I have quite the competitive family.

Another snow day.  I’m not mad about it.  All of this snow is coming at the perfect time.

This picture was taken just a few minutes after my dad had just shoveled the driveway.

DSC 8769

Yesterday we had a big family Christmas party up north at my aunt’s house.

2 dogs + making bracelets with her twin = Brooke was a happy camper.

DSC 8779

Tenderloin, salad, muffin top, fruit salad, stuffing and cheesy potatoes for the win.

DSC 8786

And for the annual games.

1.  60 seconds to draw santa with the plate on top of your head.  Mine was awful.

DSC 8792

The top 4 winners:

DSC 8796

My favorite game:  We were each given 4 colors of play-doh and 15 minutes to construct anything Christmas related.  I bet you can’t guess which one was mine.

DSC 8802

60 seconds to hold and stuff as many balloons as possible.  I had no idea my family was so talented.

DSC 8814

Brooke took first place for the 16 months and younger category.

DSC 8816

The prizes were awesome. Gift cards, treats, books etc.  I won some anti-aging cream which I am pretty stoked about.

DSC 8791

Chocolate/caramel dipped pretzels to finish off the perfect party together.

DSC 8822

I somehow convinced my sister to come on a run with me this morning in the snow and I am writing this here on the blog so that she feels like she has to since it is now in writing.

I only fell 3 times this weekend on the ice… here’s to a few more.  


Working people—>  what days do you have off this week?

Since the weather is so different everywhere lately…  What are the temps like for you?  Anyone else going to have a white Christmas?

If you could have a gift card right this second to anywhere that you wanted, where would it be from?

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So fun! & your play doh- I am impressed!! Seriously, don’t think I could ever do something that intricate with the stuff. Enjoy your run <3


What a fun night! I would love to win a gift card from Brooks so I could purchase new shoes and winter running attire!
Off to work…


What a nice family day!! Love Brooke’s chevron dress. We are heading out of the snow and spending Xmas in hawaii this year. I’m waiting at the airport as we speak :)

Have a wonderful Christmas with Brooke and your fam!!


Such a fun party! My family ends to take note and start playing games and giving out prizes.
In south Florida, there’s no sign of snow ;) but were having a cold front so it’s only a high of 75 for Christmas. Brrr.
I’m working today the off for three days and back on Friday. Best work week ever!


Teacher over here- last day was Friday and I go back on January 2nd. :)
Also, I think I’m coming to your family’s Christmas next year!


Sounds – and looks – like such a fun party! :)


Soo much snow you have!

We got snowed in, but the last few days here it got to 60 (60!!) And everything melted. So now we have flooding. Its getting cold again now, so next we will have ice. Fun. Not.

I have Wed. Off only, and I would take a Starbucks or Nike Store gift card anytime.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


You have an awesome family! Such fun games to play! I have to work today and then I am off until next week! The temps were like crazy high yesterday (60’s) and now this morning with the wind chill we have temps of 20’s! Crazy! I would love a credit card to Walt Disney World. We are going there in 2 weeks for a marathon and I can’t wait!


I’m stealing those party games. And the santas are quite good. I’m impressed!


That sounds like so much fun!

I have off on Christmas and the day after Christmas. :) Our weather has been crazy…freezing and snowy and then it was in the 60s over the weekend. We will be back to the 20s and 30s tomorrow though.

Have a great run!


Your family party sounds like so much fun! I’m impressed by the santas, I couldn’t even draw like that if I was looking at it. Our snow is disappearing due to all the freezing rain but it’s not a bad time to see the white stuff- Christmas is the one time it’s acceptable.


I am in Western PA and this is one of the first Christmas’s that probably won’t be a white Christmas! So hard to believe! I have heard about the crazy storms in the Midwest though.

I’m glad you are doing well and enjoying your time over the Holidays. It looks like a lot of fun!


What a fun night! High of 84 in Florida today. I miss living up north and hoping for a white Christmas!


I only have to work Monday and Thursday! Not too shabby ;) I would totally be happy with any gift card! I’m easy enough to get along with! Happy Holiday’s friend =)


I have off now until Jan 2nd because I work in a school! It’s so nice to have some time off. It’s definitely a white Christmas here and as much as it’s a pain in the butt, I wouldn’t want it any other way! It wouldn’t be Christmas without snow!


We’re supposed to be mid 40s and rain for Christmas on the Washington coast. If all of the rain were snow, we wouldn’t be able to dig out of our place.

Now let’s talk gift cards. I’d love one to Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The finds there are amazing and the work they do is incredible.

If Santa was offering up another, I’d gladly take one to Burpee (our organic greenhouse is getting ready to go for 2014) or Patagonia (I don’t need anything, bu’dt there are some pretty pieces I’d enjoy).


Giftcard??? Well, other than a huge one from an airline to fly my family to a warmer destination I guess I would love you to BROOKS….to be used on clothing and the new shoes coming out in February!!! ;-)


“love you” should be “love one” ….its early…time for more coffee ;-)


Your family is SO fun!!! Those rainbow looms are the best gifts ever! My girls LOVE theirs. We got 10′” of snow here yesterday and the high today is 4 with like a -15 windchill….another treadmill day for me!


It’s 75 and rainy here. Not very Christmas l


Stupid iPhone lol not very Christmas like! Love all the games, my family loves playing Yahtzee when we get together :)


It’s cold enough, but no snow this week.

Gift card to Runner’s Soul for some new shoes. Or some kind of travel voucher.


Do we ever have a white christmas-just got dumped with 7 inches of snow. I hate it…

I wish I had off 5 weeks like I did in college..sadly I only have 25th/26th off. But it’s better than nothing :)


I’d love a gift card to Whole Foods! I would make a 15-lb salad with it.