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I think it is a good sign when each week I proclaim that Brooke couldn’t possibly get any cooler and that I don’t want her to get any older because it is my favorite stage and then the next week I realize the same thing all over again.  Did that make sense?  I didn’t think … Continue Reading

How to Ring in the New Year

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my most wonderful Mer (without a doubt the best grandma in the whole wide world)! (Picture from our wedding reception… you can see more pics from our wedding HERE and HERE) It is also another incredible woman’s birthday today… My MIL!!!  She takes birthdays very seriously.  Each year on her … Continue Reading

Not my most graceful New Year’s Eve

I think you can actually quote me at least a dozen times on the blog saying that the salad that I am eating at the moment is my FAVORITE salad but I am here today to tell you that I actually did have my actual favorite salad yesterday. This is the Wahoo’s spicy fish salad … Continue Reading