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Weighing Yourself: The Scale

I have written a few posts in the past about my issues with the scale.  For years I would weigh myself every single day of my life and the number that popped up would determine how I felt about myself that day.  Not a fun way to live right?!?  Over two years ago I wrote … Continue Reading

How to feel good about your post baby body.

I actually wrote this post when Brooke was 8 weeks old but for some reason didn’t post it until now.  Hopefully it can help any moms reading that are struggling with that post baby body:) ——————————————————————————————————— Let’s be honest here mkay.  After you have a baby your body just isn’t the same for a while. … Continue Reading

Why I am really excited for my workout this morning:

I guess we did a little too much reading yesterday because Brooke was exhausted.  4 out of 5 times Brooke falls asleep with her arm up like this.     I always ask Billy what he is feeling like for dinner and usually he tells me something and then I make what I am really … Continue Reading