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THE BEST way to keep up your running fitness. And the broccoli thief.

Today’s pool session went by crazy fast.  Usually I am bored to death when I pool run, but not today.  I always look extremely cool with my head bobbing around above the water as I am gasping for air because pool running is a crazy good workout and it really gets my heart rate way … Continue Reading

3 words per picture kind of a day.

 My favorite sidekick. Obsessed with flamingos. MISS YOU GARMIN (you’ll be back on my wrist soon enough as we run miles and miles pain free together soon:) Planting salsa ingredients. Avocado equals happiness.  PB protein balls! Al fresco dining. Dessert number ONE.  CHOCOLATE DIPPED MACAROONS. ————————————————— Use three words to describe your mood/your run/your day/your … Continue Reading