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Brooke’s Photo Shoot Part 2

Be prepared.  You are about to scroll through a trillion adorable pink tutu photos.  I love this one so much because she is trying to mimic me.

New running fuel, boots and the perfect salad.

I chose to run on the treadmill this morning for three reasons. 1.  I went early and it was cold and still kind of darkish, I am a wuss and cannot handle anything but perfect weather. 2.  My sister was going to the gym and I have copied every move that she makes since I … Continue Reading

Why am I not on an airplane right now?

My new BROOKS PUREFLOW 2s came in the mail. Yesterday was the kind of day that you get in your pajamas at 2 pm and stay in them for the rest of the day.  I wish my mom would decorate her fridge or something, it’s so plain. Chicken enchiladas are my second favorite dish (after … Continue Reading