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Running from 1/20-1/25 and turns out good nutrition helps your running.

We didn’t do any track workouts this week but Brooke and the kiddos sure did.   Four things about my running this last week: 1. I did a lot of treadmill miles (24) this week because of travel and Brooke being sick.  Treadmill miles make me appreciate my outdoor miles soooo much more. 2. I … Continue Reading

15 miles and the Sundance Film Festival (I tried really hard to find a celebrity…)

13 miles somehow turned into 15 miles and I am okay with that.  As soon as our watches beeped 15 miles we walked the last little bit to our cars, we were spent  5 miles warm-up, 5 miles @ 6:35 average pace (we were shooting for 6:30-6:40 so I feel good about that pace), 5 … Continue Reading