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Meet-up info and of course a few pictures!

1st- Brittany!!! You emailed me about the meet-up tonight and the email address you left didn’t work so email me again so that we can figure out tonight:)   The meet-up is tonight at 7!  Skinny Runner will be there too and here is the address: Sauce: Belden56 Belden PlaceSan Francisco, CA 94104 Even if … Continue Reading

Torture, Canadian candy and saladpizza (I did mean to leave that one word)

One of the main reasons to go to CPK is because of the unlimited bread and butter.  Our server really liked me after the 12th time I asked her to bring out another loaf of bread.   I had my all-time favorite bbq chicken salad  and some of this heavenly pizza that has a salad … Continue Reading