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Just a simple little post–> the most effective plank and 45 years!

Brooke on your back makes planking just a tad bit more difficult.  I am proud to say we both lasted one full minute like this.   It was a spin morning.  We were a sweaty mess by the end…. and I wonder why I never get approached by guys at the gym;)  Lunch was with … Continue Reading

Zucchini cookies, foot strike and reducing your chances of getting injured!

Our post-brooke-nap festivities included me pulling Brooke and her dog (that currently comes everywhere with us) around on her scooter.   I am very happy that I finally found a bowl that fits the entire can (3 servings) of Trader Joe’s minestrone soup in it.   I really like simple/warm/easy dinners.   Once all of … Continue Reading