3 dinners, swimsuits and hair.

Don’t pretend like you change out of your gym clothes or actually shower at home instead of splashing water on yourself in the public bathroom when you go to meet friends for lunch.  

Photo copy

The above gorgeous girl (you have to check out her incredible photography blog) is actually my sister’s best friend but technically mine too because I followed them everywhere they went from the ages of 6-17 and she even lived with us for a while during college.  We chose to go to Chick-fil-a for lunch because it is delicious and there is also a play place for all of the kids to go crazy on.  

Photo 4 1

I had their ice cream with my meal for the first time and you seriously must try it sometime.

Photo 5

She gave me the cutest swim gear for my future California girl.  

Photo 1 copy

I think this photo wins the Creepiest Self-Portrait I Have Ever Put On My Blog Award and that is saying a lot because I have put a lot of creepy photos on the blog. 

Photo 2 1

I had to get in one last hair appointment with my favorite girl and I decided I wanted to go really dark again.  How do hairdressers make your hair feel like silk?  I swear they add something illegal to make it feel so good.  The best part of getting your hair done is the massage when they wash your hair, I started falling asleep just a little bit just thinking/typing about it.

After a few hours I got to see my cutest in-laws.  They are driving through from S. Cali on the way to a wedding so I got to have some quality time with them.  She loves taking pictures of my belly (first grandchild on Billy’s side of the family) so I decided to take a picture of her taking a picture of me.  She better not take pictures of my stomach like this post baby.  PS how cute are her sparkly Toms.

Photo copy 2

They took us for Fro-yo and I had a base of peach gelato with fruit, sour gummy worms and gummy bears.  One of my best creations.  

DSC 3187

I am really considering buying an island and moving all of our family, friends and you guys to it and having everyone hang out together every day.  

DSC 3188

And for dinner #3 (cereal/lasagna for dinner #1, leftover salad with in-laws for dinner #2) I went to meet my sister at a little Mexican Restaurant for chips and salsa at 11 last night.  The fun conversation made it totally worth the heartburn that accompanied my good decision of eating this.  



What was the last thing you did to your hair?  Cut? Color? Do you go to the same person each time or try new people out?

Do you have a phone case?   What color/design is it?

Would you rather get chips and salsa before your meal at a restaurant or bread/breadsticks?

What was the last song you listened to?

-I am listening to Dave Matthews as I type this. 

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1. Important things first, I have a Dylan’s Candy Bar iphone case, you simply must get yourself one. It is insanely important to have your phone ocvered in candy so people know just how serious you are about it.
2. I just got my hair highlighted last night, and it was high time!


Your hair looks awesome!!!


Your hair looks gorgeous dark! I haven’t cut mine in so long it’s ridiculous. I try to go to the same person, but often I see a split end and decide to lop off 2 inches all by myself… and end up looking like I stuck my head in the blender. It’s a BAD habit!


my hubby has a game boy iPhone case, it’s pretty awesome and everyone thinks he has a retro gameboy at first.


Your hair looks great dark! It depends on what I’m having for dinner as to whether I’d prefer chips and salsa or bread but I always eat an appetizer lol. Your MIL is too cute! I stopped putting my phone in the case but recently dropped it on the pavement and not it’s cracked badlyyyyy..we may be switching providers soon which is why I haven’t replaced it yet …the broken glass gives it character lol (I have a protective shield on it just so it doesn’t cut my face lol)


Good idea to get your hair done before leaving! I tend to stick with the same stylist, too…for my 2x/year appointments. (for real. I neglect my hair something awful!)

I always prefer salsa. You can even keep all the chips! Just give me a spoon…;)
The last “song” I listened to was the Oldest playing a lovely piece on some Piano App for his phone. It was horrid. lol.
Have a great weekend!


Hey Janae,
I’ve been reading your blog a couple months now and love it. I decided I should start commenting more because you are moving to Santa Clara and I live in Santa Cruz:)
Embarrassingly enough the last song I listened to was twisted by Keith Sweat that brought me straight back to the panic of standing around at a middle school dance hoping someone would ask me to dance. Shudder, so glad those days are over! Good luck on your move!


I have few phone cases from J. Crew, Etsy (a goldmine for them), and Lily Pulitzer. I need to try the Chick-Fil-A ice cream. I’ve heard it is really good!


Oooooh. Dave Matthew’s Band is sooooooo good!!
The last song I listened to by my choice was probably something by Maroon 5 (or Michael Jackson if I was on a run).
If my 12 year old (almost 13, yikes!) son was in charge of the radio I was probably listening to something hip-hoppy :)
Have a great day!


I have an Otterbox on my iphone and thank goodness I do, because I’ve dropped it (down a flight of stairs), more then once. I tend to be a little clumsy at times ;)


I love that your MIL has sparkly Toms. She is awesome! :) I bet they are SOOO excited about their first grandchild!!!!
I need to eat more frozen yogurt. That is my goal for today. I see it all too often, but don’t have any..that needs to change!
I love Baby ______’s new swim suit! She is going to be the cutest little CA girl :)


I cut 4 inches off my hair and not a single person noticed. Thats how long my hair is, but I’m dying to chop it to my shoulders after my cousin’s wedding.

I have the gray/pink Otterbox because I work at a cake shop, I get buttercream on my phone all the time along with luster dust, confectioners sugar, anything that is sticky or I drop it from it getting slick.

The last song I listened to was Kyoto by Skrillex on my run this morning.


What a jam packed day! Sounds like fun!

Your hair looks great!


Who is going to be there to help u in Cali? Will u be close to ur inlaws? As a new mom I am a little nervous for you since it is scary to have all that responsibility!


Now I want waffle fries AND chips and salsa. So many choices!

I am really boring with my hair – I typically get the same cut every single time, and I never color it. But I just moved from Colorado to Florida, so I’m scared to have to find a new hairdresser!

I’m listening to Pandora right now! I made a new station off of Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” – it is giving me great running music! Right now it’s playing “We Run The Night” by Havana Brown.


I’ve been contemplating what to do with my hair all summer. Do I keep it long and layered or cut it into a reverse short bob like Victoria Beckham used to have? Do I go a little darker or highlight it and eventually go blonde again? I love playing around with my hair, but it’s been long and brunette for over 3 years now. Thankfully, my sister is a hair stylist and has been doing my hair since I was 16.


Chips and salsa!!! And I rarely cut my hair and I’ve NEVER colored it in any way. I’m too scared to! I love the color of my hair and I’ve always wanted to just try something else for a little bit, but I’m too afraid it won’t go back to how it is!


Ha Ha Ha!!! Your self portrait is so funny!!!!!!!! Love it!


Earlier this summer I got a blue streak put in the underneath part of my hair. Then I got my hair trimmed last week, and I will be getting my highlights will be getting touched up in the next couple of weeks. I have gone to the same girl basically my entire life. She is the best.

Gelato sounds amazing and now that’s all I want!


I got my hair cut to an A-line :) I had fried my hair so it needed to all be cut off lol

No case for me, probably should get one since I drop my phone so much though…

chips and salsa all the way baby!!! I eat salsa by itself all the time,

whistle by flo rida hahaha


I am glad you are enjoying your last few days at home!! I’m sure it is a bittersweet feeling :-)

And I agree – I always want that moment when the hairdresser massages my head to last forever!


You’re making me feel sad about your moving away from your family! You are very lucky to have them :)

Last song for me would have been one of Dan Auerbach’s. I rediscovered his album recently and haven’t stopped listening to it since.


Cut and highlights. I did go to the same girl but we have moved so I am trying someone new next week!
Chips and salsa. Definitely!
Good luck this weekend.

The Kidless Kronicles


Her sparkly Toms are cute, as is her iphone case. And looking at all of the froyo is making me think, I’m going to NEED some of that today! I would rather chips/salsa and throw in some guac and queso and that’s even better. ;)


I just got the keratin treatment in my hair for summer. I have terrible frizz so I treat myself to it twice a year so for a couple months I get to have pretty, smooth hair! I want some froyo right now. If I work out enough, that will be my treat!



I just got my hair cut earlier this week. I always go to the same person because I love that she knows my hair and I can just tell her to do what she thinks will look good,


Love DMB!!!

I go to my hairdresser back in WI. I have gone to her for 10+ years, even living in FL and NYC. I had a bad experience in college (aka looked like a boy after a haircut) so I hate to go to anyone else. :)


Love your MIL’s Toms! So cute.

Also, your hair looks amazing! I love having hair appointments or getting a pedicure after a long run because it’s so great to be pampered after killing my body for hours.


Your hair looks great! Getting mine done today (and then once more before baby comes). I recently changed hairdressers after many years and although I felt guilty I loooooove that it takes less time and looks better!


yep-sometimes my running gear stays on all day-or until all my chores are done


Wow you have had like A billion going away dinners.


It’s been MONTHS since I’ve had my hair cut, but that’s because I refuse to go to anyone by MY hair girl, and she’s an hour away. :(

I have a cheap teal iPhone case (not my first choice), but I’m holding out for a Mophie Juice Pack Air case for extended battery life–I just need to be better about saving my fun money.

I will always pick chips and salsa over breadsticks.

I’m currently at Starbucks, and they have some jazzy piano music playing, but I’m listening to Fun. I’ve been playing “Some Nights” on repeat for the last 20 minutes–I LOVE that song!


whoa whoa whoa, you had never had chickfila ice “dream”?? its good, huh.

love how close you are with your fam!


your hair looks so good!!!

those little ones are all so cute :) and now i need some ice cream.

i need to dye my hair soon. i want it darker, too! makes the eyes pop :)

chips and salsa are my fave. ever. i usually eat way too many and then can never finish my actual meal, but that doesn’t bother me one bit.

listening to matt kearney right now!


Love your hair! Chips and salsa for me. I just got a phone case that has my blog logo on the back. It turned out great and I have gotten tons of comments about it.


I just wanted to say hi after reading your blog for a couple months. I realized a while back that I recognized your nephew and then your sister. He was in my daughter Emma’s class this year and I met your sister when we both helped in class.

You are such an inspiration in running – pregnant or not! I have finally started running regularly and am expecting baby #5 so thanks for the motivation! Good luck on your two new adventures coming up!


Love your hair Janae! Looks beautiful!!!


Love you, Janae! I hope that your new adventure will be amazing, but remember we are all still here at home when you need us :)


I am considering going back to dark hair again soon as well! I’ve had it highlighted and colored light brown for so long.

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