A new way to sweat and Christmas Day.

Don’t forget to vote on the best gingerbread house HERE… we are going to tally up the votes this afternoon… I hope I win, I hope I win.   Can anyone guess which one I made?


I swear Brooke actually knew that it was Christmas yesterday.  She woke up early, happy and ready to party and show off her Santa suit for the 30th time this season. 

DSC 5574

The littlest stocking in the whole wide world.  

IMG 7050

In Billy’s family we all open up our stockings at the same time and then we take turns opening up presents.  All I can ever really think about are these cinnamon rolls.  

IMG 7051

It is actually a requirement in their household to drink hot chocolate while eating the cinnamon rolls.  

IMG 7054

I thought it would be a really good idea to go on a run after eating the above sugary items.  I thought that all of the glucose would make me run speedy and feel alive.  It was a very long 3 miles.  My biggest running advice that I can give is to not eat 2.2 cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate moments before a run.  

A few hours later we went over to a family friend’s house for our annual Minute to Win It competition.  

DSC 5612

This game was the funniest to watch.  The contestants had to knock over the water bottles using a tennis ball that was at the bottom of a pair of pantyhose that they had to wear on their heads.

DSC 5589

And I won this Topsy Turvy because I guess I go a little over the top when I play games.    I really will be using this on our deck, expect to see many tomato filled meals in the upcoming months.  Billy won a back scratcher.

IMG 7072

There was also delicious food at this gathering.  They had chips and guac, smokies (hot dogs wrapped in bacon and cooked in brown sugar) and a veggie tray.

DSC 5581

Along with treats including this amazing cake. 

IMG 7071

The best part of the afternoon was playing Dance Central on the XBox.   I was instantly hooked and if any of you have an extra one of these games just lying around feel free to send it to me.  I could play this all day long.  I actually feel like all of that dancing was a really good workout and judging by the amount of sweat… it was a very good workout.  

IMG 7068

We came home, relaxed, watched movies, played ping pong and ate ham… what everyone does on Christmas right?

DSC 5614


Do you take turns opening presents or do you open them all at once?

Coolest present you got or gave?

Best part about your holiday? 

Best thing you ate yesterday?

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So fun! Brooke looked ADORABLE! Seriously, I saw your pictures yesterday and about died. So glad you had a wonderful holiday girl.


Aw fun! We had a quiet holiday since Matt and I couldn’t travel to be with our families this year but it was still wonderful. We made moussaka (my favorite!) and I got a Garmin 410! Obsessed. We do the same thing iwth our presents, stockings at the same time, gifts one at a time :)


We open presents the same way as Billy’s family at my house, but Mike’s family just goes for it and it makes me so uncomfortable. This year, my MIL decided to try it my family’s way and the rest of the family revolted. It was hilarious.

Merry Christmas!


The best thing I ate yesterday was a Jimmy John’s sandwich. (We celebrated Christmas over the weekend with family.) Every year we open our presents differently. When we were little, it was more of an all-at-once thing because we were super anxious/excited. Now we kind of wait and watch each other. Stockings are usually at the same time though. They’re the best part in my opinion.


Looks like a fun day! We had homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas too. They were ah-mazing!!!


Best thing we ate yesterday was this homemade Korean beef short ribs and homemade cookies. Soooo amazingly delicious!
Brooke is so cute in her little outfit :D
And it looks like Dance Central is a good workout!


Sounds like a wonderful holiday!! Brooke is adorable in her santa outfit!! I got my fiance concert tickets so I’m excited to enjoy that present with him in a couple of months!! :)


I can’t even handle how cute Brooke is, and I have to agree that any type of dancing video game is an amazing workout – I’m a big fan of exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise :D I’m also a big fan of Christmas cookies, which I think I OD’d on over the past few days… but how can you say no to snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, chewy gingerbread, and chocolate dipped shortbread? Impossible…


Oh wow you do Christmas the right way! We played DDR too at my house and it was way too fun (for me and our friend’s mom…. nobody else would play). I ran yesterday after eating a stack of pancakes… bad choice. Oh well, if the food is good, I’m not going to pass it up!


I love Brooke’s Santa suit! The best thing I ate yesterday was definitely not the greasy Jack in the Box tacos I had at 9 last night. Oh the benefits of traveling on Christmas!


Brooke is such a cute little Santa baby doll!!!

Best thing I ate had to be the homemade cinnamon rolls I made. Delicious!!!

As far as gifts, we try to take turns but with two little kids who are beyond excited to see what they got, sometimes they tear into them a little bit quickly. It is all good though, I just love watching the joy on their faces when they see their gifts!!!


Your post-cinnamon roll run reminds me of the krispy kreme donut race… have you ever heard of it? You run 2 miles, then eat a DOZEN krispy kreme glazed donuts, and then have to immediately run 2 more miles!


We play minute-to-win-it at my school–it’s soooo much fun!! Haven’t tried running after hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls, but I’ll take your word for it. I want the Just Dance game even though I hate to dance. It looks like fun!! Your gift-opening pictures are too precious. You’re blessed to have such fabulous in-laws!


Looks like you had a super fun Christmas…all of the pics of Brooke are so cute! At my husband’s house we open all at once, but at my parent’s house we open one at a time. I’m really excited about the new grill I got….might have to do some cooking out tonight!


We do the same thing with presents, we go around and each open a gift and take turns, that way it lasts longer! Then we all get our stockings at once.


My mother-in-law makes the most delicious enchiladas, which we had when we celebrated Christmas with them this past weekend. They’re amazing! Probably the best thing I ate for Christmas, along with way too much puppy chow :)


We also take turns opening gifts, but we open our stockings when St. Nick comes Dec. 5 (or 6, I forget).
The best gift I got was from my husband – a trip to NYC in March!


I have learned that I can’t run after eating any sugary pastry type foods. I can run after ratting just about anything else though. Cinnamon rolls would be a no go. Cinnamon rolls were the best thing I ate yesterday. I love Christmas breakfast. Luckily I ran before breakfast so I could eat as much as I wanted.


Looks like you had a great day!



One family takes turns and the other opens all at once.
Best gift was a new running top!
We ate ham. It was very good.
The Kidless Kronicles


LOL omgsh, that Minute To Win It game – hilarious!!
I can’t seem to eat a thiiing before a run or it never settles well with me!


We take turns opening presents. It’s more fun that way! And no one wants to miss seeing someone open the present they gave.

Coolest present I got was a pair of Nike Dual Fusion shoes in periwinkle with coral. So pretty and bright!

Best part of my holiday was spending it with family for the first time in three years!

Best thing I ate yesterday was cheesy potatoes. So good!


It’s so cool that you played Dance Central on Christmas! We did the same thing, except with Just Dance on the Wii. Even my aunt and mom got into it!


my family opens them all at once, my bf’s family opens them one at a time, this threw me off the first christmas we spent together lol
best gift i gave was to my brother this yr, he just recently moved out, didn’t expect anything, so it was a surprise to him and made his day :)
best thing i ate….hmmmm has to be all the chocolate, but the best chocolate was the blueberry dark chocolate i had from See’s Candy


It sounds like Brooke had a pretty great first Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your cute family. :) You did not miss out in UT, it is a a icy, snowly, blizzardy awful mess around here!


Best part of the holidays is undoubtedly family overload – love it :)!


We take turns…I just love seeing everyone’s reactions to their gifts! Especially the little ones!

The coolest gift, believe it or not, was for my little 4 year old niece. I got her Hungry Hungry Hippos and she was OUT OF HER MIND EXCITED! When she saw what it was she said…”Oh my GOODNESS! I finally got it!! I have been dreaming about this!”

Best part of our holiday is being with our family!!! :D

Best thing I ate had to be the buckeyes…YuuummmmmOOO!


That little stocking is sooo cute!

I ate anything and everything this Christmas.. But the best would have to be the lobster my boyfriends family had for dinner last night!! Who has lobster on Christmas?! I was obsessed


Are those peppermint marshmallows?!?!


Yes, they are amazing! You have to try them!


Love Brooke in the santa outfit!!

Those cinnamon rolls look ahhhhhmazing <3


Oh my goodness. I ate two cinnamon rolls and then two cups of coffee and then went to go run 5 miles. I feel your pain. Those last 2.5 miles felt like I was slogging through quicksand.


My sister and BIL played Just Dance on the WII for like 2 hours yesterday. It really is a great workout and I woke up with sore arms ;)


What a great day! Brooke looks like a doll in the second photo haha!


We take turns opening gifts! :)

Your day sounds perfect!

I got a GPS running watch! I’m super, SUPER excited and can’t wait to go on a run!


Haha, that seems like solid running advice.

Brooke continues to get cuter every day. That Santa outfit is insanely adorable.


My best gift received: Garmin 110.

Best family gift receives: Choco Grande Hot Chocolate Machine– perfect temp hot coco whenever you want it! It’s been going non-stop for about 48 hours now!

Best gift given: Homemade hobby horses for my girls– they’ve been galloping around the house all day.

PS– I love that you have 2 hair ties around your wrist in that Topsy Turvy pic- I always have at least one (usually 2-3) on my wrist at any given time (even when my hair is already up!), so it made me happy to see I wasn’t the only one!


Looks like a fun Xmas with some awesome food!! Mine was good too, my stomach is still recovering haha. Brooke looks ADORABLE in that santa outfit. So so cute.


We played minute to win it on Christmas Eve. We did a variation of the panty hose tennis ball game and I have never laughed so hard!

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