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2 Years OLD!

I seriously don’t even know how Brooke is two years old… It really has gone by so fast.  Every day I am amazed by this little girl.  Her little personality is already so sweet and caring and she constantly surprises me with how smart she is. 17 things about Brooke these days that I don’t … Continue Reading


A BUNCH OF RANDOMNESS -This first tangent includes three pictures.  We went up to Ikea with our favorite California friend and bought a trillion picture frames, ate thai chicken lettuce wraps (they made a great appetizer for lunch an hour later;) and honestly, how do I say no to stuffed animals that are $5 each … Continue Reading


Moving into our own place and having our own kitchen has brought out my love for cooking and baking again.  I love trying out new recipes and spending time in the kitchen preparing meals so I was stoked to try out Blue Apron (a symbol of lifelong learning —> chefs that are in training wear blue … Continue Reading