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Gaining Weight While Pregnant

Something that I was worried about before I got pregnant was how I would deal with gaining weight.  Luckily I have felt really great most of the time but I am a girl, hormones are real and every now and then we just don’t feel good about ourselves.  The good news is I have only … Continue Reading

28 laps at the track and an Ultramarathon

When I woke up this morning I had the best idea ever.  I wanted to run with my sister and came up with the perfect way to do so. We didn’t plan to match but we are able to communicate telepathically and knew that it was a red shorts and black top kind of a … Continue Reading

Communal (my new favorite) and a gym I have never been to before…

You know those restaurants that you drive by and each time you do you dream/wish/hope that you get to eat there soon and then you go home and look up the menu online and then have dreams about what you would order? (It is always refreshing to know that I am not alone and that … Continue Reading