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Round 1 of Brooke’s Photo Shoot

I started making a post and choosing just a few of the pictures that NIKI did for us but then I decided I wanted to post every single one of them because I have a huge obsession with this little girl.  This is the first of three because my computer started sparking and flames were … Continue Reading

A sad article about treadmills.

3 random items of business to cover first: 1.  You know you go to Yogurltand too much when the last time you went in the employees were so excited to see Brooke and tell you that they had been waiting to give her this adorable stuffed animal.  She really does love it already and I … Continue Reading

I found my dream job.

Just warning you in advance I have way too many pictures in this post. I started my Saturday off at the gym.  I know you all think my love for the treadmill is crazy but I really just wanted a run that I could just zone out and decompress and not have to think about … Continue Reading