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33.5 Weeks Quick Update

-She loves my ribs.  She is very fascinated with (especially when sitting in the car for multiple hours on road trips) kicking them and trying to push them up to my shoulders.  It is a fun game she likes to play and she always wins. -I am starting to get really self-conscious about my belly … Continue Reading

Life of the teacher in the summer

I thought I would share a little bit more detailed description of what I am really up to all day besides just the usual nap/wheel of fortune watching/pool-time stuff that I you always hear about from me. 6:45 Wake up and tell Billy that I will be right behind him to meet with the people … Continue Reading

My challenge this month… I am afraid I am going to fail.

Once upon a time all of my siblings and I planned to buy a col de sac where we would all build our dream homes (with a park, maybe a few roller coasters and a froyo establishment) and all live happily ever on the same street.   The only problem is that my siblings did … Continue Reading