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I thought of the most brilliant running invention, track workout and Brooke’s new running shoes.

I thought of the most brilliant running invention today during my workout.   I get annoyed looking down at my watch (such a hard problem, I know) during speedwork to make sure that I am on pace.  I want somebody to make sunglasses that show you your pace/distance/etc in the top corner of your sunglasses. … Continue Reading

Songs with lyrics about running that give me motivation to keep going and WE WON (well, technically 2nd place).

I get abnormally excited when a song talks about running (or has lyrics that I can apply to my running:).  I wanted to share with you a bunch of songs that push me to keep going because of their lyrics!! 1. Florence + the Machine—>  Dog Days Are Over.   “So you better run.  Run … Continue Reading