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I can’t help myself….

I just have to post one of Brooke’s pictures from today (thanks again Niki)… Question for this post…. What does her facial expression mean in this picture?  What do you think she is thinking about?

What were you doing at 2 this morning?

I was coloring my hair and using a trash bag as my apron. That’s what I was doing. Sometimes the only time you can do stuff like this after having a baby is during the middle of the night when you know your baby isn’t going to wake up. Brooke and I had a big … Continue Reading

Changing my blog definition

I am seriously considering adding a new section to my blog in addition to talking about running and large amounts of food and sugar…  fashion.   But since my clothing is all from the 10th grade we will focus in on Brooke’s fashion.  Animal print is big in baby world. I bought myself Christmas presents. … Continue Reading