Crazy hair, a little homesick and my kitchen obsession.

I am not even going to try and explain my hair so just focus on Brooke’s instead.  I wanted to wear my Team Refuel running outfit from when I did the Las Vegas RNR last December.  What made me look extra cool was that a bunch of the letters are falling off the top.  I am doing an incredible job at making my neighbors think I am crazy.

Photo 3 1

I walked with an incline until Brooke woke up.  I don’t like cutting a workout short but her waking up actually makes me happy to stop my workout.

This consumed my day.  I have kind of become obsessed with perfected my kitchen which is really strange coming from the girl that cleaned her last kitchen on a bi-monthly basis and that is not an exaggeration.

DSC 3615

The best thing that I found in all of the boxes were these beauties, LOVE GROWN.  I may have ‘put them away’ (aka hid them in a place that Billy will never find.

Photo 2 1

Every now and then I do get a little homesick.  It hit hard yesterday when I got this text, memories flooded in about the 600 times I went to the Orem Yogurtland for my cup of six flavors and twenty toppings.

Photo 1 2 copy

PS if you think I am cool because it says I have 3 text messages waiting to be read, they were all from my mom.

Lunch was a yogurt, salad, apple with pb (don’t worry I took the sticker off when I washed it and cut it) and a tortilla with two eggs and a melted string cheese in there.  

DSC 3622

I think you know what I ate after.  FMW.

*Post written entirely with one hand.  I have a hard time putting Spikey down.


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Who do you text the most?

What was the last workout outfit that you wore?  Colors?  Brands?

What is the BEST/MOST DELICIOUS/CAN’T WAIT TO EAT it food product in your kitchen right now? 

-Leftover pizza and granola

Do you like tomatoes?

-Not when I was pregnant but I am loving them again.

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Speaking of apple stickers, I ate half of one yesterday. I clearly need to be more observant.

I probably text my friend, Alexis, most often. She’s the kindest, most genuine person I have ever met. There needs to be more people in the world like her.

I LOVE tomatoes. I sometimes eat cherry tomatoes like candy, because I love them so much. Cottage cheese + tomatoes = one of my favorite meals.


That lunch looks amazing! I absolutely LOVE tomatoes! Not plain, but on pretty much anything.

I text my husband and my mom the most for sure. If I ever have that many unread messages, it is usually Twitter and not people texting me. I am definitely not cool enough for that! Haha.

Also, that top looks super comfy, and I love the color!


I’m so excited I cnnaot waiT. I review for trini, a book lover’s review and I cnnaot wait to meet you at the houston bookrave!!! Over the moon in love with remy and brooke!!


I currently eating my coveted pork tamale as a leftover from the other night! It is quite delicious:)


I hardly ever take stickers off fruit. HAHA. And I text my husband the most, for sure! Last workout outfit: gap capris, Nike top.

LOVE me a good egg/cheese wrap!


I still can’t get over Brooke’s hair. It’s so darn adorable!

I probably text my husband the most. Okay, there’s no probaby about it. I totally text him the most.

I hate tomatoes, but like bruschetta and tomato soup. Is that possible?


LOL. Spikey.


Just found your blog a week or so ago- your daughter is so adorable! So happy to see you eating love grown- my sophomore yr of college I lived on the same dorm floor with the girl who started Love grown w her bf. so yay for supporting a new small company!


I love her Spiky hair. And your hair looks far better than mine right now. For real.

I am looking forward to digging into the watermelon! I hope it’s still good. It was somewhat buried in the back of the fridge until the husband ‘discovered’ it the other night. whoops.

I text my husband the most followed by several friends when I am asking for critiques on paintings :) My mom texts me a lot too.

Wore my Big Sur 9 miler event shirt and black cropped yoga pants for my run this morning.

I want wrap.

We have some fresh tomatoes in the garden if you would like some (unless the squirrels got to it. i have to double check. i thought i heard a party out there last night)


Sometimes I feel like we end up being the same person. I get homesick for Chicago every day, and I had to discontinue my text messages from a place called “Forever Yogurt” because they were making me too sad!


I have a huge basket from my CSA, but we get our next one tomorrow so I’m cooking up a feast tonight of swiss chard, roasted beets, a cucumber-tomato salad. All of it is Can’t-Wait-To-Eat food because I am STARVING! We also have a garden (why? um…I have no idea, I’ve had so much food in the house it’s crazy!) and one of the best things my son said when we were “shopping in the garden” for dinner: “Where’s the stickers, mama?” It made me glad we have the garden, so he sees where the food comes from, and that it doesn’t grow with stickers.


I only wish my mom would text. I’m not much for phone conversations anymore but she thinks since she’s almost seventy that ship has sailed!

Gotta love Brooke’s hair.

I am anxiously awaiting my 100 calorie weight watchers frozen Snickers bar. It’s my one indulgence a day and I eat it at 3:45 right on the dot. :)

I don’t remember the brands of my workout clothes, but I always wear running tights/capris. I’m not a fan of running shorts…mainly since when I wear them my son likens it to Cam’s biker shorts episode. He’s banned me from them.


Its not one thing I am looking forward to eating but a couple of foods put together to make a home made cream of mushroom pasta bake with ground beef and mushrooms :) and it’s healthified and on the menu tonight :) I cannot believe u just gave birth not too long ago, you look great!! And Brooke is so so cute


Hey!!!! Can I get that recipe?!?


I found the recipe here!
I made a few alterations (my hubs likes spicy so I made it spicy, and added some bell pepper, and used barilla plus pasta instead of whole wheat :) )


Ahhh thank you so so much and I will be making ours spicy too! You are the best!


Today I wore my favorite purple Sugoi shorts and a white tank for an easy 5 mile run. I’ve had the running tank for so long I don’t remember the brand but I did run in my brand spankin new Saucony Hurricane’s. New shoes are the best! I LOVE tomatoes which is good since I have about 40 that I picked from my garden last night. I’m excited to eat leftover steak from last night that I’m making cabbage (from the garden) and steak soup that is so good!
I remember I could never stop holding my kids, especially my first one. He had hair like Brooke’s too!


PS – your hair is just fine!! Your a new mom and you worked out. That is a win/win any day!


What the heck! I am signed up to get their texts and I did not get that one! Pffft.

I probably text my husband or my little sister the most. Texting is great. I still have a few friends who don’t have a texting plan and I find that beyond crazy.

I wish I was eating that granola right now. I love that stuff but haven’t had it in forever. I just restocked my laughing cow cheese wedges and I am really looking forward to eating them. And the pears I have. Oh they are so delicious. I may or may not eat several a day.

I wore my flourescent pink shirt New Balance shirt to the gym today. Every time I wear it someone makes a comment about how bright it is. Meh. And my Old Navy running capris. My tempo run went well. Kept my pace between 6:45-6:55 min/mi. I would be super happy about it, but my achilles started hurting. And like I was telling you yesterday, I get soooo nervous about any pain. I just hope this one doesn’t stick around!

All the tomatoes from our garden means there is always fresh salsa in our fridge – delicious.


I think I’m liking the nickname Spikey :)

Texting is a tie between the dad and the hubster. (Used to be my mom until she abandoned the cell phone…now we just tie up the email box!)

A fluorescent pink Nike singlet and a black Nike skort.

Leftover pizza and CCCs (chocolate chip cookies)…can’t wait!

Tomatoes? Absolutely!


I text my husband and cousin Brittney the most.
The most delicious thing waiting to be eaten is the 3 boxes of cupcakes in my fridge! I have been digging into them one at a time. Its super hard to share too LOL.


her hair may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. my mother recently informed me that I was a spiky haired baby and I’m really starting to hope it’s genetic so that when I have a little munchkin it will have the spikes

(p.s. I am in medical school and I know that spiky baby hair is not genetic. this is just wishful thinking and a twinge of baby fever talking)


Brooke looks like she has her hand on one of those static electricity balls you see at museums. Love it more and more each day!!
Teddy Grahams are the go-to in my cupboard right now. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I bought them. My life is definitely better now that I have them to keep me company!!
Hot pink is my power colour — I won’t run without something hot pink on me.
Love how you were sure to mention that you removed the sticker from your apple. Pretty sure I’ve eaten about 10,000 stickers already in my lifetime.


My super awesome friend got me a gift card to Lulu for babysitting. I bought two more pairs of shorts and I love them. I realize I now have more running shorts than jeans.


Love the “If you think I”m cool because I have 3 text messages ..they are from my mom.”

Sometimes I see peoples phones and they have like 15 texts. They are either ridiculously cool.. or have a crazy ex stalker!


THANK YOU for linking my blog and t-shirts!!! :)


I text my husband the most, my mom comes in at a very close second..especially when we are talking about my husband without him hearing us ;)

The last workout outfit I wore was on Tuesday. It was grey sweatpants with a bright pink tank top…walmart brand for about 11 dollars..the last one before that? um, probably around 10 years ago.

Can’t wait to eat food product…Sweet and Salty Nature Valley peanut bar.

I love Tomatoes…mostly roasted ones, but the little ones in a salad are good to :) I hate Ketchup.


the BF :) we are pretty much inseparable when he is down.

nike shorts, and any old race/crosscountry shirt :)

freshly made (made this morning) zucchini and pumpkin bread :) :) :) :)

sometimes haha I think it just depends on my mood and how my taste buds are feeling at the moment


Haha you are so funny. I love Brooke’s nickname. It suits her and her adorable style! ;)


I am head to toe lululemon as we speak/type.
I text my sister most only because it is her preferred form of communication. she has text me before while we were under the same roof…..what??
Carrot cake is most delish thing in the house at the moment.
And that spikey sentence made my day.


I text my BFF the most, we never go a day without texting and hardly ever less than 10! I have some hummus in my fridge calling my name!!! :)


The last workout outfit I -wore-? That would suggest that I actually change out of it when I get home instead of lounging around all evening ;) Just can’t beat the comfort of Lulu Studio pants and a racerback tank. And I do like tomatoes, but I’m more excited for the amaaaaazing cheesy buns that have taken up residence in my kitchen.


I think it’s so cute that all 3 messages were from your mom! My mom doesn’t even know how to text :)

The most delicious food product in my kitchen right now is probably… nonexistent! I’m out of almost everything and need to do a huge shopping trip tomorrow.

And I love tomatoes – one of my favorite foods ever!


I absolutely love tomatoes, especially garden tomatoes. I just finished my workout and I wore a nike dryfit shirt-blue and nike shorts-blue and reddish pink. Most looking forward to snacking on some TJ’s greek frozen yogurt after dinner. Love Brooke’s blanky in the top pic.


Spikey! AHHH! BEST nickname ever! Just gave me the biggest smile :D
You are SO adorable, holding little Brooke at the gym.
Ok, so I’m going to talk to you tomorrow…it’s a must. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to email today, but tomorrow is the day :)


I had an apple and pb for lunch today, too!! Love spikey as a nickname!! I don’t care for tomatoes, but love ketchup, salsa, and tomato sauce. I know that text hurt your heart. Moving away is so hard, but it’ll get better and you will love the area as ou and Brooke get out more. :))


I wish my little one’s hair was spiky. She’s starting to get curls at 10 months :) you should look into a Beco baby carrier. Perfect for holding little Brooke all the time if you want and they last into toddlerhood! We have one and it means I can use two hands again!


I love Brooke’s hair!!! So cute! I text my FI the most. He pretends like it annoys him but I know deep down he loves knowing every single thought I have while he is at work. I am still in my running clothes (don’t judge): SR Shirt, Nike shorts. Last night I made a Tomato and Corn pie for dinner, it was tasty! Even my 5 year old ate it!


I would be super sad about that text too.

I wear a rotation of 2-3 target work out outfits to the gym 5xs a week. It stinks having to do laundry that often but I can’t buy new exercise clothes right now :( I have a purple stretchy tank top, a black stretchy tank top, neon orange shorts, black tight capris and grey tight capris. I clearly need a Target workout clothes fund.

I hated tomatoes until I had REALLY GOOD ONES in a caprese salad last year at a restaurant and decided that I did like them raw after all. Now I put them on everything!


My workout clothes brands go all over the place, basically whatever fits well and has some sort of discount. (It’s hard finding tanks when you’re short, I had to buy from the kids section!) Mostly black for colors…if I had my choice though it’s all be green. I text my husband and my sister the most. It would be my mom though if she texted.


Right now, I’m lovin’ my Larabars. I just love that they are like three ingredients molded together into the shape of a bar!
Spikey is getting cuter and more adorable everyday!


I love Brooke’s hair!!! Definitely a tomato fan!


Best thing in my kitchen? Lindt Caramel with a dash of Sea SAlt- to die for!!!


I love the spikey hair!!!

I text my husband the most. As if we don’t spend enough time together as it is, we text each other constantly too.


Hi Janae!

I just want to let you know that you have inspired me to run my first marathon next June! I have ran few half marathons, but now it’s time to take a next step. Before I thought I might get bored with only running (I usually train all kind of sports), but you have managed to convince me that running can be fun:)

You have such a good mood blog and you always manage to cheer me up, thank you for that!

Greetings from Finland (a small & cold country):)



Yogurt is the bet thing to eat! And it would make me homesick too :-(. Spiky must make up for it t some extent!

I’m a Lorna Jane girl – leggings and tanks. I think the recently opened up in LA?


I think I text message some of my blog friends more than anyone else. I’m so cool.

I LOVE tomatos. We put them on pretty much everything.

Sometimes I’ll get an idea for dinner in the morning and then spend the whole day thinking about it.


I definitely text my boyfriend the most.
I made blueberry pancakes for dinner last night and cannot wait to eat the left over’s for lunch today :)
LOVE tomatoes- I eat the grape size ones like grapes!


This whole post cracked me up. You’re hilarious and I love reading your blog!

The tomato question is so weird and coincidental. I have always HATED tomatoes but recently I was staying with a family in Sardinia and, not to be rude, ate tomatoes on bread when they suggested it. Um, can you say AMAZING?! Plain and simple Italian bread with some sliced tomatoes, a little bit of olive oil, and a pinch of salt. Since coming back to the states, I have gone through two loaves of Italian bread and three packages of grape tomatoes. BEST SNACK/MEAL EVER.


GAH! Sorry for just responding now, of course my internet goes down yesterday night HA! Anyways-I really cannot thank you enough!

I’m the worst texter ever so I would say the person I text the most is my boss…when I’m late to work! LOL


I love Nike Dri-fit! I haven’t brought myself to purchase and lululemon yet because I think it’s way too expensive, but I can’t lie and say I haven’t ventured in the store before :)

I LOVE GRANOLA! Bear Naked Peak Protein is my favorite and I have it on my desk at work, and eat it every day!

I also LOVE tomatoes! We got the most delicious cherry heirloom tomatoes from the farmer’s market (they are yellow!) and they are the best things I’ve ever eaten..I put them on everything!

I love Brooke’s spikey hair, it’s so cute :)


I love that you and Brooke spend quality time in the gym together!


I basically text my mom the most!

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