Squeezes my brain and some fun facts.

It feels nice to be back home with my sidekick and 50 degree weather again!

Working really hard on our fish faces.  

IMG 5949 2

Let’s rewind to this morning.  6 miles @ an 8:38 pace and some spin teaching.  

Every time I teach spin my head hurts a bit.  I don’t know if I have told you this before but I have a huge head so even when the microphone is adjusted to it’s biggest setting, it still squeezes my brain out a bit.  I need to order a specialty one or something.  

Loved doing some sprints to the song Leave Me Alone by Pink.  I just love all of her music.  

IMG 5938 2

Brooke paid for lunch today.  I gave her that purse full of things (keys, credit card, lipstick, sunglasses etc) for Christmas and she still hasn’t lost one thing from it.

She is already more responsible than I am.

IMG 5955

One more fun fact about Brooke.  She giggles when I put her in her crib for nap time.  She loves sleep as much as we all do.  

IMG 5966 2

Just a few more pics from the last few days!

I was Monica’s date for dinner the other night.  I went a little crazy with the diet cokes:)

IMG 5841

Ice cream + Jimmy Fallon = too good to be true.

IMG 5886

Did you know that Betty Crocker isn’t actually a real person?!?  I had no idea until yesterday about this!

IMG 5870

Wanna know something that is amazing?!  PB milk poured into a bowl of Cocoa Puffs.  

IMG 5928

Watermelon water is also pretty delicious.  

IMG 5922 2

The Minneapolis airport is the best.  They have a super fresh salad bar that is the same price as the salad bar at my grocery store.  They also have a self-serve froyo place right next to it.  

IMG 5935 2

A reader sent me this article!  SUPER interesting.  While I love running outside (and especially on the trails) the most, I have always thought that running on the treadmill is pretty much equivalent to running outside in terms of training and muscles used etc.

Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 7 06 06 PM

A few of you asked about my shirt from yesterday.  It is HERE (I can’t find the same color but they do have other really cute colors and it is ridiculously comfortable, long and 30% off today!!!)



Favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor? 

Do you have a favorite airport?  Which one?

What do you think—>  do you feel like the treadmill is pretty equivalent to running outdoors?

Who was your last date with?!


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I’ve always been a huge fan of chocolate fudge brownie. So far its still my favorite, but I do really want to try The Tonight Dough!

After spending alot of time on the treadmill, running outside always seems so much easier. I always feel like going fast outside is way easier. Just me?

Last date was with my husband. He probably wants to keep it that way! ;)


That ice cream looks insane! As for treadmill running, it feels different for me although that could be mainly in my head. Even still, I feel like the mental aspect of it impacts my biomechanics, and I always feel different after running on the treadmill.


Okay, wait. You mean I don’t have to run on an incline on my treadmill anymore? YESSSSSSSS.


I know! I’ve been running at 1% for nothing?!


I want to try that new B&J flavor! My fave is Peanut Butter Cup. I eat it once a year on my birthday (instead of cake), because it is sooo bad for me, but tastes sooo good!

I love my treadmill and actually run faster on it. Right now I’m running at a 7:50 pace inside, but it has been too darn cold to see how that translates outside. Usually I am about 20-30 seconds slower outside. I think it is a mental thing. I started running during my daughter’s naptime and my only option was the treadmill and running outside isn’t as relaxing. Weird, I know! :)

My last date was with my daughter and my husband for my husband’s birthday dinner on…. February 13th, great day for a birthday, right?

My favorite airport is National (DCA), because it is close to my house, small and super easy to navigate. Plus, there’s a Dunkin Donuts!


The best day for a birthday:) DD would make it my favorite airport too! GREAT JOB ON YOUR PACE LEANNE!! You are rocking it. I hope it starts to warm up for you!


I HAVE A BIG HEAD TOO! And running outside is way better than treadmill for me for sure. Outside feels like it’s a better workout because hills and climate factors.

Can’t remember my last official date with my BF, but he is taking me out this weekend to celebrate our two year anniversary :)


Happy 2 year anniversary Monika! That is awesome! Hopefully you guys go somewhere extra delicious!

Good to hear from another big head:)


Treadmill will always feel strange to me. I was thinking about it this morning actually. I think it’s the confinement I feel when I’m on it. I just like the freedom that being outdoors gives me. My favorite flavor is cookie dough. I had a really bad coffee date last weekend with a guy from my gym. I’m not even sure you could call it a date. He couldn’t even buy my $2 tea. I think I deserve cookie dough ice cream now after that debacle.


Last date was with my husband. Super romantic because there was QUESO involved.

I have to ask – did you watch the SNL 40 show a couple weeks ago?? SO FUNNY.


NOOOO I will go watch it asap!!! Thank you so much.

Queso wins my heart too!


I tried to run ONE mile this morning at that pace and I almost died. Lungs are not capable. It’s so hard to build up speed, and I dislike being a slow runner (I feel comfortable at 10min/mile UGH). So I finished that 1 miler (trying to be speedy like you Janae lol) in 8:58. I need my speedy legs back. They’re only good for sprintin’!


I think a treadmill is fairly equivalent to running outside but personally I think a 1% incline better prepares one for faster paces outside. :)


Best airport: BNA
Treadmill: it’s not quite the same but I’m so thankful for it this week with our ice storm!!
Date: heading to meet my husband for a dinner date right now:)


I always use the incline when I run on the treadmill but it feels pretty similar to outdoor running to me. I cam transition easily between the two and run the same paces (although usually slightly faster outside).
That Ben & Jerry’s flavor looks so good! I haven’t had Ben & Jerrys since their free cone day last year, which is far too long!


My favorite Ben & Jerry’s is one that they only have at Target– Peanut Butter World! It’s chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirls and chocolate cookie swirls. It’s insanely good.


I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But really. I’d like to officially invite you on a blogger trip to Utah. Brooke told me you can sleep in her room and we can watch the Bachelor on Monday together. Great, see you soon.


Favorite flavor is Phish Food or Jimmy Fallon’s previous flavor – Late Night Snack. What can I say? The man knows how to create flavors that speak to me. It’s probably a sign that we should be friends IRL.

I have always thought treadmill running is about the same as outside. I do set it between 1 and 2% on the incline.

But most importantly…PEANUT BUTTER MILK??? Mind. Blow. I am sure you had some shipped to me, right? I will be waiting.


Idea—> girls trip to go see his show? Thoughts?

Ummmm about the milk…


Best. Idea. Ever.

That is, if I ever forgive you about the milk.


I had a gym date with my best friend this morning. We make dates to workout. And tonight I have a date night with my husband tonight.


My absolute favorite airport is the international airport in Singapore. They have it all! I had a 12 hour layover there coming back from Nepal and I had a great time just hanging out in there. They even have a butterfly conservatory there.


NO WAY… that is awesome! I guess I need to go check it out for myself now!


I did treadmill running only for 6+ years then switched to outside or indoor track. Pretty sure I will never go back (treadmills injure my body). You on the other hand, rock the ‘mill. You have some mad skills w/ multi tasking while you run.

I will say my favorite airport would be DIA because when I land there, I know I am home in Colorado and as much as I love travel, I love home the most.

I can’t eat ice cream :(

My last date was a birthday date w/ my husband. Brunch, massage, shopping, dinner and comedy show all while on vacation in AZ. Kind of perfect.


Favorite airport: The stunning, tiny airport in Bora Bora. We went there for our honeymoon and that airport smells like heaven. Plus you take a water taxi to the actual island. Blissful.

I love Half Baked and cookie dough

Last date was with my husband :)


I never comment but I am OBSESSED with the minneapolis airport. If I can, I always try to make my connection through there. Atlanta is pretty good, too (good shopping and lots of food options) but it’s so big! If you’re going to have a long layover, though, it’s a good option.

Chicago O’Hare is the worst (for a large domestic airport). No good food anywhere. Bleh.

Can you tell I travel a lot? Ha!


Good to know about Atlanta too!!!! You do travel a lot girl! That is awesome:)


I remember reading that article a few months back and it made me feel better about doing tempo runs on the treadmill. I live in SoCal but I am trying to get faster and you can’t beat the treadmill for pushing the pace — I set the pace then just hang on! It gave me so much more confidence that I could hit certain paces and then I ran a 6+ minute PR in a half marathon. So thank you, treadmills :)



OMG…..must have some now! That might just top chocolate milk for me if I could figure out how to make it. Lol


Have you had the Ben & Jerry’s Milk and Cookies flavor? MIND BLOWING. I love coffee heath bar crunch too!

I live in the Northeast and have never run on a treadmill so much before IN MY LIFE! But now that I’m kind of used to it, it’s all the same to me. Running is running and we’re lucky to be able to do it!


Ice cream is my favorite treat and that ice cream flavor looks perfect!


Holy Moly, how is it 50 in Utah and 6(!) in NC?

Haha I feel your large head pain, when I danced, myself and one other girl always had a hard time finding hats that would fit us with our costumes haha.

Could Brooke please teach my sister how to not lose her cards every other month?

Favorite airport: definitely San Francisco! (Minus their prices, we can pretend they are not crazy high)


I saw that jimmy Fallon ice cream on Ben & Jerry’s Instagram today!!! It looks so good, I can’t wait to try it!


The Minneapolis airport is easily the nicest one I’ve been to. I love that there are plug-ins everywhere and a lot of standup tabletops because the last thing I want to do right before or after a long flight is sit even more! Glad you had such a fun trip – I really miss MN right now! Just not its crazy cold weather ;)


I haven’t been on an adult date is a VERY LONG TIME. However, I do go on many dates with a very entertaining 2 year old. :)

How did you get Brooke to be a good napper??? Annabelle will just scream for who knows how long if I put her in her crib during the day. :-/


Minneapolis is also one of my favorite airports- it’s just so fantastic, and has so many delicious restaurants!


Favorite airport: any airport with TCBY– they have all seemed to close near where I live and I get really excited when I see them!

And I do think treadmill running and outdoor running are pretty equivalent, but I think if you are going to run a race, you need to get a few hill runs in however you can. I trained outdoors for a half marathon once in an area with no hills and had a rough half marathon.

But nothing beats being indoors when it’s 8 degrees outside, and you are on the treadmill watching your favorite shows and staying warm!


I am jealous with your weather. Really enjoy it, my favorite temps!!

Airport: Seatac

Fish food all the way :)


I think the treadmill could potentially make you a worse runner because the ground is constantly flying from underneath you, but it’s nonetheless still a good workout :)


I have an insanely small head. How small? When my SIL needs to try hat-stuff on for kids when she is not with them—She will put it on my head to see if it fits. My 6 year old niece has a bigger head than me. Fun Fact!


Uummmmm peanut butter milk sounds like the most amazing thing ever


Peanut butter milk?!?! Where can I find this. It’s a need.

I only run on the treadmill when I absolutely have to! Otherwise I’m always outside. I love getting that vitamin d! I’ve actually never had Ben & Jerry’s.. I don’t know how that’s possible.


I think the treadmill is SO MUCH HARDER than running outdoors. I just can’t get into it.. I need to be going somewhere rather than running in place!


PB milk!!!!!!


I love that picture of you with the honey bee! My favorite cereal!


Hmmm… I had some of the B&J’s “core-type” flavors and those were epic but not as good as the Salted Caramel Gelato at TRADER JOE’S. You must try it.

I love the O’Hare airport in Chicago because I am from here… but also because they have Garrett’s popcorn. <3 the best creation ever. Plus, I love LOVE beyond belief to fly places, so when I am at ORD, I always get thrilled that I am about to fly somewhere.

After all of your posts, I think I might have to make muddy buddies in the next few weeks. You need to make it for Brooke too! I am so impressed with how responsible she is.

I haven't had a date in probably a year.. and even though I am 27 and a lot of people I know are in a relationship or married: I don't give a [monkey]. I love doing all that I need to do and making goals for my personal-self and professional-self and just growing to be a better, stronger person. I don't really think about dates or relationships or not having someone anymore. I have teaching and working out and friends and personal projects.. and all of that fuels me. I don't really feel the need to split my life with a man right now. –Ooops, sorry, I think I just typed a Sermon….



I’m often stuck in conference calls all day for work and have to wear a headset that gives me the worst headaches ever!

Oh and I totally smile when I finally get in bed. What’s better than sleep!?! Well, a few things are better but not much :)


My last date was with my boyfriend. He just left ;)
I love Newark airport because it means I am home and will be reunited with my dog.
Treadmills are so different from outdoors. But I am finding the joy of them for short fast runs at least


I’ve never thought the treadmill was equivalent to running outside. I tend to use it for easier runs, or building my mental strength since I get so bored so quickly. I can always tell though if I’ve spent too much time on a treadmill and try to do a hilly route or something outside!

Last date was with the bf for his birthday. We did a helicopter tour of Sedona and it was awesome!


I’m a pretty big fan of the KC airport. I know some people don’t like it because there’s not a ton of restaurants, but I love how easy it is to park and how quick it is to get through security.


Fave Ben & Jerry’s is definitely Coffee Heath Toffee. Second place Phish Food.

I don’t like any airports. Maybe I would choose Long Beach because it’s small and nothing takes very long, and you get to walk outside onto your plane like you’re a Kardashian or an English royal? No real food there, though. Bummer.


I really want to try the new Cookie Core flavors and now this new Ben & Jerry’s flavor too! Oh so good I am sure!


When you run on the treadmill you don’t have to use your quads and hamstrings as much because the treadmill propels you forward. Some people feel treadmill running hurts their calves because that’s what your mostly using. Outside you have to propel yourself forward and use your quads and hamstrings- I don’t live treadmill running but if it’s my only option I’ll do it


That ice cream..I must have it!


Where did you get Brooke’s credit card? I really want one for my daughter, but can’t find one anywhere!

I thought that Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz was my favorite B&J’s flavor, but I’m thinking the Jimmy Fallon one looks ah-mazing!!!


I’m not good at picking favorite – Cherry Garcia is really good, and I am on the lookout for that new flavor!

I think the treadmill is pretty similar to running outside – minus the hills – plus I’ve found I can push my pace faster on the treadmill.

My last date was with my boyfriend


My favorite Ben and Jerrys is half baked fro yo…..brownie batter bits and cookie dough bits!

I love the Nashville airport best, but I really don’t like flying………..

I hate the treadmill-I get bored, even with a TV show on…..but I am getting one for free next week so I am going to learn to love it. It will be a nice alternative to the weather Tennessee is having………..Utah is 50 and Tennessee is 15!!!! crazy

And I had a great belated Valentines date with the hubby last night……….Papa Johns by candlelight!


The treadmill is soooo much harder for me than outside. I’m slow either way but for some reason slower on the treadmill.


Favorite Ben & Jerry’s – it depends on my mood: Cherry Garcia, NY Super Chunk or Karamel Sutra Core. (I really love chocolate).

My last date was with the husband but tonight it’s with my friends. I’m looking forward to some girl time.

I read that article and do not feel guilty when I don’t put the treadmill up too high. (I like a little incline because it just feels better to run at .5 or 1 instead of flat).


Favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor? I haven’t had any in forever, but I love Chubby Hubby. PB filled pretzels covered in chocolate. The Jimmy Fallon flavor sounds amazing!

Do you have a favorite airport? Which one? San Diego’s airport is pretty awesome. And Dublin airport has Guinness so that’s a huge plus!

What do you think—> do you feel like the treadmill is pretty equivalent to running outdoors? Honestly, I think the treadmill is a million times harder than running outdoors. I have been doing it a lot this winter and I’m grateful that I’m able to keep my running fitness, but I just cannot get out of my head when treadmill running. My gym doesn’t have any TV or anything to do, so it’s very boring to pass the time.

Who was your last date with?! My husband,but I’d be hard pressed to tell you when it was!


I am wondering if this PB milk can be made with PB2 and regular milk?! I’m going to try it tonight and find out! Need it in my life.

No particular fave B&J flavor, although the new Fallon flavor sounds like my kind of heaven.

Airport – the one in NOLA is getting better, gotta give it some props. It’s not huge but the food is good.

Treadmill- I’ve had an on-again/ off-again relationship with this machine over the years. I’m supposed to be confined to it right now as I’m recovering from stress fracture, but I’m only doing 1 run a week on it (2 outside). I run sustained faster paces outside but I like the ‘mill for intervals b/c I don’t have to constantly assess my pace!

Date- dude. I don’t even remember. Hubs and I haven’t gone out in ages.


Would you believe I’ve never had Ben & Jerry’s? I’ve never tried it.

Also, have you ever had Root Beer milk? A local organic dairy around here make it and I’s wonderful. Tastes just like a Root Beer float!!!


Thanks for that treadmill running article. I do A LOT of treadmill running in the winter (windchills of -35F+ are NOT inviting!) and have always set my TM at 1%…but now I know that for my tempo runs, which are based on pace (my others are based on HR), I need to increase it to take into account the fact that I’m on a treadmill.

I don’t have a favorite airport…but I have a least favorite…NEWARK. It’s horrible. LOL.


Phish food is my favorite.

I still giggle with excitement and I’m 29!


If you ever make it to Bellingham, WA (right up by the Canadian border, my college town!), you have GOT to try Mallard Ice Cream. They make a Coconut Almond Chocolate Chunk that is amazing, but my favorite is Earl Grey with a scoop of Chocolate. :)


I love Monican ;)


That ice cream looks amazing! I am visiting family in Santa Monica right now and there is a Ben and Jerry’s right down the street. I think a visit is in order…


LOVE the Minneapolis/St Paul airport. The food is amazing, it is easy to get around, and best of all: it is SO CLEAN!!

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