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What would you do with 25 hours?!?

I got back to Utah at approximately 11:37 pm which is 5 hours past my bed time so this post may or may not make sense. Even though I was only in NYC for 25 hours, I made sure to see my favorite people and eat my favorite food. After our Brooks meeting Meghann and … Continue Reading

Next addition to my at home gym and BROOKS MORNING PARTYING

This first picture is for Billy. I ask him three times a month for a punching bag because seriously how fun would that be to have and get really good at? It will help me deal with all of my rage and anger that I have. I had to have proof to show him how … Continue Reading

Run Happy and Eat BBQ Happy

I made it to NYC safe and sound (so stop worrying mom) and everything has been perfect. PS before reading this post I should warn you that I am writing from my iPad so just go into this knowing there will be major grammar/spelling errors:) After a quick change at the hotel we headed over … Continue Reading