A matching run, purple, cinnamon rolls and s’mores frozen sandwiches.

When my sister-in-law came to my room this morning to see if I was ready to go to the gym with her I almost cried from happiness…. we were wearing the EXACT same outfit.  I am positive that every soul at the gym thought that we were really cool or on a team or something.  

IMG 7013

I did 8 miles at a 7:50 pace.  I think I need to register for an 8 mile race since that is the only distance I ever run anymore.  

We got ready real quick because we had to go out and get Brooke one more present.

IMG 7020

A purple pea coat.  I died when I saw this.  Please don’t tell her about this present, I want her to be surprised tomorrow morning.

IMG 7019

When we got home from Target the whole house smelled ridiculously good because these two were making the CINNAMON ROLLS.  My MIL’s really good recipe is here!

IMG 7015

She cooks them half way the day before and then sticks them in the fridge overnight and then cooks them the rest of the way Christmas morning. 

IMG 7017

The gingerbread houses are ready to be assembled for our gingerbread house making competition.  We have a lot riding on this… Billy and I have won the last 4 years.

IMG 7016

Now I am about to try one of these while we watch The Grinch.  Tis’ the season to eat lots of sugar.

IMG 7018


What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

What time did you wake up Christmas morning to open presents when you were a kid?

The most delicious thing that you have eaten (or you are going to eat) today?

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After the hot choc I had today, I can never go back to the instant mix kind! Love the sound of those s’more sandwiches!


First of all, those s’mores look SO GOOD! You always have the best desserts! I need to try them asap :)
And LOVE the gingerbread house contest idea. I have faith in you. With your love for sweets, I don’t see how it’s possible that you’d lose.
Merry Christmas :)


Christmas Eve is always spent at my aunt’s house with my mom’s side of the fam, then we go to my parent’s house to sleep and wake up Christmas morning and do stockings, big breakfast and presents! Then it’s off to my hubby’s parent’s house! Phew! And I still need to bake more cookies before this all happens haha!

Merry Christmas, Janae!!!



Love the adorable peacoat for Brooke!! Those cinnamon rolls sound drool worthy… Enjoy!! Merry Christmas EVE! :)


What a fun day! The peacoat is toooo cute!!


Is that a lululemon tank? So cute and so funny you ended up being twins :D That purple coat for Brooke is the cutest – when I have a girl (because I WILL have a girl haha) I’ll probably buy her more clothes than I buy for myself!


We have cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning too! My dough is rising now. Ours are also overnight rolls. I don’t cook it at all the night before but let it rise all night long and cook them in the morning. Yum!


I’m convinced that Brooke gets more adorable with each picture you post.

Merry Christmas Jacob family!


Love that y’all were wearing the same workout clothes and actually stayed in them!


I always opened mine on Christmas Eve when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure it was because my mom wanted me to get some sleep that night and also because they didn’t want to get up early for me to open them or be bugged by me to get up.

I let my kids open one small thing on Christmas Eve and ask them to wait until 7 on Christmas morning to open the rest.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!


Such a good idea to cook cin rolls that way so you can have them early in the morning!! Matching is the best, do you wish you had a matching baby bump?? :)


o my goodness, that pea coat is ADORABLE! If I ever have a girl, I definitely want her to wear things like that!


My favorite Christmas Eve tradition is baking Christmas cookies and decorating them with the family! The thing that I am most excited about eating??? Mom’s homemade lasagna, buckeyes, and cinnamon rolls…yum!


That purple peacoat is ridiculously cute. Brooke is stylin. Merry Christmas Janae!!


I love the gingerbread house making contest idea! So awesome. I’m so excited for Christmas morning! Our kids r too young to really understand Christmas (2.5 yrs and 9weeks) but it will still be fun. We r doing a big Christmas breakfast tomorrow and turkey tomorrow night.


Aww yall are super cute in your matching gym outfits!
Love the little pea coat for Brooke!


Oh! There is a Mackinac Island 8 mile race here in Michigan!!! Island, running, fudge. I think that about covers it!!! Merry Christmas!


Those cinnamon rolls look DELISH!

On Christmas Eve we always go to church in the evening. Today I got to see my niece and nephew because I’m in MI for the holidays!! yay!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Our day is just winding down. And it is officially now Christmas Day here! I should probably be asleep, but I am wide awake. Have a feeling I am going to need a few cups of coffee tomorrow when my girls wake me up before dawn! At least they know not to get up unless it’s light outside. It should buy me a little time.

The best thing I ate today was a pineapple pecan cheeseball!


I ate some leftover pumpkin cheesecake this morning for BREAKFAST. Haha, I couldn’t wait until the end of the day.


Man, those S’Mores ice cream sandwiches look DELICIOUS!


We always go to my aunts on Christmas Eve for the feast of seven fishes & Yankee swap! So much fun!!

The best thing I ate was definitely the calamari & baked scallops – soooo good!


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