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I guess we should call her Spiky Jr.

My mom kept telling me that Brooke looks just like I did as a baby but I didn’t believe it until I got an email from her with these pictures.  I guess I am technically the one that started the spiky hair trend. Did I ever tell you that my sister prayed that I was … Continue Reading

Crazy hair, a little homesick and my kitchen obsession.

I am not even going to try and explain my hair so just focus on Brooke’s instead.  I wanted to wear my Team Refuel running outfit from when I did the Las Vegas RNR last December.  What made me look extra cool was that a bunch of the letters are falling off the top.  I … Continue Reading

Fluffy carbs dipped into frosting.

I no longer shower or get ready before 5 pm.  Billy gets home at 6 and so I make a mad dash to the shower (if I choose to take one for the day) at 5 so that when he gets home he doesn’t think that I go everywhere in my sweaty gym clothes, so … Continue Reading