Guess who’s training for their first half marathon?

Brooke and I spent the afternoon at the mall.  I had some things to return and that turned into me going into every store attempting to find the perfect Easter dress for her.  Growing up we always had Easter dresses (mom, why did you stop doing this tradition with me… I could use a new dress this year;) and so of course I have to do this tradition with Brooke.  

Now I just need to convince Billy that it is normal to spend $50 at Baby Gap for her Easter dress, cardigan and shoes.   I guess we will go to Target instead.  

IMG 8242

Fun Fact Wednesday:  Brooke scooted all of the way from where her books are to the weights.  It was impressive.  

DSC 0136

Billy and I had a very important night last night.  We had the Biggest Loser Finale to watch together.  I made something very special for this occasion.  Homemade french fries and Philly Cheesesteaks with homemade hoagies.  I have to say that I am beyond happy about the winner of the BL.  The worst is now I have to wait MONTHS until the next season.  What will I do with my life?

DSC 0144

After the show Bangs Friend showed me her training plan on her phone for her VERY FIRST HALF MARATHON.  This makes me so so happy.  She is going to rock it and I love when people get into running/races/the best sport in the world. 

DSC 0147

Todays the day I teach spin and here is the beautiful playlist.  Since I am thinking that spin is what is causing my IT Band misery I am going to take it super super easy and hopefully that silly thing on the side of my right leg will magically heal.  

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Anyone else training for their FIRST 1/2 MARATHON or their FIRST RACE EVER?

Who watched the Biggest Loser finale?  Were you happy about who won?

Tell me the last workout that you did that you want to repeat…. it was such an awesome run/workout/race that you want to do it all over again.  

French fries vs. sweet potato fries, which one wins your love?

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Also training for my first marathon! I’m pumped :)


Which half is she training for?!


Ugh, I’m so jealous! I ‘finished’ my 1st 5k of the season Saturday, and have had my left heel on ice ever since. I did better than any of my races last year, but if I plan to do a half this year, I’m way behind.

What is her training plan??


Also training for my first marathon. Any suggestions?

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