Pretty excited about this…

BILLY RAN YESTERDAY!!! If you remember he hasn’t been able to run since early June and even had to drop out of a race because of ITband issues.  He being the brilliant genius that he is stopped running right away and did everything possible to recover before trying out running again.   Some people are smart about injuries and realize that it is better to take time off right away then push it until it gets really bad… I try to learn from him. 

Screen Shot 2012 08 30 at 6 13 57 PM

He is good about logging his workouts too.  I will be getting back on Daily Mile again once I am running.

Yesterday Billy had a close call with a killer squirrel that almost attacked him.  He is really good at taking pictures fast and thank goodness he is because this would have been great evidence in case the squirrel did attack him.  

Photo 2 1 copy

One of the highlights from my Thursday was answering my phone and hearing CURLY’S little voice on the other end of the line asking, “Can I talk to Brooke?”  After a few words to Brooke about how they are going to be the bestest of friends she talked to me for a few minutes.  Man, I miss my nieces and nephews more than I thought possible and I am counting down the seconds until Thanksgiving break when I get to play with them for 7 full days and have them meet Brooke.  They are going to love her. (Photo from our last trip to Wendy’s before we moved)

DSC 3163

The same girl that brought us dinner on Tuesday night brought us dinner again last night!  How are people so nice?  The chicken dish was incredible, it was just what Billy and I were craving and it tasted like there was cream cheese in it and so of course I loved it.  

DSC 3522

Brooke decided she wanted to sleep rather than join us for family dinner.  This was the first time it was just Billster and I for dinner since she was born and the sparkling lemonade made it feel extra romantic.   So did the 2 episodes of Friday Night Lights.  I have a severe addiction to this show, I know this because I actually dream about it.  Photo 1

Really great iPhone picture, I know.

My mother-in-law really loves us because she put these dreamy cookies in our freezer when she was up here last week.  If you like chocolate and peanut butter and happiness you really should try these.

DSC 3523


What is something REALLY nice that somebody did for you recently?

Are you on Daily Mile?  Are you good about tracking your workouts?  Do you post your workouts on Twitter or Facebook?

When was the last time you had peanut butter?  What did you have it with?

What was a highlight from your Thursday?

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Happy Friday Janae! Yay for Billy running again–I can’t wait see see pictures of the 3 of you running (well Brooke along for the ride) ;-)

I post my workouts on daily mile–its good to look back at and see progress I made or see why I may have gotten injured, etc. But I don’t do more than that, its easy to get obsessed about.

pb w/oatmeal last night at 11 as my evening snack.


Peanut butter is an everyday thing for me! I love it so. especially PB, banana and honey sammiches. :-)

I track miles in my head. Running my first half marathon in october. I will do a 9 mile training run tomorrow morning. 1st time i have ever ran that far. i pray i make it :-)

Have a great weekend!


Chips Ahoy are GENIUS…I think we both know what your next homemade blizzard is going to involve :)! Last I had peanut butter was this morning with my overnight oats…wasn’t enough clearly because I’m already craving some!


PB with a spoon at 10pm last night.
I’ll double dip and let that be my Thursday highlight too.


I had peanut butter on my English muffin this morning!


#1 – I LOVE Friday Night Lights. i think i watched all the seasons in about 2 weeks. obsessed! Love Tim Riggins.

Hmm…in a staff meeting earlier this week, a girl in my department surprised me with ice cream sandwiches for my b-day that was last weekend and had the entire department sign a card for me, which was nice :)

I need to get on Daily Mile! used to use Runkeeper but am switching and when I did I posted to FB b/c I liked getting feedback and encouragement.

I honestly could not tell you the last time I ate PB – My son is allergic :( we eat sunflower seed butter though… And I last ate that last night mixed with some plain Chobani!

Buying an adorable new green clutch was yesterday’s highlight :)


It will be so sweet when the rest of your family gets to meet Brooke! Curly better not be jealous of her hair. ;)


I love Daily Mile and use it to track all my workouts! It’s such a great, inspiring community. I think it does post them to Twitter, but not to FB. I had peanut butter inside a Reese’s peanut butter cup yesterday, and my highlight was eating carbs all day to fuel up for a 15 mile race tomorrow morning!


How have I never seen those cookies?! I must find them! Lately I have been having apple slices with PB almost every day.

Sorry that you have to be so far away from your family – I can’t even imagine how hard that must be! I hope you have a wonderful Friday!


My posse of friends brought me wine and movies when I was having a particularly down day. Then they all cuddled up in bed with me and watched “Much Ado About Nothing” and “Pride and Prejudice” with me, quoting alongside.

I am on daily mile, I NEVER log in. IN SPITE of the fact I work out every dang day.

I had a spoonful of pb with my oatmeal this am and it was glorious.

I miss seeing curly on the blog. I vote you have your sibs text you pictures to put on your blog.


Um, Janae? Are you okay? You forgot something in this post……where’s a Brooke pic?!?! :)

My Mama is putting together all the centerpieces for my Nov. 3rd wedding. I called her last night and she was hard at work (I live 5 hours away from my parents). She is amazing and this is the nicest thing a person could do for me right now! I am on Daily Mile, but am absolutely horrible about tracking workouts – like maybe have tracked 1 ever. Whoops! I had a spoonful of delicious PB last night before a short fun run that a running store here in Milwaukee hosts, and the run with lots of people who love running was definitely the highlight of my Thursday! So many people on endorphin highs in one place. It was awesome!

Congrats on the run, Billy! Hopefully you can continue to build up in miles and speed – you’ll be back to racing in no time!


Right? Yeah, Janae is cute and all but she should be told upfront…we’re in it for the Brooke now. We need the hair and the little fist pumps. ;)


Congrats to Billy…he must be super excited. It’s nice that you two just had “you” time last night as well! I know what it’s like to miss family…it stinks! November will be here before you know it though. Those cookies look a-Mazing! I actually had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch yesterday. I track my runs/workouts on a printed out calendar and also I log each day on my blog. Have a great day! Oh, I work in Princeton, NJ and the first time I came here I was freaked out because they have black squirrels!…they are super cute though, lol. It was just the first time I had seen one. :)


I totally dream about shows that I get addicted to! I went through Friday Night Lights like nobody’s business because I just couldn’t wait :)

Yay for Billy’s run!

And Curly is so cute–you’ll just have to post old pictures of her until you get new ones so we can have our Curly fix…although the cuteness factor of Brooke and Curly might be a bit much…nah!


Thank goodness Billy’s OK…and by that I mean the squirrel incident. Definitely, the hardest part of moving to Arizona twelve years ago was missing my nieces and nephews. Your new friend sounds like a keeper…making you all those yummy dinners! Hope you don’t mind me linking this but as a fellow FNL freak, I thought you’d appreciate the lengths I went to the final episode party. :)

Oh and my favorite thing about yesterday was definitely bunco with a new group of friends. So fun. Laughed our heads off like a bunch of drunks…drinking lemonade of course. I’m pretty sure I came stumbling in at the end of the night too. It was funny.

Feel free to follow me on twitter or my new blog domain. Thanks Janae!! (formerly

-Jessica Washburn


It is back to school time and my husband has been making sure to help out extra around the house each night since I have been working late (moving to a new school) setting up my classroom!


I put peanut butter in my oatmeal every morning! Yum!


I love daily mile – it’s such a good way to keep track of your workouts (I would never remember what I did last week otherwise.) I also like that you can see your progress over time, since I’m a beginner runner. P.S. I love the pics of Brooke! Keep ’em coming :)


Yay Billy! That’s spectacular!

And any dish containing cream cheese is a winner in my books :)


My highlight was the fact that it was almost Friday. Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies in bed while watching Friday Night Lights. Fun!!!!


I found your blog a few days ago, and I love it! Your enthusiam for running has encouraged me to run a 1/2 marathon in two weeks (I was previously thinking of stepping down to the 5 miler). I don’t track my workouts regularly, but I’ll post about big things on my blog and facebook if I’m feeling super proud. Oh and I eat peanut butter daily. Yesterday on a sandwich with honey. So tasty! Highlight of yesterday was going to a great baseball game!

ps. your family is adorable.


When I was moving a few months ago my sister and I were moving my couch in, we got it completely lodged in the stairwell for about 30 minutes until we got fed up, walked outside to get some fresh air and bitch about how much we hated the stair well, couch and life (dramatic I know)… 2 random guys walking down the sidewalk heard our pathetic banter and offered to help us out, of course it took the 2 of them about 20 seconds to un-lodge it and set it up in my living room. I am forever grateful, I believe without their help we would still be stuck in that dreaded stairwell.


My hubster had a run-in with a squirrel yesterday too! He told me it was running around backseat when he got in his car!! I’m hoping this little incident will help him to remember to close his windows all the way.

Just recently started logging my runs consistently. Treated myself to the blue nike sportswatch for my August birthday.. (Brooke came on my due date but I was 3 days late :) Before loggin with nike I would randomly log them with mapmyrun app on my iphone, but sweat & iphones dont mix, so I had to give her a ricebath and stop doing that!

Can’t remember the last time I had pb, it’s not one of my favs I tend to only like it with pb&j or reesescups.

An old Friend sent me a flower basket because of my little trip to the hospital. And alot of friends/family have been sending encouraging words/prayers my way on facebook.

Thursday highlight cleared to run (slowly) Sunday’s race! Less than 48hrs until RnR Va beach HALF! We’re driving in town later today, for the health expo and there’s FREE concerts all Weekend :)


Yay Billy!

The last time I had PB was last Saturday on a banana during the Rivalry Relay… So fun!

The best thing about my Thursday… My hubby got home from a business trip and met me and my girls at the Football Game.. Oh and we won!! Woohoo! Ps Brooke is adorable!!


Woo hoo! Congrats to Billy for running!

It’s awesome that Brooke has so many adorable cousins to grow up and play with.

I’ve never been good at tracking my workouts (which are non-existent right now anyway….) The DailyMile looks interesting, though. I’m not sure I’d like the (self-perceived) pressure of everyone seeing my workouts, though.

My parents have been SUPER amazingly nice in taking care of me while I’m sick. Also, I can’t say what, but someone in the medical community did something really above and beyond for me recently. :)


I track my work outs in a log that I have on the kitchen counter next to the fridge. I always put whatever work out I’ve done XT, walk, run, yoga, etc. and how many miles, minutes, pace, etc. It’s a great way to see how much I’ve been running!

I should have Billy teach me how to lay off because I been having IT band issues for the past 4 months. I know I should have backed off immediately once I felt it flaring up again, but of course I pushed it. It might be the most frustrating injury in the world, either that or I’m the most stubborn person in the world!


Ummm those cookies sound amazing! Where did she get them? And are those other ice cream sandwich cookies only a California Costco thing? Cause if not, I need to get them!

I had peanut butter on my overnight oats Wednesday morning.

I don’t keep track of my miles or workouts. I never really cared until now I see people say they have ran 1,000 miles this year or what not and I wonder how many I have ran. Perhaps I should strat keeping track? Hmmmm.

Good job Billy on his run and being smart. Also, that squirrel looks like it is going to pounce at any second and it is kinda freaky.

Something random from my Thursday: I made pizza last night. Pepperoni for the kids and taco pizza for me and the mr. I was craving it so badly and it was everything I wanted and more. Plus the corn (from HF, of course) and watermelon we ate with it were seriously out of this world. Geez I love food. No orthorexia here ;) I am so glad I am over that phase in my life!


Have you ever thought of trying It is a pretty awesome website. I use it to find routes that other people have done around me and I find it a little more exciting than Daily Mile. :-)


I’m on Dailymile but I go through stages where I am really good at logging and stages where I am very forgetful. I wish my Garmin magically spoke to Dailymile and all synced together like a happy family.


Dinners from friends/family are lifesavers after having a baby! We had meals for a few weeks after our first was born.


janae! ahh i feel like i haven’t commented in forever! still stalking your pics and screaming over Brooke every day though!

nicest thing someone has done for me recently.. john met me at work the last 2 nights to walk with me since i wanted to start walking more :)

i love daily mile!! i also annoyingly post my workouts on FB and sometimes twitter and of course the blog. thats what were here for, right? :-)

currently eating PB, with oatmeal and banana of course!

highlight from Thursday was making protein cookie dough from Stuft Mama’s blog! <3


So glad Billy is running again, I bet your chomping at the bit to join him! I track my workouts in my planner and then I talk about them on my blog, plus my nano uploads my runs to Nike+ so its cool to see all the data on there too. Have a great weekend!


Highlight from my Thursday evening was watching Memento with my new roommate and trying to establish a Thursday or Friday night ritual where we hang out/do something fun (I live on campus).
Last time I had PB, I think I ate it with a banana before running.
Woo hoo to Billy on getting to ease back into running!


YAY! Billy is running & feeling better!

Nicest thing lately–my husband gave me a back/shoulder massage last night (I felt really tight) and it was the sweetest thing. I didn’t even ask him! Def a highlight!


I’ve never heard of Daily Mile! I’ll have to check that out!

My MapMyRun app posts to Facebook for me. I like to post the workouts for my own sake… and so that it might motivate someone out there to move more that day. Usually I’ll type up what the weather was like, where I was or what music I listened to, too.

Those cookies look AMAZING!

Last night my 12 year old and I watched Ghostbusters together. :) I cannot believe that movie was only rated PG! It was fun to laugh about the special effects from back then. Things were so different!

Have a great weekend! Glad you and Billy got to eat a quiet meal together. How awesome of you to be able to step back and appreciate that in the moment!


I had chocolate-peanut butter frozen yogurt a couple days ago. :)
They finally figured out that there should be a chocolate peanut butter flavor!
So. So. Good.


so great that billy is feelin better and that you two have already scored new friends! and, double great that you’ve got chips ahoy in the freezer. can’t go wrong there.


I am on Daily Mile and I am not good about posting my workouts. I like it when I have time to use it though, because it’s nice to see what I did last year and compare my pace.


First of all, that lemonade looks amazing! Might need to keep an eye out for that!!

I have ice cream AT LEAST once a day, and always have a spoonful of PB with it.

I usually use mapmyrun, but just got back to also logging my runs on DailyMile.

That’s great you have friends to bring you food, it’s so helpful in those first coupole weeks!


Yum, those cookies look delicious!! I had peanut butter this morning on toast … nothing nearly as exciting as peanut butter cookies! ;)


I love PB and just has a Reese’s cup for a snack today :) I track my runs all over the place, mostly on Garmin connect (only b/c my watch uploads automatically) but I always record my workouts in a log book. I tried using Daily Mile but forget to syncy workouts regularly since they are already recorded else where. I’ve also used maputo run sometimes and that posts on FB if you want.

Thursday highlight was my new running shoes and happy hour with a friend :)

Glad to hear Billy is running again, injuries are not fun!


A bit ago (maybe last week) you mentioned something about how to decorate your new bookcase. Maybe you got 34930 comments and already have it done, but if not:

saw that and saw of you. Happy Decorating!


Thanks so much Maggie! I really appreciate this!


That chicken sounds amazing! I can’t wait until my appetite comes back! Isn’t Friday Night Lights the best?! We just ended all of the seasons a few days ago, and I am going through withdrawals. I definitely need to check out those Reese’s Chips Ahoy cookies… wowee!


I eat A LOT of peanut butter! Today I ate some straight out of the jar, on toast, and in some granola bites. I also plan to eat more later in the form of peanut butter sandwich cookies!

A highlight from my day today is hanging out with my little boy! He has been so funny all day today. I love it.


I usually track my work-outs on Twitter! Have a great weekend Janae! :)


Your niece is too cute.

The last nice thing someone did was my mom taking me out to get a pedicure to cover up my awful black toenails :)

I just made chocolate chocolate chip cookies. I kind of wish I’d read this first, because then I would have added PB too.


Awww I feel like crying for you that you’re away from that sweet little niece! Thank goodness for phones and the internet to make the world seem a bit smaller. Glad you had a “date”! I loooooove Friday Night Lights so much and your posts are making me want to get on Netflix and watch them all again.


I’m on DailyMile, but only log my runs, not my other workouts.
A stranger I met in our neighbourhood bulk health food store offered to drive a package of textbooks home for me so I didn’t have to bike with it. I sincerely couldn’t believe she was so selfless and generous!!
Last had PB about 4 sec ago. haha. With some Teddy Grahams for dessert. :)
Highlight of yesterday was my 11 mile run (distance PR and long-run pace PR to boot!)


Yay for your sister and the kids coming this weekend to visit! Its hard when your used to being so close to someone and they are no longer just a short drive away.

I am not on daily mile but I do love twitter. I was really good about posting what I did everyday on there for a while then I slacked, then my running slacked. I should start doing it again or something.

Graham cracker, spread with peanut butter, put a dollop of vanilla chocolate chunk yogurt on the pb, top with another graham cracker. Wrap it up in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer for 2 hours. Delicious frozen smore!!!


I am on daily mile and I always put my runs in to track my training! I don’t put in any other workouts though, I like it to be solely for running and seeing my weekly and monthly mileage!


I am addicted to logging my workouts, did I really say that out loud?! lol
Yep I am on daily mile and it posts my workouts to twitter too! lol

Follow me @SouthGirlRun so we can tweet together!


I was actually curious when Billy was going to start running again especially now that he is a professional law student. (Just because I think about the daily ins and outs of your family’s life.) Great for Billy!


I eat peanut butter every day. Although I generally eat pretty healthy, love my veggies (I’m a vegetarian) and don’t eat a lot of friend food, I have a short list of foods that I eat almost every day. In some quantity, at least… They are: chocolate, peanut butter, cheese and wine. Yes, I count wine as a food.

And I completely get your addiction to Friday Night Lights. Due to my kiddos, I log a lot of hours on a treadmill. A LOT. When training for my last marathon, I started watching FNL on Netflix while running and would run extra miles all the time just to keep watching! I had a rule that I wouldn’t let myself watch it unless I was running. Awesome show. :)


Good for Billy! It feels good being able to get back into something you enjoy. Those cookies look really dangerous!! Does almond butter count? Had an almond butter and jelly sandwhich today. I can’t remember the last time I had real peanut butter. I usually go with PB2, sunbutter or almond butter.


That cream cheese chicken bake plus those cookies sound like the perfect meal! You and Billy are so darn cute together :) So I read your blog religiously, and have seen that he’s been super smart with his IT band issue, but did anything besides taking a break from running help? Mine’s been somewhat sore lately, and I’m willing to listen to anything that’s worked for people! :)


I am a kindergarten teacher and this was my first week back from school. My parents sent me a cookie bouquet today. It was a sweet surprise after a rough week! (I have 28 kiddos! Eek!)

I am not on daily mile but I track my workouts by writing them down in my planner and sometimes post them. I also use a calorie counter app to keep track of cals and it also lets you log your workouts and the calories you burn from them. :)

It’s been a while since I’ve had peanut butter but I am really loving Justin’s Maple Almond butter right now! Had it this morning for breakfast on a whole wheat waffle! YUM!

Highlight from Thursday…hmm… Talking to my mom on the phone after a rough day of teaching…It seems like everyday they bring me a new kid… Mom’s are the best :)…. I LOVE MY JOB… just stressed right now ;)


1. we still need to bring you dinner..let me know a night!
2. so glad you love friday night lights–best show on EARTH! tim riggins..enough said.


The hazy iPhone picture does make it look pretty romantic haha!


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