Is it weird or normal and dedicating your miles.

Quick poll:  Is it weird or normal that my sister eats these wedges all by themselves?  I think it is weird.  She thinks it is normal.  I always put mine on bread/crackers/veggies etc. but who knows…  Maybe I have been missing out this whole time on eating plain cheese wedges.

IMG 1707

My sister and I took Brooke on a walk and then came back and had a lay on the ground and read books kind of a day.

IMG 1708

I know it seems as though I have Subway sandwiches daily but I need you to put yourself in my shoes.  Just imagine having your dad tell you all of the time that he is going to Subway and then asking you if you want him to bring back a sandwich for you?!? 

Just admit it, it would be impossible for you to turn that offer down too.   

DSC 6481

Brooke was disappointed in me for being too lazy last night to change out of my sweats for our Target trip.  I’ll make it up to her by washing my hair today… I know, I know, that really is quite a sacrifice.

IMG 1710

On the drive home there was a froyo stop.  I stuck it into the freezer until Brooke went to sleep so that I could eat it while watching Parenthood.  I think my goal is to re-watch the entire series every night after Brooke goes to bed.

DSC 6484

And a picture of Brooke and my aunt from Sunday night that I really liked.  Brooke has recently become a speed walker!

DSC 6476

A reader emailed me the other day telling me about how she dedicated each mile of her recent half-marathon to somebody important to her.  I have heard of this before but I thought about it a lot after she wrote me and realized that this is probably the best idea ever.  I love the idea of thinking about someone that you admire/that has done so much for you/that has been an example to you/that you love to pieces each mile along your race.  Talk about a great way to push yourself during a race.  

I am starting to compile my 26.2 names for my marathon in December.   This is going to be good.

Have you ever dedicated your race or each mile of a race to somebody?  

What restaurant do you eat at the most?

How often do you wash your hair?

-2-3 times a week.  

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