Playlist, battle wounds and another important question for you.

Taught another early morning spin class.  Good news:  no pain at all….. that whole running thing (other than in the pool) may be returning quite soon.  

LOVE the Run song by Flo Rida and On Top Of The World is probably the best song ever to start your day with.

Screen Shot 2013 03 27 at 9 02 03 AM

I also did some rowing (6200 meters) and my hands are starting to show my new rowing obsession.  I am probably getting that blister from wearing my ring while rowing but the first thing Billy said after I said yes when he proposed to me was, “You probably should never take that ring off.”   I kind of have a tendency to lose everything.

DSC 0517

Brooke is quite in love with the shoe laces on my Ravenna 4s.  They entertained her for 15 minutes straight.  

DSC 0512

Bangs Friend and I are reconsidering our idea to have carrot cake on Easter and are thinking about making one of the below cakes (click on the picture for source):

A)  I will always love Peeps.  

Screen Shot 2013 03 27 at 9 26 17 AM

B)  Whoever thought of making a cake and then surrounding it with candy is a genius.  


 C) Almost to cute to eat…. almost.  


D) Or should we stick with making carrot cake?  I am faced with so many tough decisions each day.

Carrot cake

I think this cake looks awesome but I have no idea how to make it…

Easter Cake SRGB Logo

(PS if these cake pictures didn’t make you drool a little bit, I am worried about you)

Which cake should we make… A, B, C or other… link please.

What are your true feelings about Peeps? Love them or think they are the worst food ever created? 

What is the best part about cake:  Frosting or the cake part?

-Frosting without a doubt.

Married/engaged people: Do you take your ring off to exercise?

-Never ever ever. 

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Cake A!!!


I took my ring off once to go tanning while we were still engaged and left it in the tanning room. I didn’t realize it until I was halfway home. Longest minutes of my LIFE driving back to the tanning bed. Luckily, it was still where I left it. Phew! WORST feeling in the whole wide world! Never ever ever again!! And I vote for cake A. Peeps are not my thing at all. Bleh! But they’re so CUTE, so that makes it ok. :p


The first cake is adorable!! I’m not a huge Peeps fan though, but I think they make for cute decoration. And frosting, without a doubt, is the best part of a cake. And I do take my ring off every night and don’t wear it to work out in. I’m surprised I haven’t lost it yet! :)


Definitely the carrot cake! Cream cheese frosting is amazing! Or you could take it one step further and do a layered carrot cake cheesecake :)


The bunny is lovely! But I think you would really love this:
I also ran a good portion of my (first) nineteen miler today on Imagine Dragons who I only discovered through you so THANK YOU for all these playlists x)


Peeps are nasty!! Give me chocolate :) Yes I take my rings off while working out, I don’t like when my fingers feel all puffy and tight, it makes me claustrophobic.


i loooove peeps — i know carrot cake won, but that peeps cake looks pretty amazing! i even have some peeps tattoos ha (as part of a larger junk food/candy half sleeve!).

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