Over 1,000 miles together.

I estimated how many miles me and little ________ have ran together and it is over 1,000.  I already feel like we are best friends and she already knows how to deal with my craziness quite nicely.

DSC 2897

35.5 weeks:

-My ribs keep wondering when in the world she is ever going to drop a little.  My mom says that hers didn’t drop until she was in labor.  Dang it.  I was 9 lbs 7 ounces and I really knew how to kick so I was extra painful for my mom.

-40 miles last week

-I can no longer sit up straight because of ribs smooshing and so I now drive with my car seat reclined big time.

-Hello heartburn, it is nice to meet you.

-As of today my due date is exactly one month away?!?!

-We are back to having no idea where we will have the baby and whether Billy will be able to make it back in time or not.  This should bring more drama than the Bachelorette. Stay tuned.

-Baby shower time is about to start.  I am practicing my, “THAT IS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD” in lots of different octaves to figure out which pitch I like best.  Turns out the highest pitch one wins.

-We now have doctor’s appointments once a week.  I think that means we are getting close.

-For the first time I am actually getting really worried about the labor and delivery.  I don’t do well with pain (unless it is from running a marathon) and so the thought of what is actually going to be happening in about a month is scaring me to death.

-To prepare for labor I will be watching Baby Mama with TIna Fey and Father of the Bride Part II a few times this week.


What is your favorite pregnancy/birth/babies movie?  Have you seen Baby Mama or Father of the Bride Part II?

Did thinking about the pain part of labor scare you?  What scared you the most about labor?

What was the hardest part for you in the last few weeks of pregnancy?