Expo, New Shoes and A Bad Decision

You know I love me some expo time especially when I get to see friends there.  The gorgeous Katie will be running her FIRST ever marathon!! She and I have ran into each other a few Saturday mornings on our long runs (even though her runs were twice as far as mine) and so I can’t wait to see how she dominates 26.2 today.

DSC 0692

The shirts for this race are awesome but I am too lazy to actually stand up (and I think I am going to be able to run 13 miles today ha) to get the shirt to take a picture, next post.

Billy has been wanting to try out some Altra shoes really bad and so we finally got him some.  He can’t wait and he is planning to wear them for the race today.

DSC 0695

He got the Insticts, don’t they look awesome!

DSC 0696

Next stop was my parent’s house to meet up with everyone because my brother (from Kentucky) and his son are in town visiting.  We piled into cars and headed off to dinner.


The kid’s table (which I secretly wanted to eat at).

DSC 0697

And the adult table.  Do my brother and I look alike?  I think our smiles do!

DSC 0699

I had the salad which I am sure I will be kicking myself at mile 8 for eating the night before a race…salad + running = no bueno for me.

DSC 0701

I may have mentioned this before but my brother is the dessert king.  He really loves to cook and bake and so you know we are going to eat something delicious when he is around.  This would be a hot lava cake cooked in the crock pot.

DSC 0703

Did I tell you that I don’t like chocolate anymore (unless it is just a tiny bit, i.e. chocolate chips in a cookie) so I had vanilla bean ice cream instead.  I am pretty sure pregnancy changes your soul….I lived off of chocolate in my previous life.

See you in a few hours, hope you have the best Saturday morning ever.


Is there anyone else that reads this blog that doesn’t like chocolate either?

-I am hoping that things go back to normal after my baby girl is born.

Do you ever buy stuff at the expo?  What has been your best expo purchase?

Where was the last place you went out to eat?

Do you have an older brother?

-3 and they are all the bomb.net hahaha I mean bomb.com.

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I LOVE expos and always find lots of things that I NEED to buy haha. I spend a lot of money at Expos!

Billy’s new shoes look fast – but doesn’t he maybe want to break those in first? Is he used to zero drop shoes?

Good luck to you both, I can’t wait to hear how it goes! I have a 5 mile race today and I haven’t done that distance in forever so hopefully a new PB is in order :)


Um, is it really lame that I’m PUMPED that I made the first comment? LOL


Hey Jenn! Since I was just using today as a long training run and not actually racing I felt good about trying out the new shoes. I have run in Drop Zero shoes before and my normal racing “flats” have only a 4mm drop. I loved the Altras. I’ll post a review soon. How’d the race go?


Thanks for the response Billy – and great job in the race! I WISH I could run a sub-1:40 half at all, let alone on a training run! And your wife is AMAZING for being able to run that speed while 6 months pregnant :) I think you two are going to have one speedy little runner in a few months!

Looking forward to reading your review of the Altras, I’ve never tried them but I’ve heard a lot of great things about them. My race went pretty well- I didn’t really push it since I wanted to do a long run today but I did manage to PR by over 5 minutes so I guess that counts for something! Thanks for asking :) I hope you & Janae are having a wonderful weekend :)


You’re alone on the chocolate thing- I love it!! I’ve never bought anything at an expo except something small like gu or socks. I ate at papasitos (Mexican-yum!!) I have one older brother, but we arent very close :(. Have fun at your race- just remember even if you go slow- you’ll kill my time!! Speedy mama!!

Check out my triathalon pics from last week!


You totally have the same smile as your brother!

Isn’t buying new shoes the day before a race nerve wracking forBilly?! I hope the shoes are great. I thought trying something new on race day was the number don’t do in racing! Actually maybe number one would be not eating three pounds of fettucine alfredo five minutes before the start to “carb load” a la Michael Scott!


You are totally right about the number one rule of racing! But I just ran with Janae today as a training long run and didn’t actually race which is why I felt OK trying out the new shoes. They were great! I’ll post a review soon.


Oh ok that makes sense! Glad that they worked out well; looking forward to reading your review!


I bought my first pair of compression sleeves at the expo yesterday! And an awesome new headband that I can’t wait to try out.

I also have an older brother!


Good luck! You will do great today!

I have 2 older brother and 2 older sisters. I am the youngest :) My brother Chad and I look a lot a like!

I bought compression socks, sparkly headbands, regular headbands. Man come expos time I have a major weakness.

Your family didn’t want to stay in KY for the derby? I would love to go and wear a big hat. Some day :)


At the end of my first trimester and I’m still off chocolate too. I know I ate chocolate cake for breakfast when I was six weeks along, so my aversion must have started right after that. I still can’t eat salads or Mexican food either, which pretty much rounds up my lists of usual favorites. I did not have these issues with my first baby, so weird!!!
Good luck today!!!


Good luck with your race!!!!
I can’t agree about your dislike for chocolate…. I could eat that entire crockpot myself.


I appreciate that you don’t like chocolate any more..it makes for more for me! ;) I will exchange it for grapes ;)


With my 2nd pregnancy I did not want chocolate either. Don’t worry, your craving will come back after. ;-) Good luck at your race.


Ahhh I love chocolate! I really hope things go back to normal for you because chocolate really is the best ever!

I just went to my expo yesterday and bought this crazy watch that is a GPS, heart rate monitor, music player, route tracker…it really does everything! You can even answer calls on it.. So weird and amazing. I think that will be my best purchase but I have to try it at tomorrow’s race first before I decide :)

Have an amazing time!!!! LOVE YA!!!!


I don’t have any older brother or any older siblings At all. Just one younger sister.

You and your brother do have a similar smile !


I buy stuff at the expo. Like sport beans, socks, etc. Nothing too dramatic.
We went to Mexican on Wed but I wasn’t feeling well.
No brothers. An awesome brother-in-law. I want the crock pot recipe though!

The Kidless Kronicles


I think you and your brother have the same smile!

I have one older brother. He’s pretty cool.

The last place I went out to eat at was a local restaurant. They have one of the best veggie pizza i’ve ever eaten.


I have a few great purchases from expos, my Ifitness hydration belt I love this it stays where you but it and does not ride up. “The Stick” great for my tight calves and my Zensha calf sleeves. You can usually get a few bucks off items at the expos.


You poor thing! I’m sad for you that you don’t love chocolate anymore. I’m sure it will return. :) I love race expos- I got a nice sweaty band at an expo and I love it.
I have an older brother and he’s the best! Hope you have a great run today!!


You and your brother smile the same way! Cute!
I have on older brother and we look alike (we both have dimples).


I love chocolate. I don’t think that I could ever not love chocolate, but being pregnant does crazy things to you!

I have a younger brother and step-brother. But being the oldest means that I get to be in charge :)

Have a great run!


Is that a cake in a crockpot????? Hmmm I have to try that out! yes, I always get something small at an expo. Nope, no brother here.


I am a vanilla girl! Vanilla bean is soooo good :) It goes with all deserts. I mean, what’s better than that?

Um, by this fall you get to be the “Sister from California with her baby girl.” Say that out loud 3 times! Wheeeeee!! I know your Mom, Dad and Sis are going to miss you. Are they going to come visit all of the time? I mean it’s not such a bad place to vacay :) Can’t wait for you to get here and I know the rest of the girls are excited too. The kids can all play while we run, then go out to eat and play at the beach. Best.life.ever. :)

GL in the new kicks Billy!!


I couldn’t imagine my life without chocolate! And that lava cake looks amazing! Recipe??
I don’t usually buy things at an expo, I am going to one today and bringing my husband along so I can stick to it!
Have a wonderful run!


I’m sorry but I love chocolate. Too much.

I’m headed to my race expo for my half tomorrow and will DEFINITELY be making some purchases. Not sure what yet :)

Last place I went out to eat was Whole Foods- delicious but boring! Im guessing my pasta/pizza/bread feast will be more exciting tonight :)

And only one younger brother who is smarter/more athletic than me. Not fair!


I actually hate everything chocolate and I have my whole life. My husband jokes that I’m going to start liking it when I am pregnant! I have two older brothers who I adore. My favorite thing to buy at race expos are sparkly headbands and Brooks at a discount :)
Good luck at the race today!!


The last place I went out to eat was the Marina Cafe in Staten Island with my parents. I had a delicious seafood risotto and a dessert that, dare I say, was TOO chocolatey. I’m actually a huge chocolate lover but it was over the top!

I’m a huge fan of expos too :) The best thing I bought at one was my “Run Like a Girl” race medal display that I hang on my wall. Its perfect.. not too big or small. Super cute!

I have a big brother, too but hes over in Cali training in the Army. I miss him a lot! Your brother looks like such a nice guy (and you definitely have the same smile! So cute.). My older sister is the dessert maker in our family, she makes a mean pumpkin pie!


whoa crockpot cake? What a great idea!


I have never tried dessert in my crockpot which is crazy because I LOVE my crockpot. That chocolate cake looks amazing!


a cake in a crock pot!? Now that’s something I’ve never heard of! Good luck on your race!


Your brother needs to hook us up with that recipe! Guest blog??

I love chocolate – GL! I can’t wait to hear about your results :)


Thank you for linking that recipe for soft pretzels a couple of days ago. I made a batch last night, half of course where cinnamon and sugar, and snuck them into the movies. They were so yummy! I think you caused this pregnant lady’s new crazing!


How are you halfway through your pregnancy!??! I can’t even tell in that first picture. Good luck today!


I can definitely see the resemblance in your smiles! I have one older brother, and when we were little everyone thought we looked alike (we both had blonde hair and blue eyes, but I think that was about the extent of our similarities). Now, he is a clone of my dad, and I look just like my mom (but he acts like my mom and I act like my dad haha).

The last place I went out to eat was Sakura, my favorite sushi place in the world!


I definitely see the resemblance … you both just look so happy!! ;)

And I want the recipe for that cake! I don’t have access to an oven in tho hotel … just a slow cooker! It would make me so happy to make chocoalte cake! :)


I wouldn’t necessarily say I don’t like chocolate, but I would take vanilla cake from Costco over anything chocolate any day . :)

I don’t have a true brother, but my brother in law is like blood to me, and I dont know what I did before he came along! Brothers are awesome.


I’m not a big chocolate fan either!!

I have an expo to go to this afternoon because I’m going to be running my marathon #3 tomorrow, the OC Marathon! Usually don’t end up buying anything at expos.


Yeah, I hate chocolate!

*moves slightly to the right to block chocolate IV*


Wow, Billy is brave to run a 1/2 in new shoes! I hope they work well for him. I’ve been shopping around different minimal shoes and haven’t yet found one that I just love.
I always shop those expos but almost never buy anything. I’ve looked at the Bondi bands and Sweaty Bands SO MANY times, but just can’t bring myself to spend the $$$ for one. I wonder if they’re as awesome as they say….


You know what? I did have the best Saturday ever!!! Thank you Janae and I hope you did too!


I’ve never been to an expo. I really want to go to a good one because I’m sure I would be awesome at buying stuff.

I’m thinking you really need to share that chocolate lava crock pot cake recipe. It looks delicious. That sucks you don’t like chocolate anymore. I had the opposite thing happen to me but with tomatoes. I hated tomatoes before I had kids but when I was pregnant with my first I craved them.

I have three older brothers and no sisters. My family rocks.


When I was pregnant, I could not stand the SMELL of chocolate. My husband wanted warmed cookies almost every night and I had to wait in the kitchen until he was finished eating them to rejoin him on the couch! I’m fine with the smell now, but man that was bad for a while!
(1st time commenting on your blog – but I’ve been following you since you posted about the RaceDay books – my best friend is the ‘inventor’ of those!)


Omg pretty please post the lava cake in a crock pot recipe!

Oh and good luck to you guys in the race! :-)


Yes! Go for the 0mm heel drop Billy! I love my Merrell’s but would like to try a couple other brand like Altra’s. I can’t run long in them, but yesterday was my first pain free run in months–I attribute it to strengthening my feet and improving my form!

J-I hope that salad was “out of you” by race time! ha ha! HUGS!


I LOVE chocolate. I am really bothered that you have turned against it. I may now how to reconsider our entire blog-stalker/friendship.

Last place I ate was a Pan-Pacific bistro last night. And yes, for those keeping track it was my second time there in a week. It’s that good!

I have two older brothers (& two younger brothers!).


I just bought my first pair of altra running shoes today too. I have not run in them yet, ( besides the 5 minutes on the running store treadmill) but they are very comfortable just walking around the house in them. I bought the intuitions, and I am looking forward to trying them out in the morning.


I’m a chocolate-hater! Actually not because I don’t like the taste, but because I am semi-allergic. I break out so bad and get serious GI issues whenever I eat it. I actually thought it was just the milk in milk chocolate causing all the problems but turns out when I ate pure chocolate the symptoms were 1000x worse. So no chocolate for me! Even the smell makes my face itchy and start to break out!


I went through a phase in my life when I wouldn’t eat chocolate stuff. I still don’t really like chocolate cake, chocolate milk, or chocolate ice cream, but I do like other chocolatey stuff. I went to sweet tomatoes restaurant today :)


I couldn’t eat any green veggies when I was pregnant with my twins, and I was positive I never would again. But now I love them again. And veggies aren’t half as delish as chocolate, so I bet you’ll get your love of it back. One thing I will never eat again based on a bad pregnancy experience, a Taco Bell salad. Never. Again. And it was just a hair in my salad, but it was so repulsive that I will never eat one again. And that was 7 years ago.


Billy was SO brave wearing new shoes for a race! I would be so blistered. For whatever reason, it takes me forever to break in new shoes.

Looks like you had a great time! Glad to see that!



I’ve never bought anything at an expo, but I love wandering around at them.

I have a younger brother and an older sister.

I think I’ve had that lava cake before! My friend made it for a potluck at work. I’m pretty sure I ate half of it.


Aw, so fun that you had family visiting! That lava cake looks great!

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