice. Probably when I was much younger with my parents, haha.


Salmon is ok…I think I eat it because it is a good runner food. My best workout was Sat because I negative split it!!! It was 9 .5 miles with 3 miles around MP, 3 miles faster than 1/2 MP and 3.5 easy.


Fave state to visit is Florida and I’m going there next month!
Salmon hater. I can eat it but it needs to have really strong seasonings.
Sadly free time = wondering what I’m forgetting.


Brooke is the SWEETEST! Seriously – heart melting!

My favorite state to visit has to be Oregon, it’s just so so beautiful!


awww love that she was constantly giving you random hugs after you were reunited! the sweetest.

my favorite state is visit is colorado because it’s where my parents are and i miss them dearly. i live in oregon, so i should be liking salmon but fish and me just dont really like each other!

free time= my new favorite activity of coloring!


so jealous of that grilled dinner- yummm! I am definitely a salmon fan! Also my best run of the week was Friday! I was really proud of myself for getting out there when I really didn’t want to :)


I love visiting CA! I’m originally from the LA area and love going back and seeing my parents. I don’t get out there nearly as much as I would like though. We’re planning a week long trip this summer though, so that will be lovely!


Salmon LOVER! We dip net up here and our family limit is 35 salmon each year, we usually get that limit on a day or two, it’s tough work but it’s great to have plentiful wild salmon to eat all year long!

I had a great four mile run yesterday, was feeling really good until last night I heard a woman was attacked right where I was running about 10 mins after I ran by. I carry mace but it’s really scary, and i like running alone!


Oh girrrrrl, once you start staying at those fancy hotels it is HARD to go back!! ;) But it’s also really fun to feel all fancy for a few days, huh? Glad your reunion was sweet! <3



I love visiting San Diego! My grandpa and my uncle live there, so I’ve been there quite a bit. I love salmon–used to hate all seafood (I blame that on the fact I live in Indiana), but now I love it, and I think salmon might be my favorite. My best run was along the canal in Indy–super nice running path with lots of cheerful runners. :)

Free time = running, sleeping, or reading…depending on how I’m feeling.


My best run was probably the wave tempo I did, because it was the only one even a little bit interesting! The rest were just slow & easy, haha. But I did run up a hill and the end of my long run, which was very cool. :)


I’m a salmon lover! I like to make this Asian sesame sauce to glaze with it and it’s so good!


Favorite state is definitely New York. Specifically, New York City. It just doesn’t get any better!


My favorite state to go visit would have to be Washington since I grew up there and miss it.

I love salmon if it’s cooked right. It can be pretty boring otherwise.

My best run from last week was yesterday. I’m kind of tapering for a half next week, so I did an easy 7 miler. But I was happy to see that my easy pace turned out to be a bit faster than I expected.

Free time = reading, writing, going for a walk, watching stupid TV


I live in California and Palo Alto is one of my favorite places in this beautiful state.


I like visiting… Ontario! (A Provence, not a state, I know)

I LOVE salmon.

No runs last week. :(

Free time = trivia


I love California! I’m a girl who likes her coasts ;) Visiting the west coast always makes me wonder why I choose to live on the east where we have to deal with humidity… I guess the plus side is that I don’t have to kill myself on hills every day! haha

Three weeks of carbo loading sounds about right!


What is your favorite state to go visit?

The only time I loved Salmon is when I had it in Oahu.

My best run…Thursday. Short sweet and with a running friend.

Free time = trail running or hiking or family time.


I don’t get to travel much, but that is ok because Tennessee is the best state ever!
I haven’t had salmon enough to know if I like it or not…..I do like it in sushi.
Hopefully my best run will be today or tomorrow……we had a freakish cold snap where it got to 29 at night, so now it is supposed to be 65 and nice, so we will see.

Free time =running time or reading time


I can’t talk about my favorite state to visit because as soon as I think of one state another pops into my head. I love all the states. God bless America! ;)

My favorite state to live in is Oregon. Really, you think Utah is beautiful, you should see Oregon. We have mountains, beaches, deserts, rain forests, acres and acres of wheat fields. I run in the most beautiful country in the world (okay, okay, your pictures make it obvious that you run in some nice places too).

Salmon is the best. The rest of my family is a little so-so about it but it’s my birthday next week so we’ll be eating it. They can live with it for one day, right?

My best run last week was an amazing 20 miles. It was rainy and windy at the start but had cleared up by the time I finished. It was really fantastic and the longest I’ve ever run. I felt so awesome at the end and it gave me so much confidence for my upcoming marathon…40 days, not that I’m counting (yes I am).


I feel like my favorite state to visit would be Hawaii, but since I haven’t been able to visit it yet I just can’t be sure ;) hehe. I don’t like salmon, or any fish for that matter. They all taste weird or fishy to me, not matter what anyone says ha. For me free time AKA when Rosalie is sleeping = exercising, working, or reading :)


That is a beautiful hotel! I always try and stay at really nice ones as long as it’s in the budget, it’s SO worth it!

I am a salmon lover.

Favorite state is Montana….so beautiful.


Okay, let’s see…

My favorite state is Colorado. I consider CO my home state and miss it everyday.

I love salmon!

My best run was just a quick run. It was awesome because the weather felt great, I felt great, and it was a fun new place to run.

And, just for the record, I think you’re fancy all the time. ;)


Salmon lover all the way!


Love Salmon!!

Favorite state: Wyoming!! All I have to say is that it is truly God’s country and those Grand Tetons!! xo

Free time = running, reading, baking, going to the beach


Beautiful California picture!!! Brooke is such a cutie.
Favorite state to visit: Arizona OR Colorado :)
Best run from last week: 4-miler on the treadmill I suppose! All my runs were treadmilled last week :s
Salmon lover!
Free time = run, write or sleep


My favorite state to visit is Colorado! I get to see my sister and the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

I know that salmon is great for you, but I am a salmon hater. I have never been able to get over the strong fishy taste it has.

My best run I had from last week was running a low-key half-marathon where I set a new PR of 2:11!

Free time= television time


I got a little emotional when I read how Brooke randomly hugged your legs. Le sigh…cuteness overload, I guess ;)

1. My heart is in Cali!
2. Salmon…heck yes!
3. I did not run because I am recovering from terrible sickness and can’t quite breathe yet. Yucky.
Free time=running or snuggles or fun adventures


I’m Canadian…and have a goal of completing a half or full marathon in every US state…so I don’t spend much time re-visiting states because I still have many more to go to…but some of my favs were Texas, Kentucky and Virginia (Colonial Williamsburg, VA to be specific). Have been to Salt Lake…but this was before my I set my goal so I will have to revisit that state to race! :)

I don’t like to eat any water dwelling creatures…ewwww. lol


I CANNOT BELIEVE there are only 3 weekes left! I’m getting so excited! now let’s pray for nice weather! The wind on our backs, light sunshine, and temps in the 40s-50s! :) Ah, perfection!


*Favorite state is Florida
*I’ve never had salmon :(
* Rail Trail run Sunday :)
* Free time = workouts (running or gym whichever)


Never been to California… but in June I’m going!! Can’t wait!

It’s crazy how fast Boston is coming. I feel like you just started training! You are going to rock it so much!!!


Salmon lover!!!! I love salmon, and craved it while I was pregnant with my son!
I agree, free time =run time :)


I just love travelling! My boyfriend and I did a road trip from Alaska to New York a couple of years ago and I loved getting to see the different states!

I love salmon, but only wild caught – I lived in Alaska for a while and got totally spoiled.

My best run last week was my race! It was actually wonderful and terrible at the same time, but overall it was a lot of fun.

Free time = hanging out with my guy and our dog :)


I’m sort of new to running. I have run for many years, but never seriously or consistently (I’m talking 4 miles is the max I’ve every run). After my sister-in-law completed the Austin half marathon in February, I told her I wanted to run it with her next year. She said “Ok! But I’m running the full!” And I said “Ok! Let’s do it!”

Anyway, I’m getting into a better/more serious routine. My best run last week was also my worst. I set out determined to run 3 miles in 30 minutes. I thought I could/would be ready for that. I was running straight into the wind for the first 15 minutes. I ended with an average of 11:20. Not my goal, but after being disappointed for a few minutes, I felt proud of myself for taking this journey!


love you and so glad you had fun but soo sad you were staying steps away and i didn’t get to see you! xoxooxo


-California. My dream college is San Diego State! :)
-Salmon for the win!!!!! Café Rio salmon is just wonderful.
-My best run was my 10 miler. I live for the long run!
Free time = unplanned trips to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (RIP to my bank account)


The hotel looks beautiful! Looks like you had a fabulous time!


California looks beautiful! I’m glad you and Brooke are back together!


1. I actually don’t think I’ve visited my favorite state, yet! I’m a Missourian living in Illinois and I would love to be somewhere near mountains or a coastline. I’m working on running a half or full marathon in every state and I cannot wait to see some amazing places.

2. I love salmon! Just as long as it’s not smoked…yuck.

3. My favorite run this week was yesterday. I ran the Knoxville half marathon and PR’d! It was a beautiful course and a good tuneup to the Flying Pig full marathon in a few weeks. It was one of those runs where you get to test yourself and truly see how much you’ve improved during training. I did, however, forget mine and my husband’s shoes! They were the only things I forgot and we didn’t realize it until race morning. Luckily we both had tennis shoes, but I only wear them for errands or lifting. It could have been a disaster but we both did okay! And to think, I almost wore Toms instead!

Free time: relaxing with my husband. :)

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