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38.5 WEEKS!!!

I sure do miss my professional belly photographer, I am sure Billy misses me make him take 200 pictures too. -I want sushi so bad it hurts right now.  If you put any beautiful pictures of sushi on your blog for the next 1.5 weeks we can no longer be friends.   -45 miles this … Continue Reading

Waffle Sandwich and how do you stack up?

Billy just sent me this picture from our new apartment: Have you ever seen a more beautiful dishwasher in your life?  I actually can’t even remember the last time I lived at a place with a dishwasher and I have a feeling that this will motivate me to actually cook Billy dinner once a week … Continue Reading

A list of sister things to do.

Did you think I would leave without saying goodbye to my lover before I left? Yogurtland has been there for me through thick and thin, so many good memories from things like trying to heal my heart and femurs with froyo to telling my Dadio that I was pregnant over a cup of this stuff. … Continue Reading