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Running in the 3rd Trimester

I have quite the obsession with running and my brain thinks about my little girl 23 hours a day so you can imagine that I have absolutely loved reading, “Runner’s World Guide to Running and Pregnancy.”   I feel like throughout the entire book I am shaking my head yes while I read and saying, … Continue Reading

USA 1/2 Marathon Championships, Dads and Veggies

Answers to post from earlier today: 9-ICE CREAM-Aritsan and house-made ice cream tops the survey of dessert trends. 10-In the weeds. 11-Steak-steak is always expensive, even wholesale, and meat prices continue to rise.  Restaurants often just break even or lose money on steak dishes. ———————————— Happy Father’s Day to the world’s greatest Dadio!  I sure … Continue Reading

Why can’t there be more birthdays?

I don’t know what it is (actually I’s called cake, ice cream, presents and partying) but birthdays are my absolute favorite. Even better…3 birthdays to celebrate! My uncle, aunt and cousins bday = we sing the Happy Birthday song three times because it is not fun to have to share the birthday song with … Continue Reading