Next addition to my at home gym and BROOKS MORNING PARTYING

This first picture is for Billy. I ask him three times a month for a punching bag because seriously how fun would that be to have and get really good at? It will help me deal with all of my rage and anger that I have.

I had to have proof to show him how awesome I look with it.

I started off today by waking up at 6:45 (start clapping for me now because technically that was 4:45 Utah time) and made it downstairs to the gym by seven. I forgot my trusty belly band to run with so I stuck to the elliptical instead for 60 minutes followed by some weights. The gym was 79 degrees. Not even an exaggeration. That is why it looks like I jumped into a swimming pool before playing with the punching bag.

After a quick shower (workouts are way more important than looking presentable) I met up with Jenn and Meghann to walk to our Brooks meeting. Seriously, how cool is it that everyone walks everywhere here?!?

Any Pushing Daisies fans? I swear this is the building where the pie cafe is?!?

Hello beautiful breakfast. Why do I keep saying hello to things? Anyways, I went a little overboard on the fruit, the raspberries and pineapple were better than candy. A little while later they brought in BAGELS and cream cheese and I teared up a little but put on my sunglasses so no one would see a grown woman getting emotional over carbs.

Time for the coolest thing ever. We got to talk with the product designers/developers/experts of Brooks Apparel and Shoes.

We all have our passions and things we could talk about forever and this is mine, I could have talked to them all day but silly flights and checking out of hotels prevented that.

Super user friendly way on each item to help you find the right gear for thr conditions you are running in:

I have a million things to tell you about each product but will space it out so I don’t overload you. I do want to tell you about how I love that they think of all the details for us so that we don’t have to worry about anything and we can just go run!

Details like:
-They pay attention to where we sweat (both men and women) and the best ventilation for those areas.
-Night running safety. NightLife.
-Thick waistbands to help with the muffin tops:)
-Range of motion…where the material needs to be flexible.
-Using material to reduce smell (sorry but you should still shower after:)
-Protecting our skin with UPF 50+
-Cute colors of course because you know that is important to you.
-A million more things that I forgot because I don’t have to worry about them because they do for me.

Love love their sports bras and it made me beyond happy to learn that they have S-XL for ABC and D cups with extra support. The tanks with bras in them have these bras built into them…not just a shelf bra!

I think this would look quite nice on all of us:)

Built in spandex boy shorts…love that idea! Total of three pockets on these for our cell phone, fuel, keys, gu, body glide, money for bagels, chapstick, and every thing else we like to carry when we run.

I wanted to take home all of the men’s gear to billy because it was so cool.

The men’s short is just as important as the sports bra is for women and these beauties seemed to be perfect, maybe billy can review some for you:)

Just playing dress-up:

Can you believe all of the beauty on this table?

It is incredible how many details/planning/brain power goes into designing shoes.

What I love about Brooks shoes is that their biggest goal is to have options for everyone. They have every type of shoe imaginable from an ultra padded neutral shoe to minimalist shoes where you can pull out the insole if you are looking for a drop zero shoe.

No one type of shoe is perfect for everyone and I love that they focus on making a wide variety of shoes so you can find one that feels good for YOU so you can run happy.

The beautiful Brooks family that I have forced my way into muhahahah:

Off to get on a five hour flight but I picked up 4 bagels to eat along the way…traveling through different time zones uses a lot of energy and bagels provide a lot of energy.

Where do you get the most sweaty? Does your face sweat (my sisters doesn’t that is why I am asking this question).

-I sweat the most at the bottom my sports bra and my face most definitely sweats.

What is something that you feel like you could talk all day about (besides running)?

What is the next piece of equipment that you want for an at home gym?

What things do you bring with you on a run?

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I sweat most on my lower back (ew, gross, sick… I know lol) and my face doesn’t really sweat that bad, but it gets super red… so that’s embarassing. :)


Oh my gosh, I miiiiissss Pushing Daisies. Tthe best show ever. You can’t see me, but i am having a moment of silence and a piece of pie in memory. RIP.

The weirdest place I sweat is my elbow area. Whaaa? I come back from cooler temp runs with huge patches o f sweat in a ring on my long sleeved shirt around my elbow. If it is summer, I have to wipe it away as I run or it gets out of control! No idea why, though my sis has the same thing.


I am not a huge Pushing Daisies fan, but I do LOVE Kristin Chenoweth and just have to tell you that just 2 days ago I was waiting for my friend outside Holt Refrew in Toronto (A high end designer department store in Canada!) and I saw Kristin Chenoweth walk in, she was literally 2 ft away with no one else around so I blurted out her name! hahaha I said I was a huge fan and she asked my name and said hi!! It was pretty cool!
I definitely sweat the most on my back and in between/under my boobs haha
Bagels are my favorite food….I am a little jealous of you right now!!! I am going to New York in September and that’s the first thing I am going to be eating that day!!! (and mayeb for every meal….whoooo knows!)


I sweat tons on my face, lower back, and legs. Hotel gyms are always SOOOO hot! Agreed.

That clothes looks amazing. Have a good flight with all those bagels! ;)


I love Brooks running shorts. I special order them each season from the running shop downtown and have them in seriously every color. I also just switched from my beloved Mizuno’s to Brooks Launch. So far, so good.


I think I could talk about food and music all day long. I am one of those people that takes a ton of stuff on a run, but it depends on distance and the pockets I have. In my Camelbak pocket I always have sunscreen, chapstick, tear gas, swiss army knife, snacks (sometimes things like oreos, pb sandwich, crackers) and gels, cell phone, keys, ipod…


Do you carry body glide with you when you run long distances? I chafe under my arms so bad and usually wear bandaids but that’s just not cutting it very well. I’ve never tried body glide. Does it work super good? So you have to keep re applying when you run?


I use Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chaffe Cream. It is awesome!! It’s waterproof and soooo NOT sticky!! It works like a dream!! I love it!!
Hope this helps! :O)


I love Brooks, great brand/company! When I lived in Seattle my office was across the street from their corporate office and I would always try to run-stalk the employees to see what new products they were wearing (it seems they are getting more and more trendy too, wooo hooo!). So excited for you that you are dealing with them, congrats!


I get the most sweaty in a place I should probably not mention on the interwebs…or anywhere for that matter. TMI much? Brooks boy shorts under their skirts and what not is the BEST. love them. Love all that color too. I want it all!

You have met me. There probably isn’t a subject in the world I couldn’t talk about all day long. True story ;)

I would love a better treadmill for my at home gym….or a spin bike…or a tv to watch while I am doing any of those things. Is a tv a piece of gym equipment? lol.

I bring my garmin, my mp3 player, water bottle if it is a long run and my cell phone if it is late at night.

And yes. That totally looks like where the The Pie Hole was. Oh Ned. I miss him.


Looks like another great day at Brooks for you! How fun!
I honestly sweat the most in-between/underneath my boobs and at my elbows. I think the elbow thing is so weird! I sweat some on my face but not the most. One of my friends gets super red even on a short easy run, like where she is still red an hour later. It’s so weird how everyone is so different!


Definitely boob sweat. So not attractive!

Can’t wait to hear more about Brooks, I love their clothes and shoes. I have a Brooks skort that I have worn in my past 3 marathons. It is awesome and the little boy shorts under it stay in place.


I sweat mostly on my face,back and between my thighs when I run which.
When I am not at work, I can talk about food the whole day. Any conversations about food would get me going.

I bring my keys , iphone and headphones for all my runs.


I hope you like the bagels!!!
I need to buy weights! I never do weights anymore!
I think my sports bra gets the most sweaty…
Can we do lunch every Thursday??? We need to try every type of pizza at two boots!


I am so jealous that you get to play with all of that cool new running gear! I’m with you when it comes to the designers thinking of everything so I don’t have to. I love shorts/tanks/socks/etc. that let me not think about anything at all while I’m running!


I sweat all over my face. YUCK. Back of my neck too. I look *amazing* after runs.

I just got my first pair of Brooks this summer. Looking forward to seeing how they feel on the long runs!! I got the Pureflow.

I want a spinbike!

On a run I bring water if it is longer than an hour. Usually my iPod and Garmin. That’s about it!! :)


I LOVE BROOKS. They were my second brand of running shoes and I will NEVER have anything other. Love them to pieces!

I think I get the most sweaty on my face and chest. And my elbow crease. Gross, I know – but it is for real.

I could talk about babies all day :)

We do not have a treadmill, but I would love one!

On my run, I bring only my keys and sometimes my water bottle.

Thanks for sharing your Brooks experience!


I LOVE the tank you have on in the picture with the punching bag- it looks perfect!
Have a safe flight home- enjoy your bagels :) I’m jealous of NY bagels…YUM!!!
LOVE the purple jacket too…did you sneak one of those out with you?! ;)


I sweat EVERYWHERE! into my eyes, down my back, off my elbows. I really love it actually. (I know, I’m a sick girl! lol)

Besides running and working out I could probably talk about food all day! Making it, shopping for it, I’ve been known to get distracted at work looking at recipes and articles!

I don’t have to much for a “home gym”. I have ankle weights, free weights, resistance bands, pull up bar. I prefer to run outside or go to the gym at my work during lunch. My next big item is going to be a bike (to ride outside) and a camera! So I can have awesome pictures for my blog like you guys! Do you recconmend a camera that takes good pictures but isn’t too large (so I can still run with it)

I honestly hate taking anything in my pockets when I run (which drives my BF nuts). I just want my ipod:-)


A tank top with a legit sports bra is so awesome! The ones with just the shelf are not even close to sufficient!

My sports bra and the back of my neck get the most sweaty. And I know I’m really working hard if my knees start sweating which I find weird.

The only thing I always take with me on a run is my house key which I attach to my shoe. If I had pockets I would definitely take Chapstick though!


I think you would have such a fun time being a workout clothes model, especially if you got to keep everything. How fun would that be?!


That seems like an absolutely amazing time! I loved the running skirt with the shorts and all the pockets, that will be my next must have. I really hate only having one tiny pocket that NOTHING fits into!

Also I love pushing daisies so much and was so sad when it got cancelled!


Glad you got yourself some bagels, its the thing I miss the most when I leave here!

On a run I bring my cell and ID in my iFitness belt and also my GPS watch and iPod :) Other than that, its just my clothes.


I want everything you just posted pictures of!

Your sister’s face doesn’t sweat?? That is crazy to me. My face and the small of my back sweat. I’m so gross.

I had a bagel for lunch today and thought of you. Is that weird?


My face does not sweat, but my elbow pits do.

My mom bought me that purple top in lemon for my b-day.

My husband thinks i like to do a body check and then talk about it. To other people, I think I like to talk about whatever they are passionate about because they usually then are working toward a goal and I think talking about journeys of any kind are pretty awesome.


Ahhh it was so great to meet you today! That was the first time ever that I have been to a blogger meet up and I can say that I will be going to more :)

I sweat everywhere. Your sister is lucky, when I am really hot my face gets all red as well which is not a cute look for me.

I think I could talk about juicing for a while, I am obsessed.

I would like to bring my phone with me so I could instagram but not that it is too hot I try to bring as little as possible.

spin bikes! We need better spin bikes in our gym!!! ( I would like my own along with a treadmill but my apt is much too small)

Safe flight Girl!!

PS let me know if you change your mind about the skirt ;) I would be happy to send one your way!!


Something I could talk about all day? Yoga! Healthy Living Blogs and Dallas! I’m from Dallas and miss it terribly!

It looks like you had sooo much fun in NYC! Brooks has some of my favorite running gear :)


I love all those clothes! This makes me want to quit law school and get a job so I can buy all those clothes NOW


OH MY GOD those clothes/shoes are all THINGS OF BEAUTY!!


Oooh, all the Brooks running gear makes me want to go shopping. I passed a store with 20% off running apparel on my way home and I had to fight the urge to walk in and leave with twenty bags of stuff. (Some girls like purses–I love running clothes. I tried to explain this to my boyfriend today, and I’m not quite sure he gets the obsession yet…I’m working on it.)

I probably sweat around my chest the most. Yes, unfortunately, my face does!

I could probably talk about dessert all day–I spent a large majority of lunch today discussing the best places for cookies and cupcakes in Manhattan!

Ooh, tough one. I think I would really like a stationary bike (I have a recumbent bike, but I think I wouldn’t as intimidated by spinning if I could do it in my house!)

My running stuff varies (I prefer to go with as little as possible), but I usually run with my Garmin, spibelt, some form of ID, phone, and a few bucks to get a cab/fulfill a pancakes craving/bribe people to run with me.


On a run I bring my car key and phone.. iPod shuffle is a Duh.. But don’t need pockets for that :) I could talk about my hubs forever! Both good and not so good haha! My face sweats so bad, but I’m able to wipe it.. The bad area is the back of my neck. My hair will be soaking wet and drench my shirt..


I want all those clothes! And the shoes!!

What is the next piece of equipment that you want for an at home gym? I don’t have any home gym equipment. Sad. I would love a treadmill!

What things do you bring with you on a run? I bring my phone, my headphones, sometimes my iPod, unless I listen to Pandora on my phone, RoadID and a single house key.


On a run, I usually bring a water bottle and my keys. That’s really about it!

All of the clothes are sooo cute! I want them all!


I feel like I sweat a lot in general, but my forehead is always first and always the worst!

Is it weird to have a favorite place to sweat though? I know I am working crazy hard when my shins sweat, and I love it!


Just that you mentioned Pushing Daisies officially makes us best friends now! I miss that show so much.

I sweat like a greased-up monkey, seriously, it’s everywhere. I have to immediately go home and shower, there is no stopping anywhere beforehand.

I have to have my sansa mp3 (I know, I’m an apple hold-out!), and some water when I run. Even for my short 3 milers, I have to have a water source! All that sweat’s gotta come from somewhere!


My face does not sweat! Yay! I sweat the most (besides my arm pits) on my abs and back…weird?

We don’t have a home gym so I would be over the moon if I got a treadmill.

If my run is a super quick one (less than 4 miles) I usually don’t bring a dang thing (except maybe a key if no one is home) if it is longer than that I bring pepper spray, my cell, and a key. Apparently I only think I will be attacked or get injured if I am 4 miles from home. If it is a long run I’ll bring water and/or fuel too.


If I am running in a gym, I sweat EVERYWHERE, especially my face. When I run outside I don’t sweat….until I stop, then I sweat mostly on my chest.
I once had a teammate whose face didn’t sweat except for her upper lip. Sweat Mustache?


Sounds amazing! I love all those pretty shoes? Would you have any suggestions for what sneakers are best for a runner with knee issues?


hey Allie! BUMMER about your knee problems. Do you have any specialty running stores near you? They can watch you run and analyze your gait to help you find the best pair of Brooks for you!! Let me know if you have ANY more questions:)


I’ve never heard of that – it seems like a good idea. I am in NYC, so I assume there is a place somewhere here that does that. Do you have any recs?


HEY ALLIE!! I am not from NYC and was just visiting briefly so I have actually never been to any of the running stores there. I will ask some of my new york friends though:) Just look for a running store and most of them now have ‘experts’ there that can help you find the right shoe for how you run! Let me know how it goes!


Aha – thanks! I am pretty new to your blog, btw, and loving it. It’s both cute and informative!


You are so sweet! Thanks Allie!!


The crease of my elbows sweat like crazy (I call them elbow-pits), the bottom of my sports bra, and the back of my head apparently because my hair is always soaked. My face sweats, but not too bad.

I could definitely talk about food and fitness all day! I could also talk about FRIENDS all day and probably quote every episode for you.

I really want a smith machine, but that’s not likely. I think I would like some equalizers.


I just got the brooks pure cadence for my marAthon and fell in love!! I didn’t even know they had gear so now I’m so excited to go blow my paycheck ;) looks like you had a blast in NYC! That is one of my most favorite spots in the world!!


I knew you would be all over the purple! I bet your brain is overflowing with shoe knowledge! Love Brooks–they are based out of Seattle though—why the NYC shin-dig??

Safe travels beautiful mommy-to-be!


i love that you appreciate the walking! on weekends i walk miles and miles throughout the city- once we even walked 26.2 miles throughout all of manhattan! love it!


26.2 throughout the city…um can I PLEASE do that with you someday. That sounds like so much fun!


OMG, I’ve been running in my Brooks Pure Connects for like 2 months now, and they are amazing. Best shoes ever.

I sweat EVERYWHERE. They say that the more aclimated to the heat you are, the more you sweat. Therefore I can think about sweating and be drenched.


I took a picture of the same building in NYC last weekend…so funny!


Too many pretty shorts and shoes……. Want want want.

When I workout or run, I show it in my face. Which is why I love that ‘if you still look cute then you haven’t worked out quote’. Because there isn’t too much cuteness involved in a sweat towel. ;)


Wow! All the Brooks clothes looks awesome!
And my little workout room gets super duper hot and humid when I work out in there. It’s like bikram elliptical and bikram weights in there.


I need to move homes so that I can fit in a treadmill! Love all the Brooks gear, especially the neon color of the shoes!!


My face gets sweaty and RED. Even when I’m breathing fine, it looks like I’m about to drop. I also sweat under by breasts and down my back. um, weight might be a factor

I could, and sometimes do, talk about BOOKS and reading. I blog about it.

I’d like a dedicated space for working out but right now there are books there

I’m a treadmill girl so there is a locker key, club id, water bottle, ipod, notebook to track workout info. I don’t go long enough at this time to worry about food stuff


I’m so happy you and Meghann from Meals and Miles met! I love her blog and yours and think you two would be the cutest friends :D

Can’t wait to buy some of that awesome running apparel for summer training!!!


You are too cute- looks like fun!

Question : Are those maternity shorts (white). If so, where did you get them? I cannot seem to find any long ones!


Hey Cailin!! They actually are shorts that I bought a few years ago from Old Navy. They ride REALLY low and so that is how I am able to pull them off. If I find any, you will be the first to hear about it:) Hope you are having a great day!


I bring my car key and my ipod. That is it. I am a very sweaty runner. We will just leave it at that. I want medicine balls and kettlebells. Crazy talk.

I love the Brooks stuff. But the clothes are just so dang expensive. But I think the Ghost is going to be my next shoe.

The Kidless Kronicles


My face DRIPS. I’m jealous your sister’s doesn’t even get shiny! I always just bring a house key with me when I run, weaved in and out of my shoe laces. On speed work days, I’ll wear a watch, but otherwise I try to leave it at home so I actually run easy and recover!


When I run sometimes I bring a Nathans handheld but my phone strap and headphones – thats it!

I think I need to find some Brooks shorts to check out.

I swear that building is the #1 photographed and shown in tvs/movies in NY. Such a beautiful/interesting building in the city!


i just want to say, I LOVE BROOKS running shoes!!! the new pure connect are fantastic! i even got my husband to fall in love with brooks too.


Love all the Brooks stuff!! Love my brooks running shoes!


My face gets more red and a little sweaty unless I do HITT, then it’s a lot of both! My legs and back get the most sweaty.
Besides running, anything related to fitness and blogging!
I keep begging for a punching bag! We even went far enough to where we looked up how much one is with a stand for our apartment….too expensive right now. =( But I WILL have one, one day!
Chaptsick, water and my Ipod. I don’t know what I’ll being on long runs yet…I can’t wait to start doing long runs to find out!


where don’t I sweat? probably back and chest the most, but Im definitely the drenched chic in the gym.
I could talk about tv and celeb gossip all day…no life :)
all that gear looks awesome!

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