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Vi Fuel Giveaway Winner!

CONGRATS!! Email me asap so I can get you your Vi Running Fuel!

Sunday randomness and a poll.

Brooke does not like to suck on her own thumb, she only likes to suck on mine.  I realized the reason for this is that I usually have chocolate or sour patch kids remnants leftover on my fingers and Brooke likes that.  For breakfast we had french toast.  The really big deal about these is … Continue Reading

MY shoes, 130 cookies and a HOT run.

We started our morning off early by going to help some friends out and do some cleaning.  Brooke made a new best friend.  From there my sister-in-law and I went STRAIGHT to the gym (PS my SIL is 5 months pregnant and still rocking her workouts) and while we were there we saw THE Billy … Continue Reading