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Well, Hello There!

Brooker and I have had quite a busy day so I didn’t have a chance to write up an afternoon post!  I did just post a HRG Baby post just in case you want to see more pictures of Brooke at the park and a 7.4 month update. Please wish me luck.  I am about … Continue Reading

7.4 months OLD!!!

It is actually mentally impossible for me to even think back to what life was like before Brooke.   Both Billy and I agree that life was awesome before Brooke but now it is REALLY awesome with her here with us.   The last few weeks have definitely been the best with Brooke.  She is … Continue Reading

Running is our adult pacifier and a video of Brooke.

Yesterday I went on a walk to palm tree lane (not the actual name of the street but it should be).  I found at least 12 houses along this street that were the cutest things in the world and I will end up living in at least one of them at some point in my … Continue Reading