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Sleepy Baby

I am not going to lie… I don’t really like schedules.  I kind of just like to go with the flow and do whatever comes up.  I am guessing this isn’t the best thing for babies especially with their sleeping and eating schedules.  That is why I need your help. My most favorite time of … Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About Treadmills

I opened up instagram on Friday and found the best one that I have ever seen. Saturday morning I hit up the treadmill as usual. Treadmill phone reenactment: As I was peacefully running along listening to Coolio’s Gangsta Paradise my hand grabbed the headphone cord on accident. iPhone goes flying onto the treadmill belt: Treadmill … Continue Reading

Sweat in my eyeballs, football, chili and cinnamon rolls.

I officially had a sweat in my eyeball run Saturday morning and it felt amazing (besides the burning sensation in my eye). I am back to loving the foam roller (when you are pregnant it is really awkward to try and use) and I have been making sure to use it for 10 minutes a … Continue Reading