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Losing the last 5 lbs.

I am off to go rollerblading during Brooke’s nap (she is going to take a nap at my mom’s house) but I did last a full 12 minutes on the elliptical earlier today:)  I usually work out first thing in the morning but I went at noon today instead and I decided 12 minutes into … Continue Reading

My FIVE post-run stretches & my new favorite picture!

I finally updated my GEAR PAGE!!!! It only took me 3 years;)  I have included my favorite (with links) RUNNING GEAR, SHOES, CLOTHING, FUEL, BLOGGING STUFF,  BOOKS & MOVIES and BIKING GEAR.  Check it out!!! I am very passionate about my favorite running stuff. —————————————————- A reader asked me the other day about my favorite … Continue Reading