The consequences of frosting in your eye.

 We really got crazy and had waffles instead of pancakes on Sunday morning.  Pants are always optional.  

DSC 9171

How Brooke makes it all the way through church—>  She loves drawing and it keeps her extremely entertained.  Also, a lot of fruit snacks and honey wheat pretzels from Trader Joe’s are consumed during this time.   

IMG 6658

We had three birthdays to celebrate last night.  My brother-in-law requested my mom’s homemade lasagna.  I can’t even begin to tell you how badly my soul needed some of this lasagna.  It is a miracle food. 

DSC 9180

The kids leading in singing Happy Birthday followed by some present opening.

DSC 9182

I was in charge of the desserts for the night and the below picture is to tell you about how good of a shoulder workout it is to make homemade oreos.  My left shoulder was legitimately tired after mixing up the dough.

IMG 6662

#worthit.  I really don’t like hash tags but sometimes they are necessary.

DSC 9186

I also made my favorite ice cream and oreo cake.  When I went in and caught my niece and nephew in the freezer they told me that they just wanted to admire it for a while.

DSC 9175

The three birthday peeps.  

DSC 9191

And my niece learned from experience that getting ice cream in your eye is not pleasant.  I could have told her that a long time ago.  

DSC 9193


A cute little story about Brooke saving the day over on HRG BABY!


Fun game of the morning:  What day is your birthday and if someone in the comments has the same birthday as you then reply to them and let them know because finding someone with your birthday is pretty awesome.  

-February 13th (one month away… get ready).

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September 18,


mine is july 2..lots of time to find me the perfect present


Molly Ringwald and I were born on February 18th!


I am just catchin up on some reading this morning, but yesterday was my 34th birthday. I celebrated by running 13 miles for the 13th of January. I made roasted parsnip gnocchi with vodka cream sauce for dinner and an almond cake with chocolate glaze for my birthday cake.


December 27th right here!


Nobody has my bday lol…November 19th


It’s my birthday today!!!! January 14th :)


My furture sister in law and I have the same Bday (along with McCauey Caukin)…August 26th (year not needed)

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