I’m just a problem solver and change in T-day plans!

Kristin (we met via the internet) was in town on vacation with her husband and so we met up for the one and only.

FullSizeRender 2

You know you go to Cafe Rio a lot when—> One of the workers asked me if I was okay since I hadn’t been in for a week and a half.  

IMG 1361

Kristen brought Brooke a present.  The best way to Brooke’s heart is with a dog.  

IMG 1367

After dinner my aunt, uncle and cousin came over to see our apartment for the first time.  Brooke pulled out our Disneyland photo album to tell them all about our trip.

IMG 1373

And we ended the night watching some Netflix while I ate peppermint ice cream right out of the container.  Getting a bowl out for my ice cream and also having to get up to go back for seconds would have taken way too much energy.  

I’m just a problem solver.

FullSizeRender 2 copy

Speaking of peppermint—> I am obsessed.  The white chocolate peppermint M&Ms are pretty darn good.

IMG 1375

My Thanksgiving plans changed up a bit and I am off to California later today.   I am really excited for some sunshine and the trails!

I’ve got everything I need packed.  Running shoes, running clothes and snacks.  

IMG 1379

5 reasons I am super excited to wear my new headband to run today:

1.  It is purple.  2.  It is thick which will prevent any hair from sneaking onto my face while I run.  3.  It doesn’t have random stains all over it like my other headbands.  4.  It is mesh so my head won’t overheat on the treadmill today.  5.  It is purple.

FullSizeRender 1 copy


Favorite brand/type of headbands for when you run?

Peppermint fan?  Favorite peppermint treat?

Where will you be spending Thanksgiving?

Please list in order of deliciousness—>  white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate?!

-Milk, white, dark.  

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I love lululemon bang busters and they also can keep your ears warm in the winter! We’re going to my parents house tomorrow and I’m looking forward to cooking with my mom and daughters.

Dark, white, and milk, I think!


I love peppermint! White chocolate peppermint pretzels are my latest favourite treat!

I love lulu headbands. They’re the only ones that stay put on my head while I am running.

Have a great trip– I celebrated Thanksgiving with friends this year since my son was with his dad.

Milk, white and dark!!


I’ve been drinking peppermint hot chocolate every night and it makes me SO happy! Have a great Thanksgiving — I’ll be in Orlando with my fam!


I love the lululemon bangbuster headbands. They don’t feel like they are going to pop off the back of my head when I run. They are actually the only headband I’ve found that I can tolerate so far!

Milk chocolate, white, dark. I love the holiday peppermint chip ice cream. I look forward to it every Christmas!

Spending Thursday in my hometown, then Friday and Saturday with the in-laws a few hours away. Should be a good weekend!

Have fun in California!!


I Love the lululemon bang buster…even though I don’t have bangs!
I can’t stand peppermint desserts. I feel like I’m eating toothpaste.
Thanksgiving in Kentucky with my in-laws
Dark, white, milk!


I’ve got one of those impossible head shapes that makes every headband look super funky haha. Too bad.

I’ll be here for Thanksgiving! Going to mu cousins new house in Midway. …I luhuuuv that town!

Have fun in California! !


I do love peppermint- in small doses. I think i have a tendency to overdo the things i love lol.

Milk chocolate, dark.chocolate.White chocolate. In.that order.

Have a wonderful trip to Cali!


I am in Florida for Thanksgiving with my in-laws and enjoying some warmer weather! Also glad to have escaped the snow that is hitting the northeast today. I love peppermint and all that stuff sounds so good! Have a great trip to California and a wonderful Thanksgiving!


I have a Buff headband (the Anton Krupicka version) but I don’t wear it often. Headbands make my head feel too warm. I wear a visor when it’s sunny out though. That keeps the sun and the sweat out of my eyes without making me feel overheated!

1. Milk Chocolate 2. Milk Chocolate 3. Milk Chocolate :)


I love peppermint which makes it very sad that it can dry up your breast milk. I just had my baby last week and the nurse told me no peppermint!! Very sad news but I gusss I can console myself by kissing my newborn when other people are eating peppermint.


Thank you for the headband suggestions !! So needed. Happy thanksgiving! My favorites go: dark, milk,white


That headband looks awesome! If it’s hot out I wear an underarmour headband and if it’s cold I just wear a thick one. So jealous you are going to Cali!! Enjoy the trails!

Just bought Mom a pair of Brooks yesterday! Hopefully it will help her get into running! :)


I love skinny headbands.

Favorite peppermint treat.. either the peppermint pretzel slims at TJoes or make brownies and put a layer of peppermint patties in the batter.

I will be at my grandparents for Thanksgiving.

I like dark, white, milk… but I will eat it all!


Yes! I love putting peppermint in my oatmeal!


Ahh I’d love to be heading to CA! Have a blast! I hope you are visiting bangs, I miss seeing her.
I like chocolate in this order: dark, milk and no white at all. I’m not a fan of peppermint either…except in toothpaste! And gum!


I have yet to find the perfect headband so I’m going to try out some of the ones listed in the comments!

I’m spending Thanksgiving in Louisville, KY with my parents. We got into town last night so our extra long weekend kicks off today.

Chocolate: Dark, white, milk and YES on peppermint :)


Ice cream should always be consumed directly out of the carton. Just sayin’

Milk chocolate, white, then dark! Or all three at once. Or just a chocolate IV for a steady stream of deliciousness.


Enjoy the sunshine, and have a great Thanksgiving!

Our plans are slightly up in the air now. We always go to my dad’s house, but there is supposed to be a lot of lake-effect snow, basically the entire path up to his house, a four-hour-round-trip journey, so if it is bad, we probably won’t chance it.

I love peppermint, and it is DARK CHOCOLATE, then milk chocolate… white chocolate isn’t even chocolate in my mind. It is… manufactured? I don’t know, but not my thing…


I actually got tired of headbands because they all seemed to slip on me so a few weeks ago I got a pixie cut! I absolutely love it but of course now it’s cold weather so I’m wearing hats all the time outside anyways!

Have fun in california super jealous!!!!


Lulu. And my last headband from there was purchased in park city!!!!

Have a good time in Cali.


My 2 running goals: PR and wear ALL purple. I think running in purple is scientifically proven to make you run faster?

Happy Thanksgiving, safe travels to CA!


Safe travels!

DARK and then milk….and call it blasphemy but white chocolate isn’t real and I won’t go near it.

Mint? everything and everyday if possible.

I’m hosting in the new house this year, so I’m a busy girl this afternoon and early morning (I’ll do a homemade turkeytrot on the treadmill when I get up to start the turkey!)


Safe travels! I am a huge fan of the lululemon Run With Me Ear Warmer. I have a neon pink one that lets people know I’m coming a mile away, it’s so bright.

I am definitely more of a peppermint fan during this time of year. Just something about it. I love the transition from pumpkin to peppermint.

For Thanksgiving I am going to stay home and enjoy dinner with my family. We are going to exercise in the morning, play games, have an early afternoon dinner, and then watch lots of football. I’m pretty excited for a few days off. My husband and I were thinking about cutting down our Christmas tree this weekend, but we’ll see!

Milk, Dark, White – but it changes on a daily basis. :)


I love love love dark chocolate, milk is pretty sweet, and white is just way too sweet for me! I like peppermint but not combined with chocolate! :P


Enjoy the sunshine in California! I’m spending Thanksgiving in North Carolina with the fam.
Dark, White, and then Milk, so exactly the opposite of you- I think we can still be friends, though :)
I’m not a huge peppermint fan but I LOVE Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie- it’s mint cookies ‘n’ cream with GIANT pieces of chocolate cookies- the best!


Love peppermint ice cream. I love several no slip headbands that I’ve purchased at running exposure, I like the look of some fat ones from Wal-Mart but lost one on my night run last night because they freaking slip! Quiet Today this year in Gilbert, AZ and I’m OK with that….we’ve had family in town for several years so it’s nice to have a break. It’s all about milk chocolate, I hsd a handful of chocolate chips this morning…at 5:00 am…it’s a problem. :)


Speaking of chocolates, hershey’s cookies and cream need to up their game by making one that’s peppermint and cream!


Oops, meant running expos and T-day.


I really like SweatyBands, but pretty much anything works. I’m not too picky.
I LOVE peppermint. TJ’s Peppermint Bark is my fav.
We’re staying here in Nashville for Thanksgiving. It’s my first time cooking everything. Pray for me!
Dark, White, Milk


I am failing at this comment today – I don’t like peppermint and I am Canadian so although I am thankful, I am not doing anything for thanksgiving.

BUT I do love dark, milk and white chocolate in that order.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Staying in gorgeous Phoenix for turkey day and gonna kick off the morning with a long walk. Happy Thanksgiving Janae!


I am in Ohio for Thanksgiving.

White, dark, milk for me but I eat dark the most.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I love mint chocolate combos, thin mints get me every time!

I like sweaty bands headbands! And also visors, lol.

Milk, dark, white! Dark is even better with some sea salt something!

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe trip!


Chocolate and peppermint is the best combo!!
Have a safe trip and a great Thanksgiving!!


Have fun in California! I’m excited to hear about the reason for the trip!


Dark chocolate only! Unless it’s Reese’s pb cups and then I accept milk. Never white.
I’m going to my office building in NYC tomorrow morning to see the Macys parade from our 8th floor suite. So excited! My boyfriend and his family will be joining for that. His mom said it was on her bucket list.
Then I will return to my brothers house for our big meal!
I love those thin buffs that are multipurpose. You can wear them around your neck or scrunch/fold them a few times to make a headband. Light enough to just protect ears from the wind. Have fun in Cali!


I love wearing Sweaty Bands when I run. My head is oddly shaped and can’t hold headbands very well, but this brand is amazing.

I love the peppermint mocha lattes from Starbucks. They’re super sweet though so only one usually tides me over for the season. ;-)

For Thanksgiving, my parents and I are running a local 5 mile Turkey Trot in the morning, and then I’ll be spending dinner at my in-laws. Friday we’re driving up to Maine to visit my aunt/uncle/cousin-coming-up-from-NYC.

Milk, dark, white.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :-)


Sparkly Soul headbands are my fave at the moment! I also really like the Nike ear warmer which doubles as a headband for me….1. Dark chocolate 2. Milk 3. White…I will be in the city (Manhattan) for Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house. Have a great time in California!


I LOVE all things peppermint! The Dove peppermints are amazing! I haven’t bought the M&Ms yet because I know I will eat the whole bag very quickly!

White, milk, then dark. Not a huge dark chocolate fan at all actually. Thanksgiving at my parents’ house just 30 minutes away, excited for no long car rides this year! Hope you have a safe trip to California and a great Thanksgiving!


Have a safe trip!

Milk, dark, white.

I love peppermint, love the ghirardelli peppermint squares. I also make a pretty mean brownie with peppermint buttercream frosting! I always make them at Christmastime.

We’re leaving in a couple hours for my moms house. It’s about a 2 1/2 hr car trip. Happy thanksgiving!!


Enjoy the Cali weather! I’m in So Cal and we’re expecting 74 degrees tomorrow!!

I like the Lulu headbands, they are thick and my crazy hair stays in place.

The hubs makes a peppermint oreo homemade vegan ice cream. It’s amazing.

Thanksgiving will be at my sis’s house in the city where I live, so no traveling for us :)

Dark, milk, and white. I think white isn’t technically even chocolate..?


I am a fan of anything peppermint, chocolate and sweet….does that pretty much cover every dessert out there? Now I just need to start exercising more so that my sweet tooth doesn’t do more damage to my “bottom” half. ha!


When plans change for sun~ sunshine~and green grass I would say change my plans any day!!!


I love lululemons thick headbands they always keep my hair off my face. My favorite peppermint treat is peppermint tea it is one of my favorites during the winter!


That’s awesome you’re coming to California! I’m heading down to San Diego from San Francisco for my first time in Southern California. Have a great holiday, and safe travels!


I love head bands because I have really curly hair and it’s what tames it down. I don’t have a preference of brand just look for cute and comfortable. I’ll be at working slaving away for Thanksgiving. :)


I have never had peppermint ice cream…but I’m willing to give it a chance!! Typically, I don’t really care for chocolate (I know, right?!), but I’ll take a bag of PB m&m’s any day of the week!!

Safe travels to CA – I’m definitely jealous of your warm weather! It’s something like 25 degrees here in MI :(

As for headbands …. I really like the mesh/fleece one that UA makes.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Totally into peppermint. Have you had the Candy Cane Joe Joes from Trader Joes? If you haven’t, get some. You’ll love them. (I’ve tried both regular and chocolate dipped, I found the latter to be a bit too much. Just a little pro-tip.)


love love love peppermint!! especially with chocolate. Order of deliciousness: dark, white, milk


I’m a total fan of the lululemon bang buster headbands. They stay on… forever.

I’m currently drinking a peppermint mocha from Starbucks and it is delicious!

I will also be in California for Thanksgiving!- San Diego :) Sorry you’re going to miss your Thanksgiving half.


Safe Travels!


I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED meeting you and Brooke! I’m so thankful she loved her dog :) Cant wait to visit again!


I’m still trying to find a favorite headband. I currently use two skinny, cheapo headbands which mostly works. Nothing bothers me more than those tiny little hairs in my face when I’m running.

Love peppermint! Peppermint ice cream is the best! and peppermint hot chocolate. and peppermint bark…

I’m spending Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his parents at their family friend’s house. It’s their tradition, and my family is on the other side of the country.

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate.


Favorite peppermint treat: peppermint hot chocolate from Dunkin’ Donuts!

Happy Thanksgiving, and safe travels to CA!


I love active bands. The thick ones. They are great. They never slip around.

I love the peppermint kisses. kisses Those are my favorite.

Dark, milk, white

my mom and sister are coming over to our place for t day.
who are u hanging out with when u are in ca?


I love the bic band/sweaty band type with the velvet backing. I have fine curly hair and they’re the only kind that stay in.
I love peppermint with dark chocolate. Otherwise it’s just something to cover coffee/broccoli\whatever breath.
We’re spending Thanksgiving at my in-laws. They live right in town so it’s an easy trip.
Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, no white chocolate for me!


Purple is my fave color, so I’m loving the new headband.

Dark chocolate then milk. Or both at once.

Never white…because technically it isn’t even chocolate. The horror!


White chocolate, dark chocolate and then milk chocolate or chocolate with peanut butter anyway, anytime.

I need a good headband. Maybe I’ll try the Lululemon one.

Happy Thanksgiving to you. I hope you enjoy your trip. Can’t wait to read all about it next week (I won’t be back near a computer until Monday)


I too love purple, obsessed. But I am a hat girl.

My kids will be with their Dad :( So my boyfriend and I are making lasagna, yummy and visiting a few friends after dinner.

Milk, white only. I only like dark if it is covered in salt. Thank you Trader Joes :)

Have a great trip. Enjoy the warm sun


So how do you order your salad at Cafe Rio? I go there a lot and can NOT resist eating the tortilla, but then realized if you get it loaded its like 1000+ calories (and I also eat the WHOLE thing haha)

Have fun in California! Not sure where in Cali you’re going to be, but the weather’s been lovely in Southern Ca :)


I’m not normally a white chocolate fan, but have you tried the candy cane Hersey kisses?????????? If not you should!


I’m a HUGE peppermint fan!! I love it all year long!


I am a chocolate addict…so WHAT are these new M&Ms that you speak of?? I’m not sure we have them here in Canada…and I NEED them! I’m off to San Antonio, TX next week for a race so I will be on the look out for them. I am definitely milk>white>dark (dark is a DISTANT third).

We already had our Thanksgiving…so I’ll live another one (and warm weather) through you!!

I’m a newbie to the headband craze and I own a couple of Buffs…and love them. Of course, now that we’re in the deep freeze of winter, I wear them underneath a woolly hat while running! LOL


I have more than a dozen SweatyBands, they’re the only kind that stay on my slippery fine hair.

Chocolate & mint is my FAVORITE! When I was about 12-ish (in the early 80s), we got our first microwave and it had a recipe for chocolate mint fudge that I’ve been making at Christmastime ever since. My sisters start asking for it around Halloween.

Thanksgiving will be at my parents’ house with all my siblings and their kids. I bring the pumpkin pies.

My chocolate order of preference is dark, then dark, then some more dark.. Milk is acceptable, don’t care for white.


I like to really simple packs of headbands that you get at CVS. I lose them all of the time so I can’t justify investing in nicer ones :)

I absolutely love peppermint-favorite item is definitely peppermint loaf mix from Trader Joe’s.

We are hosting Thanksgiving at my place for the first time! Should be really fun but a lot of work!

I really love all types of chocolate and do not find this question fair ;)


I’ll take all the chocolate for the win please!


Ha! That is me after being on my feet all day…1/2 gallon Dreyer’s 1/2 fat ice cream on the couch with a spoon…it’s scary how easy the and fast the stuff goes down. I think I need to change this habit and start limiting myself to a bowl, just because it gets expensive ;) I am not a huge peppermint fan, but love that darn Dreyer’s peppermint.

I am with you all the way-MILK CHOCOLATE, white, then dark (and 80% or more is just wrong…)

Spending Thanksgiving with the same friends I have been the past 10 years. Always a blast. Have a great T-day. I am jealous of the sun and trails!


I LOVE PEPPERMINT!!! I think I love it as much as – or MORE than – pumpkin. Are those peppermint DOVES???? The peppermint m&m’s are Yummm-O! Seriously, it IS a good solution to just eat out of the ice cream container. Saves washing a dish too! ;)
Cafe Rio – you are hilarious.
Chocolate order: dark, dark, milk :)


Dark, milk, white, for sure. Dark’s grown on me since my boss consistently tells me about the health benefits of cacao and makes her own concoctions. Goody used to make the best narrow headbands with just enough rubber to stay in but not so much you need an Advil after wearing. I can’t find the same kind in black anymore, anywhere. And for that, i am sad. BUT this is my first year in San Diego for the holidays and for that i am grateful! If you’re in town by tonight and want to join a stellar running group, come on out to Milestone running wearing all white at 6pm for a 5 miler. You won’t regret it :)


That is a really cute headband! I don’t really wear headbands unless I’m outside and it’s to cover my ears in the winter… not sure I can pull off the stylish-headband look!

LOVE peppermint. The peppermint cappuccino is my current favorite :)

We are leaving for my parent’s farm today to celebrate Thanksgiving! I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving and fit in a lot of running. I know I need to fit in at least a couple runs to balance out what we are going to be eating. So much food….

Chocolate: Milk, dark, white.


Ok, so, it’s totally trashy, but have you had Friendly’s peppermint stick ice cream?



Bani Bands headbands! I don’t usually need to cover my ears and they have adjustable elastic.

I love everything peppermint, but ice cream is probably my favorite.

Staying home for Thanksgiving for only the 2nd time in 23 years of marriage. I’m pretty sure both families will be a little put out but not enough to actually come here even though they’ve been invited. (Passive aggressive protest, anyone?)

Milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate


i like the goody headbands with the sticky stuff on the inside; although I usually pick lulu everything their headbands don’t stick well enough.

Dark, white, then milk.
Ghiradelli white chocolate peppermint are my holiday treat


The bang buster is my very favourite headband and I can’t live without it when I run or workout.


Okay, so I totally thought that Cafe Rio was a Utah thing (we don’t have them in central VA) until I was up near DC and saw one! I’m super excited and trying to find someone to go with me ASAP :) I love all things peppermint! Peppermint brownie cakepops are my weakness.


I love my Lululemon headband!

I’m not a huge peppermint fan.

I’ll be spending Thanksgiving in a beach house in Dillon Beach, CA on Highway 1! So excited.

Milk Chocolate, dark chocolate. White chocolate doesn’t even go on my list because it’s technically not real chocolate and I think it’s gross!


Jealousssss!!! Have a blast! Send some sunshine on over to MA, would you please?! ;)


Favorite brand/type of headbands for when you run?

– I just use the goody kind from Target, usually. I have a c9 one that covers ears and has a ponytail hole that is AWESOME for cold days.

Peppermint fan? Favorite peppermint treat?

Love peppermint! I get over excited at restaurants when they have a bowl of those Andes mints.

Where will you be spending Thanksgiving?
My maternal gma at lunch and my brother’s house for dinner.

Please list in order of deliciousness—> white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate?! Dark, milk, white. But I only eat dark. (If you don’t like it, you just haven’t tried the right kind. Endangered Species 72% is very smooth. Highly recommend.)


Not a fan of peppermint in my candy.

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate (not really chocolate).

Is that a 7 Layers of Bliss blanket, aren’t they so warm and soft?


I love skinny, grippy heads bands! My favorite are from C9 Champion at Target and Brooks!
Dark, milk, white, although really I just love chocolate!
I like peppermint, especially when it’s the main flavor like in those peppermint M&Ms.


Those Lululemon Bang Buster headbands are the best!! The purple is right up your alley. ;)

Enjoy the sunshine and nice weather in California! Happy Thanksgiving!


I just bought peppermint ice cream at the store last night while doing my T-day shopping after hot yoga. What balances out hot yoga better than peppermint ice cream? I also induged in some Hershey Peppermint Kisses for my desk at work, except I hide those and put out the Mint Truffle ones instead.

I am hosting T-day tomorrow for both families, but that is after we participate in our communities Annual Pie Run :)

Enjoy California – will be waiting to hear all about your sunshine while freezing in the midwest!

White – Dark – Milk


Not a headband girl but I need a light weight ear cover that still allows me to hear. My current North Face one is warm but super thick and I spent half my run asking, “What?”.
Peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks.
I’m working Thanksgiving so I’ll be spending my day delivering Thanksgiving babies.
Dark chocolate. The end.


I love sweaty bands. I have a large collection of them and wear them all the time.

I like peppermint when it’s mixed with chocolate

I’m going to run a 5k on Thanksgiving morning in the Bay Area and a 10k on Saturday and I’ll get 3 medals! I’ll make my version of Thanksgiving which is mostly the carbs and veggies.

Milk, Dark, and I won’t eat white.


I will be in Vernal for Thanksgiving with my family and I am so excited!!! Have fun in Cali :)


I’m allergic to chocolate, but if I wasn’t it would be all milk all the time. No peppermint. Definitely no.

I had an amazing headband from Brooks and it ran away from me at one of my races. I’ve never found one I like as much. I keep trying though…too many headbands.

Our family is a little disconnected on Thanksgiving so we’re celebrating on Saturday.

Have a GREAT time in California!


I love peppermint !!!! Ghiradelli peppermint bark sooooo delicious ……best headbands Sparkly Soul …..


my head is too big and I can’t find a good headband

I love all chocolate ;)

Happy Thanksgiving


No big Turkey day plans for this year. I like mint things like junior mints and York, but not just peppermint. And mine would be dark, milk, white.


Oh, and I love Bic bands!


My favorite headbands are Sweaty Bands. They are the only ones that I’ve tried that don’t budge! I use the Lulu headbands for less intense gym workouts, but rely on my Sweaty Bands when I absolutely cannot have my headband moving around on me.


“Dana bands” are really awesome. They come in a lot of really cute prints and the quality is spot on. They can be a little pricey, but I have long hair and they are worth it to me.


That headband looks great!

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