Can’t get enough!

After a 4 hour nap Brooke woke up ready to run around from one end of the house to the other like she normally does.  Her cadence is right at 180 in case you were wondering, I counted yesterday.   4 hour naps work wonders.  We should all try one soon.

IMG 7254

When Brooke went to bed I drove up to SLC to meet with some of my favorite people.  THE BROOKS TEAM.   They are in town for the Outdoor Retailer event and I got to meet up with them for dinner.  Yes, that is a space suit… part of the Transcends campaign.  I kind of want one too. 

DSC 9291

Started off with a salad and I loved that they put chickpeas on it, something I need to try at home.  I didn’t love the beet.  Does anyone else think that beets taste like dirt?

IMG 7256

And then I ate the world’s largest meatball.  It was amazing.  

IMG 7257

2 hours of non-stop talking about running while eating delicious food is a great way to spend a Thursday night.  

And for dessert I had some of this chocolate bar.  Don’t be jealous of my new awesome hat. 

DSC 9293

2 things that I was thinking about a lot yesterday:

1.  My good friend Pam had this new gum on her instagram and I NEED this.  Has anyone tried it yet?  I love SPK and I love gum, the combination is brilliant.  Now they need to make a Swedish Fish one.

IMG 7244

2.  I pretty much listened to this song on repeat all day long yesterday.  It is such a beautiful song and I can’t get enough. 

Screen Shot 2014 01 23 at 11 27 27 PM

Two least favorite foods?

-Olives and beets.

What are your Friday night plans?

Tell me a song that you are loving right now!

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Pretty much the only foods I don’t like are olives and peas! Beets are good… I don’t have them enough! :)


Two least favorite foods? Probably sardines and now I have olives stuck in my head and I don’t like them so I’ll list that. Went to spend some quality time with my parents after my run tonight. It was great!


How fun! I LOVE Brooks!! I went to a Brooks event yesterday!! It was for the new #pureproject apparel line… super fun!! Blog post coming soon! ;)


Yes! I’ve tried the Sour Patch gum! But in the red flavor, not the green. It’s awesome!


Love beets, hate mushrooms. Although I’m learning to like them when cooked properly.

Song: Pompeii by Bastille

I got to play with the Trancends at a Pure Project event last week. They’re pretty fantastic. They may be my new marathon shoe.


I love beets. They are so good for you….maybe give them a couple of more tries. I am loving the song by Pompeii right now, but of course I can’t remember the name. I blast it every time that I hear it.


I think we must have the same food tastes because 1. Olives and beets are disgusting and 2. SPK gum sounds like the best stuff ever.

You must listen to the song “The Wire” by Haim. I have had it on repeat in my car for weeks now and I can’t get enough.


I used to hate beets and think that they tasted like dirt – but now I like them. I’m not sure when that happened. Roasting them makes them tons better. I don’t call it dirt anymore either – they’re ‘earthy’ :)!


Oh my goodness, I tried beets for the first time the other day and all I could think was that I was eating “earth”. Not my thang. But I do love olives.


I love it! Hello to Derek! I’ll be back up in Seattle hopefully soon to give him a high five in person!


I hate olives. hate hate hate them.

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