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Monday Randomness and moving my legs kind of fast again.

Daylight savings messed up our perfect schedule that the Brookers and I had so she woke up a little bit before I got home from my run this morning.  My mom said that when Brooke came upstairs she insisted on watching out the window for me to come up the hill.   Gotta love morning … Continue Reading

No to CIM, YES TO PHOENIX MARATHON and a Garmin 10 Giveaway

First and most importantly —> Brooke’s 14.5 month update is on HRG BABY!!! Second, the winner of the Albion Fit Giveaway is…. Just the normal Sunday over here. We had a baked potato bar (it was my idea, I made sure that everyone thanked me for my brilliance). Yes… Vegetables, bbq chicken, cheese and sour … Continue Reading