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Happy NINE MONTHS Brooker!!!

 I know every parent in the history of the planet asks how in the world their children grow up so fast but S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y how is Brooke already 9 months old and looking like a toddler.    Remember when she was just a little spiky giving me attitude?  -At 8.5 months she started standing up all … Continue Reading

9 months, three things about my run and 79 degrees before 6 a.m.

Today is a huge day. Brooke is NINE MONTHS OLD TODAY! Every day gets better and better. She really is the best. Getting her out of the crib in the morning is in fact my favorite thing in the world. 2 things about the below image. 1. How in the world was I already out … Continue Reading

How will they survive?

I seriously don’t know how my family is going to survive now that Brooke has left.  Brooke is the life of the party.   My mom took us up to the airport and for the car ride she had a strawberry buttermilk frozen dessert waiting for me to eat on the way.  She was having … Continue Reading